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Enlighten Your Knowledge on Solitaire Diamond Before Making That Wedding Ring Purchase

If you like it, put a solitaire diamond ring on it! But when you plan on doing so, don’t forget these important rules for a smart and quality purchase.

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A bride-to-be just cannot get enough of looking at her ring finger again and again. It is the engagement ceremony that puts the upcoming wedding officially on the news feed. So getting the dream-worthy solitaire diamond ring becomes an important responsibility for the groom to excel in. There are innumerable jewellery shops with an array of wedding band designs available in the market and picking that one perfect design that matches the enigma of the bride becomes nothing less of a challenge. But apart from just finding the right design of a diamond solitaire ring, there are a set of important rules that the groom should adhere by while shopping for the ring. Given below are the rules that will help you not only pick the right solitaire diamond ring for your beau but will also ensure that you shop smart and are aware of all the pros and cons that dwell in jewellery marketing log books. Read on and scribble your notes with a permanent marker!

1. What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

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Solitaire means one stone per piece of jewel. In case of a wedding ring, it defines one solitaire diamond stone resting on a metal ring with no complimentary diamond studs to support it. The beauty of the solitaire diamond is that it stands a class apart in terms of looks. Famous among celebrities, the size of a solitaire diamond defines how much worth and how much love has been bestowed upon investing in that particular shiny stone.

2. The Cut

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The cut in the solitaire diamond dictionary means the quality of reflection and the brilliance of a diamond stone. The cut is the most important factor of a solitaire diamond and the lesser and shinier the cuts, the brighter the stone will appear. But it’s not just the cut but the cut shape too that needs to be decided on while finalising the solitaire for you. Cuts, like brilliant round and princess cuts, give more brilliance to the diamond, whereas other cut styles like a marquise style or an oval one give the stone a bigger appearance than its counterparts. Emerald stones, cushion and trillion are other cut styles that you can pick from once you have picked the right stone for you.

3. The Clarity

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While shopping for a solitaire diamond, you need to request for its certified grade card. There are some factors of stone that are not visible to the naked eye. Imperfections and blemishes, for instance, are two such factors which can only be defined by professional equipment and deeper analysis than with just your vision. Inclusion stands for internal imperfections while the surface imperfections are addressed as blemishes. The higher the clarity grade, the lesser is the imperfection value of the solitaire diamond. And that's the solitaire you need to pick above all, as far as the price value is considered.

4. The Colour

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Did you know that the colour of a solitaire diamond is directly proportional to the value of the solitaire in the market? Diamonds are naturally available in colourless, yellow and earthy brown hues; with the colourless diamond being the rarest and the most in demand. So depending on your budget, you can pick the most colourless diamond possible, followed by checking on the other factors.

5. Carat Weight

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Now let's get to the mathematics of a solitaire diamond. Note that the carat of a diamond has got nothing to with the beauty or appearance of a diamond stone, but it is an important factor in defining the price of that particular stone. As per international rule book, a carat defines the weight of a solitaire diamond. It is measured in metric carats and one carat is equal to 1/5 grams in weight with further division into 100 points per carat.

6. Importance Of A Certificate

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Every valuable investment comes with some legal proof. In case of solitaire diamonds, a certificate of its quality defining the cut, clarity, colour and carat apart from other detailed information is of much value. One major reason to ask for a government recognised certificate is that it eliminates the possibility of a foul play. The other reason why the certificate is important is that in case you ever feel the need to sell the solitaire diamond or even get it modified, this certificate will help in deciding on the value of the solitaire a diamond ring. The beautification of a solitaire diamond also depends on the metal that you select for the stone. Platinum metal is quite a statement maker whereas rose gold has been a favourite of brides-to-be since a while now.

Always remember that an expensive solitaire diamond demands the respect of picking a quality metal to support it as well. Polished metal is what you need to be looking for. Apart from these factors and depending on your pre-decided budget for the solitaire diamond ring, you should also give importance to the personal style of your partner and what size of a solitaire diamond will end up flattering her the most. After all, it is she who will be wearing the solitaire ring for eternity.

We have many certified jewellers offering some of the finest designs and quality of solitaire diamond across India that you can visit when you plan on making a purchase.