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Read Before Buying: Diamond Ring Starting Price Points With Prominent Jewellers In India

You’re always going to remember the day you proposed, right down to the minute details of everything around you. Make sure that you make this day perfect by researching diamond ring starting prices and getting the best ring for her!

Image courtesy: Sarah Slimani Photography

The night before you propose, you’ll experience more than a lifetime’s worth of nervous jitters keeping you awake. Is she going to say yes? Will the proposal be perfect? Will she like the ring? These questions (and many more) will be buzzing in your mind until you realise that the sun has risen and The Big Day has begun.

While being anxious is a natural part of a proposal, there’s one sure-shot way to decrease your anxiety – picking the perfect wedding ring! But, if you think that gorgeous rings are synonymous with crazy prices, it is time to revamp your worldview! In this article, we will tell you all about where you need to shop, what to expect with regards to diamond ring starting prices and what to avoid!

1. Sahashra Gold and Diamond Jewellery Works, Hyderabad


Sahashra Gold and Diamond Jewellery Works is located right in the heart of Hyderabad and has been offering stunning jewellery options to its customers since 1989. They specialise in intricate bridal jewellery collections that are apt for different wedding functions.

As a result, you will find diamond jewellery options that range from light, minimalist designs to heavier, chunkier pieces. This means that no matter what your budget is, you will find a diamond ring that suits the overall aesthetic of your bride.

Diamond ring starting price: ₹ 10,000

2. Gold and Diamond Jewellery by Monik Kapoor, East Delhi

Image courtesy: Bluestone

Gold and Diamond Jewellery by Monik Kapoor is predominantly known for offering a range of vintage and classic designs. However, their true USP lies in the fact that they offer fantastic fusion designs that have a contemporary feel to them.

As a result, if your bride is more likely to wear western attire over Indian on a daily basis, you can ensure that the diamond ring that you offer her can match with her usual look! Trust us, a thoughtful gesture like this will go a long way!

Diamond ring starting price: ₹ 5,000

3. Ishwarya Diamonds, Hyderabad

Image courtesy: Bluestone

Does your bride have extreme wanderlust? If so, Ishwarya diamonds may have something to offer you that no other store can. This store sources different gems from all over the world – Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia at highly affordable rates.

What could be better than asking for her hand in marriage with jewels from her favourite country? Remember, a diamond ring can incorporate semi-precious jewels (and doesn’t always have to be a plain solitaire!). This can help you personalise the ring on a whole other level!

Diamond ring starting price: ₹ 10,000

4. Diamond House, Karol Bagh, Delhi


One of the things that set Diamond House apart from many other options is the fact that they work with their own team of designers that are always ready to listen to inputs offered by the customer. As a result, if you have a certain type of ring in mind, you can always have the same design at this store.

Of course, the turn-around time for a freshly designed ring will certainly be around a few days. This depends on the style that you choose. Furthermore, this store specialises in designs that incorporate solitaire diamonds too, so if that is the type of wedding ring you are looking for, then you must check out this place.

Diamond ring starting price: ₹ 10,000

5. ND Diamond and Jewels, Delhi


ND Diamond and Jewels is a fairly well-known jewellery store in spite of having only set up shop in 2014. One of the reasons why many people flock to this store is because it offers wholesale jewellery too. If you are looking for budget-friendly diamond rings, then you can explore their wholesale prices, if that is something open to all their customers.

Another reason why this place is popular is that it offers all types of jewellery, including designer, contemporary, vintage, classic and fusion styles. They offer diamond rings starting prices that vary across all budgets as the rings can be set in gold, silver, and platinum too.

Diamond ring starting price: ₹ 10,000

General tips when buying a diamond ring


When you’re gearing up to propose, don’t just only focus on the diamond ring starting prices. This is because the prices often vary with the cut, clarity, colour, carat weight and other traits of the diamond. As these traits impact the overall quality and shine of the diamond, you must take them all into consideration when purchasing a diamond ring.

Remember, the wedding ring is something your bride will cherish forever, and spending a little bit more to get a great ring will make it a fantastic investment in your love story.

When you’re getting ready to propose marriage, remember that the more personalised the proposal, the more she will love it. Think back at all the great times you’ve enjoyed together and try to come up with a proposal that reflects your relationship.

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