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DIY- Easy Ganpati Rangoli Designs

Looking for some easy rangoli designs this wedding season? Try out these amazing Ganpati rangoli designs that are quite simple to do!

Image Credits - Mahima

The favourite Hindu God Ganpati or Ganesh is respected and worshipped all over India. The grand festival ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ is also celebrated with a lot of excitement, especially in Maharashtra. Rangoli that feature the famous elephant-god is done during this time.

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

There are many different types of Ganpati rangoli designs that are done showing off a human-shaped body, a large trunk and a round belly in different poses and styles. These rangoli patterns have a lot of meaning and are done beautifully with symbolic connotations.

Today, Ganpati rangoli is not only restricted to Ganesh Chaturthi and is done for other festivals and functions as well. If you’re looking for some easy rangoli designs to beautify your space this wedding season in India, then have a look at these easy Ganpati rangoli designs that you could try out!

 Easy Ganpati Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Image Courtesy: Strand of Silk

Image Credits - Pinterest

If you’re someone who thinks rangoli powder is messy, go in for easy Ganpati rangoli designs that can be done with flowers. Simply chalk out your pattern and fill them in with flowers of your choice. Lovely, isn’t it?

Easy Ganpati Rangoli Designs with Colours

Image Courtesy: Bairavi Kumaran

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Nothing could be more beautiful than easy Ganpati rangoli designs like these. Choosing the right mix of colours, simply draw an outline of Ganpati and then fill in vibrant colours for best results.

Simple Easy Ganpati Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Bairavi Kumaran

Image Credits - Pinkz Passion

If you’re running out of time, but would still like to get your rangoli done. Go for easy Ganpati rangoli designs just like this one. Simple outlines are all you need to complete the rangoli. This type of rangoli doesn’t require too much of colours and can be done with rice too. It wouldn’t be a messy affair at all!

Easy Ganpati Rangoli Designs in Sitting Pose

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

Image Crediys - Shanti Sridham

Try out easy Ganpati rangoli designs when you do not want to go in for elaborate designs. This rangoli design is simple yet attractive since it comes with vibrant colours and the right mix of patterns. The easy Ganpati figure sits perfectly in the middle and is just a very simple outline of Lord Ganesha that is quite easy to do.

Outlined Easy Rangoli Ganpati Designs

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

Image Credits - Shanthi Sridharan

This one is another of those easy Ganpati rangoli designs that you could try out for your wedding functions. The design is a mix of white, pink and maroon that really look elegant. The Ganpati figure is done in pink and maroon, while the other patterns are in white, this combination makes the design standout beautifully. The second one is basically outlined and it encompasses less colors in it!

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 Orange and Green Ganpati Design

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

Image Credits - Sakshi Kaletwad

You could never go wrong with orange and green since it’s also the colour of our National Flag. These two colours give the rangoli design its beautiful traditional look. This design simply comes with the face of Ganpati and leaves and flowers on the sides. A perfect, beautiful design for all your grand occasions.

The Trunk Easy Rangoli Ganpati Designs

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

Image Credits - Pinterst

The trunk is a very important part of Lord Ganesha, so it needs to be done with a lot of perfection. This is one of those easy Ganpati rangoli designs where extreme care is taken to make the trunk look perfect. Also, the colours used for this magnificent specimen of rangoli designs are superb!

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 Easy Rangoli Ganpati Designs with Beautiful Diya

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

Diya and Ganpati designs are a perfect blend. Easy Ganpati rangoli designs like these could never go out of style. This rangoli design has the Ganpati face in the middle, while the diyas and leaves make up the other part of the design.

Easy Rangoli Ganpati  Design with Motifs

Image Courtesy: Suja's Creative Collection

Beautiful motif patterns are always a great option to go for if you’re looking for a very traditional type of easy rangoli kolam design. Try easy Ganpati rangoli designs just like this one where you have Lord Ganesha in the middle while the motifs make up the outer pattern.

Other Ganesh Rangoli Designs You Could Also Try Out

The Popular Lord Ganesha Blessings Rangoli   

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

There are plenty of easy Ganpati rangoli designs you could do. This fabulous rangoli design is made with a vibrant mix of colours. It’s a great picturisation of the elephant God giving his blessings while holding a Modak in his other hand.

The combination of orange, green and white used with a pop of blue and maroon gives this rangoli a look that’s simply amazing.

The Animated Ganpati

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

You could try out easy Ganpati rangoli designs and add a twist just like this one. The excellent mix of bright colours is used to perfection, making this rangoli design look animated.

The Cute Sleeping Ganpati Rangoli Design

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

If you’re someone who is artistic and good with rangoli designs, then try out the easy Ganpati rangoli designs that have Lord Ganesha in a sleeping pose. Though this may seem a bit tricky, it’s quite simple to do. You could also choose from simpler versions of sleeping Ganpati rangoli designs as well.

 The Side Faced Ganpati Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Looking for easy Ganpati rangoli designs? Go with this simple side faced Ganpati that’s relatively simple to do. Since this design does not have the whole body of Ganesha, it’s easy and fast to finish off. You could either choose to go with just the face or add the extra design element to make it look more elaborate.

 Simple Colourful Ganpati Design

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Easy Ganpati rangoli designs are the best for big occasions. They look colourful and traditional at the same time. This rangoli has a very simple outline of Lord Ganesha in his favourite sitting pose. You could go with only the Ganpati design or add some other colourful designs too.

The Ganesh-Flower Rangoli Design

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Ganesh and flowers go hand-in-hand. Add beautiful flowers just like these once you complete your rangoli. There are plenty of different flowers to choose from. So, be creative and come up with the best!

The Pretty Hibiscus Ganpati Rangoli Design

Image Courtesy: Shanthi Sridharan Kolam

Make your easy Ganpati Rangoli designs standout by adding the pretty Hibiscus flower to your design. Look how the whole Ganpati design pops right out, making it look extremely beautiful.

These are some of the best easy Ganpati Rangoli designs we’ve put together for you. Since lord Ganpati is a part of every auspicious ceremony in India, having multiple options for easy Ganpati Rangoli designs can't hurt as there would be a lot of occasions when you can use these.

If you enjoyed going through all these easy Ganpati rangoli designs, then let us know in the comments below which one of these fabulous designs you liked the best.

With Words By Meha Khera