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The 4cs & More! Know All About Diamond Ring Price Then Buy

Diamonds are forever! But what makes a diamond so special? What are the various factors that determine a Diamond Ring Price? Read on to know all about your rock!

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Choosing that perfect engagement ring is quite a big deal. A diamond ring is not just a piece of jewellery. It's a symbol of eternity. Therefore, it's utterly important that you know the minute details that go behind the making of diamond jewellery, or to be precise a diamond ring.

You don't want to spend a fortune on the wrong kind of rock and regret later. So here are the important details you must know that determine the diamond ring price. Read, learn and then buy your precious ring for your special person!

1. The Crucial 4 Cs 

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The first and foremost detail you need to know about a diamond ring is about the 4 Cs which are: Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour. These are the basic factors that decide on a diamond ring price. Take a quick look and remember the critical pointers:

  • Carat: Carat is the weight of the diamond on your ring. To simplify, one carat of a diamond equals to 1/5th of a gram. So, there are 5 carats in one gram of diamond. As far as the diamond ring price is concerned, it largely depends on the carat weight. More the carat weight, more would be the rarity and hence the solitaire ring price.
  • Cut: A diamond ring price is also determined by the cut of the diamonds. The placement of 58 carefully angled facets regulates the brilliance of a diamond ring cut. More the edges more is the sparkle. The different grades of a diamond ring cut are excellent cut, very good cut, good & fair cut and poor cut.
  • Clarity: When you're buying a diamond ring, the grade of clarity is yet another factor for diamond ring price. More the clarity higher would be the ring price. When there are more inclusions in the diamond, the clarity (hence the price) will go down. The highest grade of clarity is flawless which then subsides to internally flawless, very slightly included, slightly included and included.
  • Colour: Now comes the colour of the diamond which also indicates the purity and therefore the desirability of the rock. The colour of a diamond is based on the amount of yellow in it. A colourless diamond is of the highest grade and so the costliest. The diamond ring price further varies depending on the yellowness in the stone.

2. Imperfect vs Flawless

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Although a flawless diamond is the most desirable thing to get, slight inclusions rarely matter to a layman as they are not visible to the naked eye. However, the diamond ring price drastically goes down with the number of inclusions in the clarity that only an expert gemologist can figure out.

So, you can easily go for included diamond engagement rings because spending exorbitantly on something that you hardly understand is not a very smart idea!

3. Ethical check 

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One of the most important things you must remember to check before buying your diamond ring is whether it totally conflicts free or not. The process that goes behind the making of a diamond should be ethical and legitimate.

You don't want to buy a rock that has been made at the expense of unfortunate labour. Even if you get a good diamond ring price, you should always make sure that the making process was clean.

4. Certification  

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Once you check with the certification of your diamond jewellery, the legitimacy is automatically ensured too. Also a viable certificate for your diamond gives you a better chance of resale. Your diamond ring price also varies in terms of the authenticity of the dealer.

So, even if you have to pay a few bucks extra, don't think about compromising on the credibility of your diamond.

5. Fake or Real...both OK!

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Having talked about all the purity and clarity of diamonds, getting a substitute is not a terrible thing to do either. One of the most popular substitutes for a real diamond is Cubic Zirconia which looks equally stunning and sparkling.

While a real diamond ring price starts from ₹10,000 you can get a dazzling Cubic Zirconia, also known as American diamond for ₹2,500 to ₹4,000. If you are on a tight budget, it only makes sense to cut corners on your wedding budget wherever possible.

6. Choose a Resistant Metal 

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As far as the wear and tear of metal goes, platinum would be the ideal choice for your ring for being durable and resistant. However, choosing platinum as your metal will overall increase the diamond ring price. So the next best alternative for you would be gold. You can look for some gorgeous gold ring designs that has diamond studs for a perfect look!

One thing you must understand about diamond ring price is that it has very little resale value, so spend wisely! Check all the authenticity details before you buy. You can take a look at some of the famous diamond jewellery dealers in India to get an idea and choose the one that fits your taste and budget both. Also, look for online stores where you might get a better price for your ring.

Another way of bringing the price down is to go for different shapes for your ring other than solitaire. Always compare prices before zeroing on one. Pick a ring that would define your personality and not necessarily what the norms say!

Take a look at our jewellery designers for some gorgeous designs at attractive prices.