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Check Out Some Breathtaking South Indian Bridal Look Photos

Ready to swoon over some gorgeous bridal fashion from the South? Check out these breathtaking South Indian bridal look pictures that are totally inspiring.

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Every state in south India has a different flavour. So does every South Indian wedding. Whether it's a Coorgi wedding, Tamil wedding, Kerala wedding, Andhra wedding or Kannadiga wedding...they have their own traditions and colours. Therefore, South Indian brides in each different state have their own distinct fashion definition.

From draping the magnificent Kanjeevaram saree to adoring exquisite pieces of Temple jewellery- we get some major bridal goals from every bride! We have carefully handpicked some stunning South Indian bridal looks for you.

Watch them, learn some style tips and get inspired! And if you like anything you see today, don't forget to incorporate that in your own wedding!

The vivacious yellow Kanjeevaram

One of the distinctive features of south Indian bridal look photos is the presence of rich Kanjeevaram silk sarees! If you're unsure about what to wear on your wedding day, you can almost never go wrong with a gorgeous Kanjeevaram. Pick bright mustard or yellow for a day event and pair it up with a blood-red blouse. Look for some stunning blouse designs to go with. Plait the pallu up and wear a Vadiyanam or Kamarbandh belt to complete your look.

The elegant white & gold saree

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Heighten the grace factor by draping this Kerala style white and gold saree on your Haldi function. You could go for a silk one on your wedding day and cotton saree for your pre-wedding events. The softness of the saree colour and subtlety in the jewellery and makeup is what works in this one. This is one of those south Indian bridal looks where the bride believes in making a strong statement without saying much! A slender Maang tikka, a long gold chain and pendant and gold Jhumka earrings- that's all you need to go with this saree!

The gleaming copper saree

The bride draped in a chic copper saree is probably one of the most popular South Indian bridal look photos you will find in wedding pictures. The golden-coloured silk saree with a broad golden border is a classic look you'd love to sport. Of course you need to accessorise with apt temple gold jewellery for an authentic look! Keep your hair neat by making a bun, a braid with floral Gajra or look for some amazing south Indian hairstyles!

The spectacular Temple jewellery

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When we're talking about south Indian bridal look photos, their breathtaking Temple jewellery needs a special mention. We can't get enough of the dazzling art of this particular form of South Indian jewellery. The Manga mala, Devasena earrings, the Vaanki or Vadiyanamthey all look simply divine! So, if you're thinking about draping a heavy silk saree on your wedding or reception night, throw in a few Temple jewellery items to dial up the grandeur!

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Temple jewellery is the showstopper of almost every traditional South Indian wedding looks and they serve the goals for the brides to complete their stunning outfits. The deity at her best, there are gorgeous Kamarbandhs that define your silhouette with the right curves are a must-have when it comes to South Indian bridal looks 

The exquisite Maggam work blouse

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Another brilliant exhibit of fashion and art entwined together is the Maggam work blouse designs. When you browse through South Indian bridal look photos, don't miss the intricate thread work on blouses that gives a South Indian bride a whole new edge. The maggam designs are done on colourful blouses with 3/4 sleeves using different threads, beads and blouse embroidery art.

The ethereal hair accessories

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Rarely you'd find South Indian bridal look photos without stunning hair accessories. The beautiful long braid is decked up with a typical South Indian bridal jewellery called Poola jada that comprises of round clips all along the braid. You could also go for fancy shapes other than round. Along with the Poola Jada,a floral Gajra or a Gajra made of artificial flowers is almost a mandate. For both bun hairstyles as well as braids, you must sport a Gajra.

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You must have noticed in these South Indian bridal look photos that a graceful balance is maintained between the outfits, jewellery and makeup. If you're wearing a heavy Kanjeevaram or Pattu saree with stunning Maggam work on the blouse sleeves, avoid wearing too many hand jewellery.

Lesser number of bangles and ditch the Vanki (Armlet). Similarly, if you're draping the elegant white and gold Kerala style saree, balance your outfit with heavy temple jewellery. Make sure you give equal significance to all your bridal look aspects.

Don't overcrowd yourself with too many stuff. Choose your lipstick shade or other makeup hues keeping the outfit colours in mind.

Did we miss anything from the south Indian bridal look? Share your thoughts and inputs on the bridal look with us in the comment section below.