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Freshest Images of Wedding Dresses as Worn by Punjabi Couples on Their Wedding Day!

Images of wedding dresses of Punjabi couples are as extravagant as their weddings are. Don’t you agree? Here is looking at some of the latest couple images of Punjabi couples matching their wedding dresses like a pro! Take a look.

Kirandeep Photography

Punjabi weddings are considered to be one of the most happening and party-oriented wedding celebrations among other communities of the country. Right from the bachelorette, late hours of a cocktail party to having an open bar for the D-day as mandatory, they leave no stone unturned to make it a party to remember. And just like their weddings are an affair to remember, so are the wedding dresses of the bride and the groom who know how to put up a show and declare their influence with elan!

Lately, there is one trend that we have spotted among Punjabi couples and we couldn’t stop ourselves from addressing it. Matching the hues of one colour is now becoming a popular fashion trend among couples. To give you a more graphical understanding of this trend, we present to you our gallery of images of wedding dresses, as matched by the newlywed couples for their own marriage.

1. Pink Party

Dipak Studios

Who says that pink is only a girl’s favourite colour? Breaking the most common stereotype, this couple has taken adding PINK to their wedding attires pretty seriously. We have spotted this trend in many images of wedding dresses recently, and we just can't get enough of applauding for this pink party much.

While the bride has made a statement by adorning a hot pink lehenga, complimented with silver Kundan jewellery; the groom has added hints of rose gold to his attire for the evening. Adding golden Zari work to his powder pink Sherwani, the groom has made a statement that pink can make a man look like royalty when adorned right. Inspiring, isn’t it?

2. Green Grandeur

Dipak Studios

The Henna or Mehendi colour has, over the years, found its way beyond the traditional Muslim weddings and into the style directory of the Hindu weddings. Green, considered an auspicious colour among many Indian cultures, can be taken as a welcome change to the otherwise strict red or pink protocol of wedding ensembles; in Punjabi weddings especially.

The bride being ‘the bride’ has gone full green-ninja, selecting a lehenga in henna colour, decorating it in gold Zardosi work for that grand appearance. Matching the bride but being an extra level of pop, the groom has selected neon green, assembling a Sherwani with Jodhpuri pants that look nothing less than a trendsetter.

3. Powdered Pair

Dipak Studios

Some images of wedding dresses are really cute and this is one of them! Right from matching the powdered pink theme of the groom and the bride’s wedding dresses, the couple went a little extra and decided on getting the garlands in a matching combination as well. The powdered pink combination goes well if you have an all white or a pastel themed wedding decor.

Somehow, the faded gold colour goes with all colour combinations and we can call this a solo trend that we have spotted on the grooms in many recent weddings.

4. Contrasting Combination

Dipak Studios

It is not mandatory that you need to match the shade or embellishment style of your wedding dresses with that of your partner anyhow. Many images of wedding dresses like this one have emerged wherein the bride and the groom can be seeing matching their colour hues in a contrasting manner.

While the bride has opted for a subtle colour palette with cherry red and golden hues for her lehenga, the groom has gone for the darker shades of red for his wedding dress. This combination provides individuality to the couple, yet brings them together as a team too.

5. Hints Of Hues

Kirandeep Photography

Something that connects you two together yet gives you the opportunity to have an individual style statement as well, that’s adapting hints of hues for you! The bride decides to go ahead with a fluorescent pink Patiala suit so the groom decides on taking the colour and using it for his wedding turban instead.

Now that's the kind of genius styling we are talking about! You will find plenty of such images of wedding dresses online, wherein the groom has sourced the bride's trousseau colour to match his wedding turban for the perfect match. Isn’t it a great way of being together yet respecting the individual choice of colours?

6. Match The Embellishments

Studio Finesse

If your husband-to-be is not too sure about incorporating a solid colour in order to match with your own wedding attire, then we have got the perfect images of wedding dresses for you! Let him wear the fool-proof beige-gold Sherwani with an upgrade by adding minimal embellishments all over his jacket. But how will you manage to complement the ensembles of both the bride and the groom together? Copy the solid colour shade from the bride’s attire and transform it into delicate embellishments or motif patches that can be applied all over the groom’s Kurta or jacket. This way, you both get a win-win situation with zero compromises on the preference of both as individuals.

The first rule of matching your wedding dresses with that of your partner is, respect the choices and preferences of each other without any question. Try to work out the preferences of both and we are sure these images of wedding dresses will help you pick the right one for your own attire matching. The other rule of matching the wedding dresses is to go for a comfortable look and fit that makes you feel confident and not intimated by your partner at all. So don’t go overboard trying to look like a million bucks and leave your partner in doubts about his own wedding attire.

Tell us which images of wedding dresses from our collection are your favourite. Comment below.