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Drape It in Bong Style! Quick Guidelines on the Types of Sarees and How to Wear Bengali Saree on Different Occasions

Draping a saree in different styles is an art. From traditional to contemporary, a saree can be worn in a wide variety of draping styles. So, let us show you some interesting ideas on how to wear Bengali saree this time. Keep reading to know more.

Bandhan Shehnai

Bengal has been the hub of art and culture since ages. From terracotta jewellery to hand woven sarees, artists of Bengal have exhibited some brilliant work in every form. Since it's the wedding season, let's talk about the beautiful sarees from Bengal! Tant, Baluchari, Matka silk or Tussar silk, every yard is a work of aesthetic excellence. Now if you're wondering how to wear Bengali saree on various occasions in different draping styles, that's why we're here to help you.  Take a look at all the possible drapes, combinations and designs you can flaunt with Bengali sarees.

1. Multi-coloured Tussar with a halter blouse 

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A Tussar silk saree is one of the chicest sarees that Bengali brides love to drape. So, when in doubt on how to wear Bengali saree, we say go for Tussar. Choose a multi-coloured Tussar silk with yellow, red and turquoise blue stripes and pair it up with a beige, or cream or mustard coloured halter blouse.

How to drape it: Wear it with a loose pallu at the back. You can also carry a long pallu with the extra fall at the front and the pallu pinned on the shoulder.

When to wear: Pre-wedding shoots, reception, cocktail.

Jewellery & accessory: Terracotta jewellery, large dangling earrings and a few thin bangles. A large black bindi would be perfect to complete the look.

2. Yellow Jamdani with Red Blouse

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A Jamdani saree is an instant favourite among traditional and contemporary style lovers alike. Originally from Bangladesh, a Jamdani saree is a sheer display of fine artistry of weave. Shine like the winter sun in a yellow Jamdani saree teamed up with a red 3/4th sleeve blouse.

How to drape it: Now if you're thinking how to wear Bengali saree that is as fine as a Jamdani, we say don't seat it! Just keep it loose and easy. The beauty of a Jamdani lies in the exquisite zari work, so keep a loose pallu to show off the work.

When to wear: Pre-wedding shoots, Ashirbad (Engagement), Haldi or Sangeet.

Jewellery & accessory: Light gold jewellery for Engagement, designer jewellery for other occasions. Wear a red bindi and carry a red and yellow Potli bag.

3. Peacock Blue Baluchari with Golden blouse 

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Whenever you are wondering 'how to wear Bengali saree' and 'which one', let us give you a gem of a tip: you can never go wrong with a Baluchari saree! The stunning thread work all over the pallu depicting mythological structures is the USP of this saree. Pair up your peacock blue Baluchari with a golden coloured brocade or ready-made silk blouse with 3/4th sleeves blouse.

How to drape it: Wear it with a loose pallu fallen at the back. You can also go for a Seedha Pallu that would show the entire pallu at the front.

When to wear: Engagement party, reception, pre-wedding shoots, Sangeet.

Jewellery & accessory: For engagement and reception go for medium sized gold jewellery. For Sangeet and pre-wedding shoots, you can opt for imitation jewellery or stones.

4. Red & cream Matka Silk with a halter blouse

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Lightweight, stunning prints and extremely chic that's Matka silk saree for you. Printed silk sarees with bold prints and some hand-loom work, this silk saree can be a single solution to almost all your pre-wedding occasions. Choose a red and cream saree and team up with a cream or any other contrasting halter blouse for a fusion look.

How to drape it: Try the Bengali saree drape with loose box plaits at the front when you're confused about 'How to wear Bengali saree'. The typical Bengali drape almost always works.

When to wear: Engagement, Cocktail Party, pre-wedding shoots, Sangeet.

Jewellery & accessory: Kundan jewellery, huge Chand Baalis, thick Kadas and a red Bindi.

5. Red Benarasi saree with front pallu

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You don't have to think too much on 'how to wear Bengali saree' when there is a blood red Benarasi saree in front of you. The saree itself will do half the work for you! Although the original weave is from Varanasi, this particular saree has become synonymous to a Bengali bridal outfit. Heavy zari work on rich silk fabric, all you have to do is pair up the gorgeous saree with a matching blouse for a show-stealing effect!

How to drape it: Try draping the Benarasi saree with a Seedha pallu, or plaits at the front. Pinup neatly and tuck the end of your pallu at the back of your waist.

When to wear: Wedding, reception.

Jewellery & accessory:  Heavy gold jewellery, with big red Bindi, Chandan art on the forehead and a red Potli bag.

6. Plaited Mustard Tant with a red Blouse

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Simple, elegant, charming- Tant or a cotton saree with handwoven work will always heighten up the grace factor of your whole bridal outlook. Still thinking "how to wear Bengali saree?" Just go with mustard coloured Tant and wear it with a red blouse with 3/4th sleeves. In fact, you can also pair up your cotton saree with a sleeveless red blouse.

How to drape it: Go for a neatly plaited drape and pin the plaits on your shoulder letting the pallu fall at the back. Choose a low cut red blouse with some cool latkans.

When to wear: Pre-wedding shoots, Ashirbad (Engagement), Haldi or Sangeet function.

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So, next time when someone asks you 'how to wear Bengali saree' and what are the popular kinds of sarees, you can guide them like a pro! Once you've mastered the art of draping a saree in different styles,  you can always mix and match things up a little bit. Try opting for fusion jewellery, bizarre accessories, off-beat blouse patterns and unusual colour combinations to add spunk to your outfit! Explore the unexplored territory and create new trends of bridal fashion!

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