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A wedding ring is one of the most important jewellery items. It signifies eternal love. It says "forever". Therefore, choosing one could be quite a crucial job. While some couples love flashy OTT engagement rings with large stones and bold designs, some prefer subtle simple designs. If you belong to the latter group, we have something exclusively for you! Take a look at some Simple Ring Design images that we've assembled for you. From single metallic band to a single stone ring designs, there's a whole lot of designs to explore. Read, watch and take cues for your own events!

1. Slim Band with studs 

Diamonds Heritage

This particular diamond ring is a perfect example of the "less is more" phrase. Simple ring design with a slim gold band and tiny diamond studs encrusted at the front would be a classic choice. In fact, it's neither too much nor too less. You can wear it in a Cocktail party as well as your reception night.

USP: The simple combination of a slender gold band and the diamond studs makes it look like a crown for your finger!

Where to look: Diamonds Heritage (Mumbai), Daga Gems & Jewellery (Bangalore), Gems in Jewels (NCR), Malabar Gold & Diamonds (Kolkata).

2. Rose Gold with single stud 

Diamonds Heritage

Not a fan of the conventional yellow gold or white silver? Not to worry! Go for rose, we say! Rose gold is the blend of gold and copper and is becoming quite a popular ring choice for couples. It's a simple ring design, which both the bride as well the groom can wear. You can, however, choose the size of the central diamond stud as per your choice.

USP: The unconventional colour of the gold and overall simplicity of the design is what works for this one.

Where to look: Royale Affaire (NCR), Navrathan Jewellers (Bangalore), Sparkles (Mumbai), Tanishq Anna Nagar (Chennai).

3. Silver Designer Ring  


Behold this contemporary marvel of jewellery! This beautiful ring is crafted in 925 sterling silver and the whole beauty of this simple ring design lies in its complex craft. The subtlety, the chicness and the swanky silver together make this latest ring design the right choice for women who are looking to add some sass to their outlook!

USP: Off-beat design and the silver makes it a perfect choice for a Bachelorette party or a Cocktail night!

Where to look: Moha (Mumbai), Silver Craft (Bangalore), Notandas Jewellers (Mumbai), Sun Sea Jewellers (NCR).

4. Octagonal Diamond Ring 

Motiwala And Sons

 Women who don't need anything but a huge rock should get one for themselves! A ravishing diamond ring in a smooth octagonal shape implanted on a thin platinum case, also with tiny studs- do you need more to see? A simple ring design that screams elegance and attitude at the same time! This would be a perfect gift for your partner if you're thinking about popping the big question!

USP: The octagonal shape of the central diamond and the presence of numerous tiny studs make it look enriched.

Where to look: Motiwala & Sons (Mumbai), Brilliant Cut Diamond (Chennai), Dhirsons Diamonds (NCR), M. Walters & Co. (Kolkata).

5. Oval Topaz Ring

Motiwala And Sons

Who says diamonds are the only way to go? If you're one of those who like big yellow stones, a simple ring design with a bright topaz is just the thing for you! Go with a gold or rose gold metal for your ring. Just imagine how breathtaking you'd look on your reception night, draped in a midnight blue designer silk saree and sporting that yellow dream on your finger!

USP: The shape and the colour make this gorgeous ring stand out! The tiny diamond studs encircling the topaz further elevates the radiance.

Where to look: Phorum Jewels (Mumbai), Style Aura (Bangalore), Amrapali (Kolkata), Om Prakash Jewels & Pearls (Hyderabad).

6. Crown shaped Gold Ring

Srishti Heritage Jewellery

It's your first anniversary and you want to gift your partner something super graceful! Here's your gift idea! This crown-shaped gold ring studded with diamonds will help you tell your partner how much you love her! Because a simple ring design can sometimes say things that words may fail!

USP: The shape of the crown and the clustered diamond studs make it look graceful without being OTT.

Where to look: Srishti Heritage Jewellery (Bangalore), Kirti Jewellers, Burrabazar (Kolkata), Arena Jewellers (Mumbai), Jewelove by Sambhav (Jaipur).

Whether you want a traditional gold ring or a contemporary one with stones- your simple ring design should be a reflection of your personality. If you're opting for a diamond ring, make sure you understand the important details of diamond ring pricing. If you decide to ditch the rock and stick to traditional gold jewellery, then look for designers and vendors who've been around the market for quite some time now. Take note of important pointers in case you're buying your jewellery online. Because the more you know about your jewellery, better will be your chances to get the right kind for yourself!

Are you looking for a traditional diamond ring or some unconventional designs by contemporary designers? Tell us about your choice of jewellery in the comment section below!