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Simple Is Smart! Tips to Design Simple Wedding Cards Yourself for a More Personal Touch

Who says you have to spend a fortune in order to get unique and attractive wedding invitations? Pay attention to our latest route that says: 'Simple is the New Smart'. Here are a few ideas on designing simple wedding cards for a stronger impact

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If you've gone through the wedding checklist by now, you know that the wedding invitations are the part where you can actually save a lot. Especially with smart online wedding card design tips, you can go for DIY invites just with the use of your computer or even phone. However, you might still worry if all those fancy creative wedding invitations would really do the wonder? Would your guests be touched enough by your beautiful quotes and come running to your wedding? Well, how about we try this new phrase, "Keep it Simple"!

Sometimes the simplest words leave the strongest of impacts. So let's give you some smart ideas on Simple Wedding Cards that could touch all the right chords!

1. The Traditional Touch

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Opting for traditional simple wedding cards almost never goes wrong. Especially for an Indian wedding. Whether it's a Marathi Lagna Patrika or a simple Christian wedding card matter, a touch of tradition is always a safe bet. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind while framing a traditional wedding card, especially to invite your family elders and relatives:

  • Use some Vedic Mantra or chants at the beginning of a Hindu wedding card matter. For example the Gayatri Mantra or Ganpati verse.
  • In case of a Muslim wedding invitation, using religious symbols like Allah, crescent moon or Bismillah are quite common. You can also write your own quotes invoking the Almighty.
  • For any other regional marriage invitation, choose wedding quotes or poems written by famous writers/poets on your card in your own regional language. Your elderly guests will simply love this special touch!
  • Keep your invitation wording simple, straight forward and yet well crafted. And make sure you include all the necessary information in at least two languages one being either Hindi or your regional language.

2. Less is more

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When it comes to your invitation wording text, remember to keep your word count in control! One of the most important points to keep in mind while creating simple wedding cards is, you don't want to confuse your guests. Too many words, complex language, indirect or sarcastic jokes...try avoiding these especially when you're inviting family, colleagues or relatives. Of course, if you're looking for custom invitation quotes for your friends, you know best what kind of language you want to choose. But on a more generalised level, less is definitely more. Don't clutter your wedding card. Keep it short, crisp and focus on the readability.

3. It's a card, not a Palette

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So you love to paint...use a canvas! You don't have to display all your artistic skills on your wedding card, do you? Using too many colours on an invitation isn't advisable for simple wedding cards. It's not very pleasing to the eyes and shifts the entire focus from the content. Keep simple colour combinations and right contrasts between the body and text of your invitation card. Also, make sure you use bold and clear colour for the invitation message text.

4. The Font Rules

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When you're opting for online wedding card designing, resist the temptation to use too many fonts on one card. The best part about making simple wedding cards online is you don't have to worry about the printing costs. So, you can use as many kinds of text fonts as you like. But not on the same card! If you can't decide which fonts you like most, use multiple fonts on different cards. That won't cost you extra and you don't have to compromise on the visuals. Don't use more than two fonts on a single wedding card.

5. Categorise

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It's best to broadly categorise your invitation cards for friends, relatives and colleagues. For simple wedding cards, you can separately choose the card matter, designs, style of content for different categories of your guests and therefore have the liberty to frame accordingly. For example, you could go for Whatsapp wedding invitation video for friends, traditional paper invites for relatives and invitation website for your colleagues. That way, you get to be creative while maintaining exclusive invites for your guests.

Sometimes, all it takes to create a magical invitation is your personal touch. For your simple wedding cards, just record a few words from your heart and send it as a  Whatsapp invite. Use your regional language and invite your grandparents or uncle-aunts by personally addressing them. Dig up photos from your college trip or school canteen moments and use them with personal invitation message for your friends. These little things are simple yet extremely touching and effective. So try them out yourself and you will be surprised to find out that your guests have preserved your invitation as a souvenir forever!

Know everything about online wedding card maker and try them out on your own wedding.