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Hot Wedding Trend: Ghost Chairs Are Stealing Hearts This Wedding Season

Ghost chairs are the à la mode of wedding seating ideas & here's a list of ways you can incorporate them in your wedding. Read to know!


When it comes to planning guest seating ideas for your wedding ceremonies, the sky is the limit and we're not exaggerating. From elegant floor seating to rustic cane chairs wedding seating decor has seen it all. One such trend that is catching up with the millennial couples is the use of ghost chairs for seating. 

We all would agree that a lot goes into planning the ideal wedding that the couple, as well as the families, have always wanted. From picking the date to picking the colour of the drapes for your wedding - you'd want it all to be perfect to the T. The ghost chair is an element of decor in your wedding that is sure to enhance the entire plan.

The ghost chair was a revival designed by the super talented interior designer and Parisian architect Phillipe Starck for a brand called Kartell and was released in the year 2002. But the wedding industry in India has started widely using these chairs for unique wedding planning and decoration ideas and these are also often referred to as transparent chairs. 

If you are wondering how then here are some excellent images of ghost chairs at weddings for your D-day inspo! Read to know more about these beauts and how can you include it in your wedding.

Simple Ghost Chairs for Indoor Seating

Image Courtesy: Simply Perfect Weddings

These simple ghost chairs are a fit for any type of decor. Pick a modern decor or a rustic one, these transparent beauties will fit right in. Available in a few different designs, it makes a versatile, elegant and contemporary seating choice for the guests. And due to its classic yet modern aesthetic, it works equally well in both traditional and contemporary indoor venues.

To add to the pros, these ghost chairs merge in seamlessly to your setup without obstructing the theme and decoration. Especially for weddings that are planned around a colour theme, you need not worry about your chairs at all as the ghost chairs are here to amp it up.

Here's how simple ghost chairs can be used for your indoor wedding seating:

Image Courtesy: Pedro Navarro Event Styling

Image Courtesy: Hotel Mansor

Image Courtesy: Valentina Corro Event Planner

Image Courtesy: Kwiaty Baweny

Stylised Ghost Chairs for Wedding Day


Image Courtesy: Altair Decor

Ghost chairs were initially designed in two designs - Louis Ghost Chair and Victoria Ghost Chair. They were rightly named after their monarchs owing to the fact that the inspiration was derived from these royal chairs. However, now there is a variety of ghost chairs available and one of them is this stylised version - Chiavari ghost chair. To add to the fun and aesthetic, you could add elements like tassels, wagasas (Patio umbrellas) going with the umbrella decor trend, lace, ribbon or even flowers.

Most pre-wedding ceremonies in India that lead up to the wedding are very colourful. Be it the Haldi ceremony or the Mehndi ceremony - the decor is always known to be bright and colourful. These transparent chairs can still be your go-to because you can stylise them and add elements of decor according to your theme.

Here are some examples for reference:

Image Courtesy: House on The Clouds, Decor by Altair Decor

Atisuto Events

Image Courtesy: Anna Rigozi

Image Courtesy: Flowers Ibiza

Image Courtesy: DSA Party Equipments Rental

Customised Ghost Chair

Image Courtesy: Altair Decor

With personalisation and customisation gaining popularity among the millennials, customised ghost chairs are a hit at weddings! From customised outfits to customised paper napkins and menus - customisation makes a wedding so much more personal and warm. You can add your wedding hashtag on the ghost chairs or play around with a little DIY and use decals or paint too.

Other ways of decking these chairs up are to print the guest's name. Instead of using place cards at your wedding to make the seating arrangement visible, your chair customisations could direct your guests to their respective seats. The bride and groom's ghost chairs can be decorated with the flowers or foliage decor of their choice. You could also opt for your favourite flowers or other elements to add a personal touch to the chairs.

You can find some stunning images here for inspiration!

Image Courtesy: Decoracje Slubne Socha

Image Courtesy: Laurel Elm

Image Courtesy: Michelle Garibay Events

Image Courtesy: Polka Dot Events

Outdoor Seating Arrangement with Ghost Chairs

Image Courtesy: Altair Decor

For couples who plan an outdoor ceremony, the reason most often is that they are in love with the scenic beauty and the natural light and fresh air. To keep this scenic beauty unhindered by too much furniture, you can pick ghost chairs for your wedding seating. The transparent nature of these chairs makes sure that you get a clear view of the venue.

To top it off, when the light reflects from these chairs, they actually add glitter and glam to your venue while keeping it subtle during the day time. They are colourless and that means you can pick them with a pink table cloth or a sequin table runner without having to worry if they will complement each other. A transparent table just complements the ambience.

Here are some outdoor seating ideas for your wedding using ghost chairs so you can pick your favourite!

Image Courtesy: Camilla Ricco

Image Courtesy: Furniture China

Image Courtesy: Luna Design Studios

Image Courtesy: Strawberry Milk Events

Image Courtesy: Chard Photo

Image Courtesy: Witty Rentals

Amidst a lot of guests or decor items, holster-chairs might look cluttered - especially when your guests are all in one place. Another pro of using ghost chairs at weddings is that though it does not take up any less space physically it sure gives the illusion of empty spaces around. This makes your venue look all the more spacious.

If you want to add more comfort to these fancy yet handy chairs, you could throw in a plush cushion and you're set for a fashionable yet snug ride.

These chairs are the à la mode of wedding seating and we absolutely love the aesthetic stroke it adds to the whole picture. 

Planning to fit these clear ghost chairs in your wedding decor? Get in touch with the best wedding planners and decorators of your town to make it happen!