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10 Common Creative Wedding Invitation Faux Pas to Avoid for That Spectacular Wedding Invite

Many couples inevitably end up making a lot of mistakes while shopping for creative wedding invitations. We share with you 10 common mistakes so that you can avoid making them while sending out your save-the-date invites.

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We can’t agree enough that shopping for invitations is the most important task of wedding planning. It sets the tone for your big day and tells your guests what to look forward to. But in the urge of creating different and creative wedding invitations, many couples end up making some trivial errors. From complicated designs to going overboard, we share them with you.

Creative Wedding Invitation Mistakes to Avoid

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1. Not Understanding What Your Guests Will Appreciate

One of the most common mistakes most couples make while creating wedding invitations is not giving a thought to what your invitees will appreciate. For instance, owing to the many benefits of electronic invitations, you may be tempted to go the digital way. But, do give it a thought if all or most of your guests will like the idea or not. Moreover, it still holds true that the conventional way of scrolls and sagans wrapped in paper envelopes is looked forward to in a traditional ceremony. It just upholds the essence of the celebration.

2. Avoid Chances for It Being Offensive

For sure you want your wedding invitation wording to reflect who you are as a couple but at the same time, it’s important to ensure that you don’t offend or bore anyone by giving away a bit too much. Carefully think through the important people’s names that need to be on the invitation so that you don’t hurt the sentiments of any family member. Also, if being humorous is in your style, make sure not to over-do it and avoid double meaning messages that have the tendency of sarcasm infused in them. The message needs to be crisp and yet coated with love and hope, to see them at the ceremony. 

3. Going Beyond Budget

Just like for any other aspect of wedding planning, set aside a budget for wedding invitations and stick by it. But if you allot ₹ 10,000 for invites does not necessarily mean you have to buy invitations worth ₹ 10,000. Consider additional charges such as shipping, courier etc when budgeting. Also, it is always safer to order some extra invitations, but make sure not to go in the extreme. Take the number of families into account not the total number of people.

4. Not Giving a Thought to Invitation Accompaniments

Not just wedding invitations but what accompanies it can make a huge difference as well. Many couples make the mistake of sending items that are not weather-appropriate. For instance, sending easy to melt sweets such as chocolates in summers is not what your guests would want to see when they open the invitation boxes with full-swing excitement. Opt for accompaniments that can be put in the box without you worrying about the damage the weather or shipping can cause, and will not only be in sync with your invitation but also with the guests themselves. 

5. Think Out-Of-The-Box

When shopping for creative wedding invitations, don’t be afraid to think different. Think offbeat, new age practical gifts like honey jars, tea, light holders, or non-traditional dessert edibles that won't have the possibility to turn gooey when the sun shines brighter that day like dry fruits and baked goodies. The little jars are indeed a good idea and can be filled with a variety of treats based on the age group of the guests that you will be looking forward to attending and you could actually surprise them.

6. Complicated Designs

Creative wedding invitations do not have to be complicated. Keep the design of your wedding invitation simple and avoid using too many colours if you are not the pop-up person. If bold and bright colour is your choice, balance it with something neutral and make sure the text is visible keeping in mind that it should be a spitting image of your emotional investment while making it subtle and gentle for the eyes of the beholder. Also, stick to basics and don’t fill it with too much content as it will deteriorate the overall appeal of your invitation. Don’t pack the invitation with a lot of information on every page as it can be overwhelming and your guests may not find it appealing. Less is really more!

7. Cumbersome Final Products

Not just the interior but the exterior of your wedding invitation also needs consideration. Avoid bulky wedding card box and stick with something lighter that is also an elegant choice, especially if a lot of your guests live in different cities. A delicate or an elaborate outer box may not be a good idea as it may not reach the guests in a very presentable manner given that the safety of its components is in the hands of the courier delivery person.

8. Envelopes

Addressing the envelopes by handwriting down long addresses can be really annoying, especially when you have so many planning tasks at hand. You can end up making errors and misspelling the name of your guests. So to avoid this make sure to pre-order printed addresses and it not only makes it easier for you but also looks homogeneously arranged.

9. Cardholders

Not using a separate card for wedding and reception- if your wedding ceremony and reception are on different dates or venue, it is advisable to use separate cards for both to avoid confusion. Also, if you will not be inviting all your guests to both the functions, this is the best way to handle the social front.

10. Proof-Reading

Proof-reading it in a hurry- a small spelling or a grammatical mistake can completely ruin the entire creativity of your wedding invitation. So properly proof-reading the content of the invite is a must before final printing. 

These are some of the most common creative wedding invitation mistakes to-be-weds make. Make sure to pay special attention to them before sending out those invites.

What do you think? Have more tips to add? Share them with us through comments.