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4 Breathtaking, Yet Simple Stage Decoration With Flowers Ideas That Will Make You Stop In Your Tracks

The main stage of an Indian wedding is a place where all the major ceremonies take place. Flowers, beautiful and auspicious, become the top choice for decorations for the wedding stage. Check out these simple stage decoration with flowers!

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The décor of the event space for the wedding matters a lot as it sets the mood of the evening in a big way. Not just for the main wedding evening but also for all the preceding events and the receptions, décor should always be to the point. Among all the décor items, the main stage is the most important space that needs the most amount of attention.

Almost all the ceremonies take place at that one location and thus it requires a lot of details. Now, you may be a bit tensed about how to go about the wedding decorations but there is a simple hack to make it look absolutely great and that is to use a bunch of beautiful flowers!

The use of flowers in the décor automatically makes everything look better. The benefits of using flowers for stage decorations are many. It not only looks elegant and smells good; it also provides with you a ton of options when it comes to colours. Another advantage is how you can decorate the stage with simple stage decoration with flowers and yet make it pretty and beautiful.

Such simple stage decoration with flowers include the designs for the classic mandap or the modern stages or the altars. The stage can be in any shape or size or in accordance with any culture; the flowers do play an important part in making it look beautiful. Therefore, one thing is for sure - you cannot stay behind in this and should come up with some great ideas with your wedding planner regarding how to incorporate the flowers for any event related to your wedding!

The following are a few ideas that you can take inspiration from to have a grip on the simple stage decoration with flowers.

1. The perfect Mandap

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Comfortable seats, area for Havan, simple stage decoration with flowers and a large enough space. Sounds perfect for a mandap decoration photo? Well, you can get that with ease if you have a large space to create the perfect mandap. If you are creating one in an open space, then it makes it much easier to accommodate the use of flowers in an extensive manner.

Use swathes of marigold flowers from all sides to converge in the centre just above the area for Havan. This automatically makes the area on the ground the centre of attraction, just the way it should be. All four sides of the mandap can have multiple swathes of flowers hanging to add a bit more to the overall look.

2. The grand courtyard


If you are having the wedding at an open courtyard, then make sure that it is has a natural feel to it by adding enough designs using flowers. In such cases, you can have one of the simple stage decoration with flowers that give you a grand feel to the venue. You can create a pseudo roof with flowers hanging from the strings running parallel to each other throughout the courtyard. This automatically gives it a grand feeling, however, having the floor decorated with flowers too adds another layer to the décor!

Try to use the colours that match the ambience of your overall décor and your wedding theme colours.

3. Simple design with leaves and flowers


Green leaves with white flowers in between are one of the most popular simple stage decoration with flowers for most receptions. It is the ideal idea for reception decoration, giving you the perfect balance of elegance and colour to the décor. Another interesting way to make things look better is by using deconstructed bouquets hanging from the ceiling of the stage and using it at the background as well.

4. The ideal Mehndi setup

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The Mehndi ceremony and simple stage decoration with flowers go hand in hand. Mehndi is not as huge as the wedding but is certainly big enough to have décor that stays true to its traditions. What better way to achieve that than by using flowers to decorate the stage? You must have seen how the flowers are used to create a tent for the bride and the guests to sit under and have their fun at the ceremony. You can do the same or create some other cool designs for the background of the stage.

Now that you have some ideas about how to use the flowers to get the perfect stage for any event related to a wedding, you can discuss the same with your wedding planner in detail! Just make sure that you choose the right colour of flowers and also flowers that have a longer shelf life to come up with the best simple stage decoration with flowers.

Haven’t found a wedding planner who can help you with these ideas yet? Go through our list of professional wedding planners and get in touch today!