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Diamond Jewellery Basics: 6 Things You Should Judge Before Buying It for Your Big Day

Looking out to buy diamond jewellery for your wedding. Learn with us how to make the finest diamond selection and play smart with your money.

Tanishq, NIT, Faridabad

When you imagine diamond jewellery for weddings, it is the wedding rings that come to mind, isn't it? We simply skip exploring the vast possibilities of bridal jewellery that come with a diamond necklace set. If you are planning to buy it for your bridal trousseau, here's a guide you should read up before heading out for jewellery shopping.

 When buying diamond jewellery, there are certain aspects, called the 4Cs, you need to take care of in order to judge the quality. We explain each of them in detail for you to be able to make the right choice.

1. Cut

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Cut means the proportions of the measurements of different sides of the diamond. Two diamonds having the same colour and clarity can have different value based on the cut. A badly cut diamond will look dull and a well-cut diamond will look bright and sparkling. The cut gives the diamond its reflective qualities. The most common cut styles are:

  1. Emerald
  2. Heart
  3. Oval
  4. Cushion
  5. Pear
  6. Princess
  7. Radiant
  8. Round

2. Colour

Ironically enough, the colour of a diamond is graded based on its colourlessness. The best quality of diamonds is completely colourless. But when you go to buy diamond jewellery in a store, the seemingly colourless diamonds can have slight hints of yellow or brown visible only to the trained eyes. 

If you're buying diamonds of 2 carats or greater, you will be able to see if the diamond has colour as the size plays an important role in revealing that. The colour is easier to identify in a larger diamond. The colour difference between different grades of diamonds is only minor, not easily spotted by the unaided eye, but the cost saving can be significant.

The cut if the diamond also influences the colour of the rock. Well-cut diamonds will reflect light well giving an illusion of perfect colourlessness. You can choose a well-cut but lower colour grade diamond and save some bucks.

3. Clarity

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Clarity is an internal characteristic of a diamond based on its formation among other rocks. It is evaluated on the basis of inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are impurities or other diamonds that have been trapped inside the stone causing it to look cloudy. Blemishes are surface defects. All of that contributes to the clarity of a diamond and its visual appearance.

When evaluating diamonds under 1 carat, you can easily give clarity the last priority. If your diamond jewellery seller only gives you a clarity range but not a specific grade, then that diamond is not certified by GIA and they are only estimating the clarity using GIA terminology.

Do check if the diamonds have been subjected to clarity enhancement techniques such as fracture filling and laser drills. They can lessen the effect of inclusions.

4. Carat weight

Carat weight is quite literally the weight of the diamond. The appearance of your jewellery and its size are determined by it. There is a significant jump in prices at every full and half carat weight. The diamonds just below these specific weights will cause considerably less because the weight is distributed across the whole rock and small differences are not detected by unaided pair of eyes. You can actually use this fact to your advantage while buying necklaces and Kamrband in diamond jewellery.

If it is for the purpose of an engagement ring that you're searching a diamond for, you must also consider what type of setting is the ring going to have. The setting and the carat weight you choose must be able to complement one another. A halo setting can make the engagement ring for women look bigger.

Some other elements that play a role in defining the final look and value of a diamond are:

5. Shape

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This is the shape of that diamond from the top viewing angle. This can be an enhancing factor of your diamond jewellery. It will give your jewellery's aesthetic appeal more value. You can easily place an oval-shaped diamond at the centre of your diamond necklace and garner more attention towards your jewellery. It is only fitting that the bride gets the most attention on her big day.

6. Certification

You shouldn't buy diamond jewellery without proper certification from the jeweller. As this will be your guarantee to its authenticity, buying diamonds without certification just because you trust the vendor is simply foolish. Also, certification is provided by different labs and organisations. Some of them have a reputation of being inconsistent in their grading. Keep vary of such certifications. 

We would suggest that you when you go for jewellery shopping, take someone along who has the knowledge of grading diamonds. Their insight will help you make a smarter decision. And your final diamond jewellery set will feel like an adornment you conquered. 

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