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5 Breathtaking Reception Decoration Ideas That Will Ensure Your Function Looks Amazing!

As the wedding has finally ended, now comes the time for your reception decoration. The stage has to be set for the newly-wed couple, with different kind of lightings, garlands and much more. Read about the different kinds of decoration for this day


Now that the wedding is over, it’s time to start getting ready for the reception. The two of you can look great in a designer lehenga and three-piece suit for the reception, along with your bridal makeup. However, the clothes are the least of your problems. What’s more important than that is the reception decoration!

Half of the time people think that the décor used for weddings can be used for the reception as well. However, that is not the case. The two separate ceremonies must be marked as distinct functions. After all, you should not have Mehndi décor on your wedding, right? If you are confused regarding the reception decoration, let’s begin with talking about the most important things required in the décor of a reception!

1. Set the Stage


When it comes to the stage at the reception, it is a basic necessity and is an element of reception decoration that just cannot be skipped. Set with a designer couch in the middle, the stage is where the newly-wed couple sits while all the guests meet them slowly and steadily to bless them and take pictures with them. The photographers are generally in front of the stage with their set-up, in order to take candid and posed pictures of the couple. The stage should be strong and not too high as many of the women would be wearing sarees and may find it hard to climb up! The area to make the stage should be big as the photographers would need them to be to keep their professional lights on the couple.

2. Indoor Fountains

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Whenever you go out somewhere and see a big, marvellous fountain outside, it seems too good to be true. You can’t take that beauty home with you, however, you can make it smaller for a night! For your reception, get small indoor fountains that work with the help of electricity. Around 5 of these can work well as a cohesive reception decoration. You can place them in different areas of the venue to make the venue look better and more elegant.

These fountains do not waste water, so you don’t have to feel guilty as well (if that’s a concern, check out our eco-friendly wedding reception ideas). Such indoor fountains are available at different home décor shops in different designs and styles.

3. Outdoor Décor

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While the reception decoration is being discussed, you must think about the outdoor décor as well. Select a pastel coloured tent instead of going for a dark one and decorate the tent thoughtfully. Dress up the ceiling with colourful fabrics to make it artistic and complete the entire look with flowers of every kind.

With colourful flora and fabrics, the guests are surely going to fall in love with the outdoor décor. You can use the flowers to fill up the area with greenery and cover areas up with garlands. If possible, mix the garlands with the fabric to intertwine them artistically and use them as creative reception decoration.

4. Candle Stand

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You must have seen or bought candles with their candle stand at some point. It is always designed very thoughtfully and intricately to keep the candles safe and at a distance from each other. Now, imagine a candle stand as huge as your height with around a hundred candles as your reception decoration. Yes, it can be easily possible and is a great way of decorating the area! You can place it either indoor or outdoor. It will be a great background for the photo shoot of the wedding couple and even the guest will want to get themselves a few clicks. However, this only works if there’s a powerful light aimed at the candles, otherwise you’ll only get dark silhouette shots!

5. Chandeliers

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You all must have seen different chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and showing their true beauty to the world. Getting a whole crystal chandelier might be a tough challenge for you but you can still make implement something similar with a small change. Get little made up chandeliers that won’t cost you much and hang them from the top to see the huge chandelier it makes. The lights from these mini-chandeliers will give an elegant and graceful effect as if the stars are dancing in the moonlight!

The reception decoration is always a huge deal as you have to present your newly-wed daughter-in-law to your guests. No one wants this night to go wrong, especially the groom and the bride. If the reception decoration turns out to be shabby, the event ends up being a sad affair. You are also supposed to take care of the caterers as the food at the reception needs to be of high quality. Also, ensure that you hire a good DJ to play music.

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