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Quick Guide on the Safety Precautions for Intimate Weddings

If you are planning an intimate wedding amidst the pandemic or a post-COVID 19 wedding, here's a quick guide on the safety precautions for intimate weddings to help you plan right.

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The pandemic has left the world in a different light altogether. Not only have the ways of life changed ever since, but even the wedding celebrations and other social gatherings have had a noticeable shift. The shift from big fat Indian weddings to intimate weddings with less than 50 people has been quite astounding. There has also been a change from regal night time weddings to aesthetic day weddings during this time. The demands of venues that can host day weddings and places that can host an intimate wedding with less than 50 people have increased drastically.

While people say this is the "new normal" in lockdown weddings and experts find the best ways to help the couples and vendors navigate the post-COVID 19 weddings, intimate weddings will still need safety precautions. The Government of India along with certain state governments too have put down regulations and safety precautions for hosting an intimate wedding. 

If you are planning a lockdown intimate wedding during the Times of Corona, we have curated a list of the basic safety precautions that need to be kept in mind as long as the COVID-19 scenarios last. Read to know.

Sanitisation of venues

The sanitisation of the venue that you pick for the wedding is very important. Whether the venue has been used or not, it is of utmost importance to sanitise the venue along with the surrounding area before you or your guests visit. There should be an ample amount of water available for the guests and everyone else to wash their hands at regular intervals whenever necessary. Other instant restroom sanitisation sprays and sanitisers could also be made available. 

Temperature Checks at Entrance

In alignment with the government's rules and regulations, temperature checks are a must. There should be an infra-red thermometer in place to check the temperature of the guests at the entrance itself. It makes the process simple and systematic to keep it at the entrance right before they get inside the venue or mingle with the rest. Any temperature recorded above normal should be instantly highlighted. 

We suggest: Keep an ambulance or a car at the ready to take care of any such cases without hindering the flow of the events immediately. 

Provide each guest with sanitiser

This is exactly like wedding favours if you think about it this way - they will be given at the entrance to every guest. While the guests walk in, you always keep some wedding favours under normal circumstances that your guests pick on their way to your mandap or altar. Instead of fruits or assembled kits for favours, you could provide each of your guests with a COVID-19 safety kit that includes sanitisers. Even if your guests are carrying their own, just to make sure, you should provide them with a mini hand sanitiser.

Wear a Mask - Provide Everyone with Masks

At every step of the wedding celebration - from the bride's entry to the Bidaai ceremony, make sure to have your masks on at all times. Your guests can be provided with the masks too in their COVID-19 safety kit as mentioned in the last point. If the boring blue surgical masks are not your cup of tea, you can customise them with beautiful brooches and embroidery work. Many brides flaunted custom-made wedding masks to match their outfits too.

Traditional Greetings that Don't Need Touching

Many cultural greetings in India do not require you to shake hands or hug. Namaste, Juleh, Tashi Delek, Adab, Sat Sri Akaal and so on are a handful of these traditional Indian greetings that do not necessarily have to be hugs or handshakes. The pandemic has been a great time to return to our traditional greeting roots instead of the westernised versions. Keeping in mind that you need to avoid any contact from a fellow guest or family member during the wedding, these traditional cultural greetings can be your saviour!

Seating Arrangement

The rule is to be 6 feet apart. The ordinary wedding seating arrangement ideas will not be enough. There are couples too who have sat 2 yards away from each other during their wedding to abide by the rules. Keeping this 2 yards rule in mind, make sure the seating arrangement for your intimate wedding is done in such a way that there is at least 2 arms distance between 2 of your guests. Pick a venue that will allow you to take care of this arrangement. You can also plan for floor seating ideas while maintaining the needful.

Plated Meals Over a Buffet

Buffets are always fun. You can walk up to your friends and family while relishing the delicacies on your plate. It gives you the freedom to move around and socialise at dinner. However, a buffet is also a great choice given the need of the hour. To maintain social distancing while having people seated at one table might get a tad bit difficult. But if you opt for a buffet dinner or lunch over plated meals, you and your guests can ensure that nobody steps out of the social distancing mode while enjoying themselves.

While many wedding service partners like the wedding catering services, wedding photographers, makeup artists and so on are opening up their services for you, they are also making sure to be safe and work in accordance with the safety precautions that are needed during this health crisis.

If you are planning your wedding and need professional help to find your way through this "new normal", the wedding planners on board can be of great assistance to guide you to plan a flawless wedding. Stay safe and healthy always!