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The Do's & Don't's of Marriage Couple Photoshoot You Need to See

All set to shoot for your marriage couple photo album? Take a look at some interesting Do's & Don't's to ace your couple photoshoot!

Pre-wedding lovey-dovey moments, fun Haldi memories, Jaimala exchanging moments, "just got married" Indian wedding album is filled with such numerous shots and poses loaded with emotions and expressions. Every wedding photographer looks for such candid moments to capture and create a memorable wedding keepsake for you!

So how do you plan to ace that marriage couple photo shoot that would be unique and creative? Let's give you some interesting tips and ideas, some Do's & Don'ts to achieve a perfect couple photo shoot. Read and take notes!

Marriage Couple Photo for Pre-wedding Shoot

If you've been dreaming of a perfect romantic pre-wedding photo shoot since forever, there are some tips you can follow to get them right! Here are things to keep in mind:

The Do's

  • Pick your pre-wedding outfits in advance and discuss with your photographer in detail about the outfit changes, colour and accessories. Make sure the backgrounds are in sync with your outfits.
  • Get as intimate as you want for your pre-wedding poses depending on your comfort level in front of the camera. Talk clearly with your photographer about the options and make sure you're both on the same page.
  • Be candid with your expressions as much as possible. Take a few tips on candid photography from your photographer.
  • If there are multiple location shoot, try different outfits and themes for your couple shoot.
  • Be confident with your poses and make the camera your friend for your marriage couple photo album.

The Don't's

  • Don't force yourself to pose in a way you're not comfortable with. Don't fake your expressions.
  • You can try some pretend to pose and a little bit of acting but make sure to check whether it looks enough natural. Avoid trying something you haven't done ever before.
  • Don't go overboard with your jewellery and outfits. Remember, it's a pre-wedding shoot. So, save the heavy jewellery and heavy embroidered sarees or lehengas for the wedding. It's very important you stay comfortable.
  • Don't force your partner to make any pose or expression they're not comfortable with. A marriage couple photo looks best when both of you are happily posing.

Marriage Couple Photo for Sangeet

Sangeet is a fun musical wedding ceremony that everyone enjoys being a part of. The cheerfulness of the event itself brings out some of the best marriage couple photos. Still, if you want some suggestions, here you go:

The Do's

  • When you've been rehearsing your Sangeet couple dance moves, you'd know your best-looking step. Convey that to your photographer and make sure you get a shot of that epic pose!
  • Keep your focus on your rehearsed steps and the music instead of the camera. Always keep your smile on while dancing to your first couple dance! A smile will go a long way for your marriage couple photo shoot.
  • Choose your Sangeet outfits as per your songs. Speak to your wedding decorator to get a better idea about the stage decorations and colours. That way you can choose a better background for your couple photo shoot while you're on stage!

The Don't's

  • Don't be conscious about the stage, the audience, the camera or the whole wedding crowd! The more conscious you become, more it becomes difficult for the photographer to capture nice shots. Stay relaxed and that's how you'll get great shots.
  • If you're having a homey Sangeet, don't bother about the technical singing or dancing elements. Your focus should only on having a great time.
  • Don't attempt too ambitious dance steps on stage that you're not completely confident about. And even if you make any goof-up, don't let that small incident ruin your whole album with a sad face...shake it off, enjoy the party and you'll have a rocking marriage couple photo shoot!

Marriage Couple Photo for Shaadi

Now comes the big day! So get ready for the ultimate marriage couple photo shoot that you've been looking forward to for so long! Takedown some important tips:

The Do's

  • Always make comfort your top priority while choosing outfits, shoes, jewellery and your whole wedding outlook. Because the more comfortable you feel, better would your marriage couple photo look. Remember you'll have to stay for long hours in those dresses. Stay relaxed.
  • Steal a few glances at each other amidst the crowd while sitting at the wedding mandap. They always come out as some of the cutest couple photos.
  • For your couple poses on wedding stage, be as candid as you can. Pose only in ways you feel comfortable with. Talk to your photographer about the posing options.
  • Talk to each other naturally (but always with a smile!), hold hands, hug, giggle, share small jokes...all these results in beautiful moments that look gorgeous on a wedding album!

The Don't's

  • Don't just blindly follow the posing instructions without checking the images once at least. Always check the preview images of the shots you're doubtful about.
  • Don't let any negative thoughts or words affect you. It's your happy day and you must stay happy. That will reflect on your marriage couple photo. Do not take any kind of snide or judgmental comments from anyone inside of you.
  • Don't hesitate to clearly state what you want. If you don't like a particular angle of your photo, say it. If you don't think a particular stage lighting shade is apt with your outfit, just be loud and clear.

Your marriage couple photo shoot should come out exactly as you've dreamed of and nothing less. Don't compromise on your taste, your needs and definitely on your dreams. It's always better to have transparent conversations with your wedding photographer in advance.

If you have some ideas regarding your couple shoot, let them know. If you want a certain thing in a certain way, tell them! And once you've understood each other perfectly, just leave the rest of the work to them and you relax! Enjoy your wedding with the love of your life by your side...your photos will automatically turn out spectacular!

Take a look at some wedding couple photos and draw inspiration for your own wedding photo shoot!