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Tips to Choose Perfect Wedding Card Wording That Would Leave a Lasting Impact on All Your Guests

Discover all about choosing the right wedding card wording and what mistakes to avoid while framing your invitation. Invite your guests in a creative, fun and error-free style.

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You’ve spent hours at the market or wedding card websites before choosing that beautiful wedding card. Now it’s time for the next big task - choosing the right wedding card wording! You can find a lot of sample formats online but if you really want to add a personal touch to make your guests feel special, try something different and fresh. One of the approaches you can try is to categorise your guest list into sub-sections and frame your wedding card wording accordingly. Here are a few important points to always keep in mind while writing your wedding invitation for every guest category:

1. For Relatives and Colleagues

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One of the first wedding invitations that you send out is to your close relatives. The tone of your invitation should be formal yet personal at the same time to convey that you respectfully welcome them to the events. Here are a few ideas and pointers for a smooth wedding card wording for your colleagues and relatives: 

Invitation Ideas

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  • Vedic quotes can be used for any Hindu wedding card wording. For example, “Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu...” After the chant, start your invite with “By the grace of Almighty...”
  • Always try to write your invitations in two languages. One in English and the other in either Hindi or your regional language. You can even chuck the English and go for Hindi and regional while inviting your relatives
  • Check and double check the names, addresses and their specific spellings
  • Use different leaflets for different ceremonies and mention the venue, date and time clearly. For example,

Family of Prachi would like to invite you to

 The Mehndi Party on 3rd of August

7.00 pm

At Hotel Sartaj Banquet Hall

Please join us in this colourful celebration

  • Mention a timeline for RSVP. This would help you plan your wedding more easily
  • In case of a Christian wedding invitation, include the Host line, Invitation line, names, information and the party line

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t use casual language while inviting your relatives
  • Check for grammatical errors and typos. Ask some of your grammar Nazi friends to check for errors or else, use apps like Grammarly or Oxford dictionary to get error-free wording. Research well online or take help of wedding invitation specialist for grammar check in other languages
  • Look up the internet for the latest style of writing. For example, “Oblige us with your presence...” is a passé way of writing an invitation. Make your wedding card wording crisp, humble and to the point. For example,

Mrs Suneeta Sharma and Mr Rajiv Sharma

request your presence at

the marriage of their daughter




Son of Mrs Leela Twari and Mr Prakash Tiwari

On February sixteenth, 2016

At 7.30 PM

At Hotel Sabhyata, C.P. New Delhi

  • Do not add too much information and details on your invitation. Less is more!
  • Avoid mentioning “no gifts” on your invitation. It doesn’t really work and they end up getting presents anyway

2. For Friends

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Once you’re done with all the formal invitations, it’s time for inviting your buddies. Your wedding card wording doesn’t need to be loaded with heavy sentences, but you still need to get creative and follow certain formats while inviting friends. Here are some ideas on choosing the right wedding card wording for your friends and what not to do: 

Invitation ideas

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  • Go digital while inviting your friends. You can use informal, fun and personal wedding card wording. For example, while sending out a video montage invite on Whatsapp, you can choose the wording like, “Hey guess what? Destination wedding in Goa! Come to join us for the biggest celebration of the year...because it won’t be a party without friends”.
  • If you still want to go for printed cards, choose creative invitation wording. Tell your story, how you proposed and what clicked before adding, “we invite you to join us celebrate life”. 
  • If you’re doing a digital invite, do remember to follow up. They may be your friends and don’t need formality. But you still need to make them feel wanted. 
  • Do check your grammar and spellings before sending the invites.
  • Check and double check the names, addresses and their specific spellings.
  • Do make sure you have included all the necessary information.
  • If you want your friends and other guests to donate instead of getting you gifts, mention their website and details of the charity organisation.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not use offensive or abusive language while inviting your friends.
  • While creating a web page or Facebook for your wedding, make sure its visibility is restricted. 
  • Don’t overcrowd. Too many words or too much information should be avoided. Keep your wedding card wording smart not exhausting!
  • Do not just call your friends to invite. Take some time out to at least create some digital invitation along with the telephone call.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest styles and trends of wedding card wording for friends

Wedding Card Wording Elements to Include

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While you choose the most creative and aesthetic element of your wedding, the words incorporated in a wedding invitation should always be chosen carefully to avoid any kind of mistakes. Some of the most important wedding card wordings to include can be:

1. The host line - It is a mandatory thing to include the name of the hosts. In Indian wedding invitations, the hosts can be the names of the bride's and groom's parents or their grandparents.

2. The name of the couple - While a wedding can be a beautiful experience, it is best to know the name of the bride and groom, as they are the people to whom these wonderful festivities belong.

3. The request line - There are many ways to invite your guests and ask for the pleasure of their company at your wedding ceremonies.

4. Date, time and location - All of them are very important details to be mentioned on the wedding invitation as they would help the guests to reach at your wedding venue on time.

5. RSVP - Another important wedding card wordings element to include in your wedding invitation is a separate card for RSVP so that you can get a rough idea about the number of guests that would be attending your celebrations. 

Some traditions are like wine. The older they get, the more precious they become. Wedding invitations are like old wine served in new bottles. The trends of invitation, technology and fashion keep changing. But the core sentiment of it all remains just the same as old wine. We want our loved ones to be around us on our most special day. So choose your wedding card wording wisely. Because, sometimes, it’s just words that matter!

Don’t wait for the last minute. Get on with your wedding card wording or hire a wedding invitation vendor for a beautiful invite.