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Here Are the Different Types of Small Weddings at a Glance

With intimate weddings becoming more & more popular in contemporary times, here are the types of small weddings listed for your inspiration.

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Intimate weddings have always been on the list for many couples. Before the pandemic came in the way of the otherwise normal ways of life, small weddings were a choice many couples picked. The warmth and familiarity of an intimate wedding go unmatched. Against all assumptions, intimate weddings do not have to be on a stringent budget. Any wedding that is planned lavishly but has a smaller guest list is an intimate wedding. 

While intimate weddings have been a part of the type of weddings forever, the outbreak of the pandemic enhanced the number of small weddings that are happening now. The increasing demand for small weddings, post the COVID-19 period, has caused inevitable changes in the demand and trend pattern of the wedding industry. The experts have spoken about navigating the weddings post the pandemic and what is the future of the weddings hereon.

To accept and acknowledge this trend of small weddings, we have curated a list of the types of small weddings here. This list is sure to help you choose right when it comes to the type of small wedding that you would want for yourself. Read to know more.

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is smaller than the usual intimate wedding ceremony with more or less 20 guests to attend the wedding. A micro-wedding is like any other wedding ceremony. Micro weddings have common wedding features and the regular flow of ceremonial celebrations that are often even similar to big fat Indian weddings like the dhol, band bajaa, florist, decor and so on. The only difference is that instead of an extravagant guest list a micro wedding only involves approximately 20 guests. The idea of these weddings might be even smaller than the concept of "small weddings" in general.

Mini Wedding

A mini-wedding as the name suggests is another type of a small and intimate wedding that involves about 50 guests. The pre-wedding celebrations like the Haldi ceremony, the magical Mehndi ceremony and so on will still be on the books along with maybe the reception too. However, the guest list will strictly be kept short. An estimated number would be between 50-80 people, but abiding by the Government regulations of allowing 50 guests (might differ from state to state) the capacity of guests to be invited should be no more than that. 


The idea of a minimony is #marrynowpartylater. This trend has picked up pace owing to the current scenario that has unravelled due to the pandemic. The guest list for a minimony ranges between 10 to 50 people depending upon the couple's choices. The focus here is mainly on the wedding ceremony that is celebrated with the near and dear ones of the couple with a plan to celebrate a reception gala later. A minimony is the apt way of celebrating a lockdown wedding with a handful of people and celebrating a reception with everyone else later.

Sequel Wedding

Due to the increasing number of minimonies and micro or macro wedding celebrations, sequel weddings have also become a trend. While minimonies involve just the family members and close friends in the guest list, the couples have plans for a sequel wedding ceremony. The couples who have chosen to solidify their wedding during the lockdown have had to adjust with a smaller guest list than what they might have planned otherwise. However to celebrate the wedding on a bigger scale or to bring to life the dream wedding that the couple had always wanted, the sequel weddings have been a blessing to many. The fun part is you can celebrate two anniversaries for years to come. 

Social Distance Wedding

This type of small wedding is also known as Shift weddings. For the couples still want to celebrate their wedding without having to downsize their wedding can opt for social distance weddings or shift weddings. This type of small wedding requires for your guests to attend during different "shifts" of the celebrations. Abiding by the government rules and maintaining the cap of 50 guests, the couples can invite different sets of guests at different times of the wedding. This ensures that not more than 50 guests will be present at the venue at once while keeping up with the celebrations with everyone. The venue can be sanitised and made ready each time one group of guests take their leave.

Virtual Wedding

Virtual weddings are very well known as the new normal in contemporary times. Owing to the uncertain times that the pandemic has unfolded in the past few months, the possibilities of hosting a big fat Indian wedding or a dreamy destination wedding might have to be put off the books for quite some time. Virtual weddings are a boon to the couples who have taken their leap of faith to celebrate their togetherness during the lockdown. Keeping up with the need of the hour by staying home and avoiding any travel or a gathering of above 50 people, virtual weddings involve guests celebrating through online platforms. With just a handful of family members along with the photographer and priest present, these couples live-stream their wedding on online platforms like Zoom call, Meet, Team and so on. The blessings keep flowing in through the videos. You can pick the traditions you want to celebrate online too!

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Weekday Weddings

Considering that March to June were the months with the highest Saya dates for weddings, the number of weddings that have been postponed in 2020 is a lot. Even to postpone these weddings to the latter half of the year or to next year, seems difficult owing to the dearth of time. This is the reason why many people might opt for weekday weddings and make it a growing trend in the coming days. However, aspects like readily available venues, less competition for vendor selection and a lot of free space to bring your dream wedding to life are also some reasons why couples opt for weekday weddings. If it is a Friday wedding, make sure to make the weekend a long and happening one by celebrating right!

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Multi Wedding Celebrations

This is again a type of small wedding that has been invented to keep up with the lockdown norms and rules. Since many couples had their wedding already planned in full swing, multi wedding celebrations might just seem right. To downsize the wedding guest list is not an easy task, especially if you have always wanted a big fat Indian wedding. Multi weddings is a type of small wedding technically, but without having to reduce your guest count. All that you need to do is invite a different set of guests from the list for different ceremonies. This ensures that not more than 50 guests are present at a celebration while everyone from your guest list got to be a part of your big day!

Register Wedding

While the west has the tradition of elopement, couples here can opt for registered weddings. This type of wedding is generally smaller in size than regular weddings and it does not require a lot of preps and planning. Many couples have opted for a registered wedding where the couple needs to get their wedding validated in a court by signing the marriage registry certificate. This requires witnesses to sign along with the bride and groom and you could also bring your parents along to bless your new beginnings. You might later want to celebrate your wedding with a sequential wedding or a reception party later!

Whichever wedding you choose to celebrate, remind yourself that the wedding planning process is stressful and you need to navigate the stress or de-stress from wedding planning pressure. You need to be patient and kind because these are testing times. While you prepare for one of the most significant celebrations fo your life, make sure to take help from the professional vendors who will ensure that your wedding is a flawless one. Stay at home, stay safe and plan your wedding from the comfort of your couches hassle-free.

With businesses opening up slowly and steadily post the COVID-19 period, the talented wedding planners have become available to help you plan your intimate wedding fuss-free. Even the photographers have gone out of their ways to meet you halfway with a variety of packages especially meant for intimate/lockdown weddings.