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Like there are some particular contents for Marathi invitations, and every other kind of wedding invitation wording, Muslim wedding cards too have some specifications that need to be included. Apart from conjuring of the Almighty to information of events, host and couple's names, Muslim wedding invitations also have some definite signs and symbols. Know everything there is to learn about the contents and details of a Muslim marriage card, how to frame them right and which phrases and words you could use in crafting them. Read on to know some names too where you can look for different kinds of invitation cards.

1. The Signs and Symbols

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You will find certain symbols or icons on Muslim wedding cards. There is a significance of each of those signs in terms of a wedding. Let’s find out what are they:

  • Allah symbol - The Allah symbol is an essential part to be included in Muslim wedding cards. The Allah symbol signifies the holiness and divinity of the sacred matrimony. It is printed on wedding cards with the belief that the to-be-married couple will be united with love, happiness and understanding.
  • The star and crescent moon - The star and the crescent symbol on Muslim wedding cards signify the faith on the Almighty. The star and the moon sign also mean complete faith in God and asking for His blessings for a happy marriage.
  • Bismillah symbol - Depicting the true spirit of the Holy Quran, the Bismillah symbol is included in almost all Muslim wedding cards. This sign primarily signifies the blessings and support from the Almighty.

2. The Important 

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The "Who" "What" "Where" and "When" are basically all the information you need to include in Muslim wedding cards. Here are the detailed specifications:

  • The very first line of the wedding card usually is dedicated to the Almighty. Phrases like, "In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful", or "Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem" are to be written at the top of Muslim wedding cards. This is to invoke the deity before beginning any auspicious event.
  • The names of the host should come next. If the parents are hosting, then the line should be, " Mr XXX and Mrs XXX request the honour of your presence on the wedding ceremony of their only daughter Saima..." In case the couple too are hosting, they can start the invitation card as, "We...Saima & Rehaan, together with our families request the honour of your presence..."
  • The last piece of information is a crucial part. It involves the event venue, time and place along with the specific event you're inviting your guests for. For example, if you're inviting your female guests only for a Mehndi event, it should clearly be mentioned in the invite:


of Nadia

Invited by:

Sehr, Kulsum, Uzma, Shakeela and Mezba

On November 22, 2018

7.00 pm onwards at Sainik Farms

P.S. Ladies only please!" Clearly mention the event you want your guest to invite to. If you're inviting for the wedding, do mention "Nikah". Otherwise, invite them for just the reception or "Walima".

3. Paper V/s Digital  

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While you must stick to the traditional paper cards for certain section of your guests like grandparents, uncle-aunts, you could go totally digital for inviting friends, cousins or colleagues. Try not to go for generalised bulk wedding cards for everyone. Know your guests well enough to decide which kind of Muslim wedding cards should you choose for inviting them. Whichever kind of invitation you select, there are wide ranges of options in designs both in paper cards as well as digital.

4. Words of the Wise 

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Choosing the right invitation wording for your Muslim wedding cards is of utmost importance. Again, you can't have generalised wording for all your guests. Go for traditional invitation sentences and phrases for your relatives and elderly guests. Whereas, you have the liberty to choose funny invitation wording for friends and informal guests. Here are a few samples:

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and merciful

Mr Syed Mohd. Rashid and Mrs Zareena Rashid

Cordially request the company of (Invitee’s name) and family

To grace the joyous occasion of the Walima of

their only daughter




Son of Mr and Mrs Kazi Nazrul Aslam




In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and merciful"

So this is why we could not meet for so long! I have been busy planning my wedding!

This is a humble invitation to you and your family to pull my ear personally for all those mistakes! And also meet the bride!

Please join us on our special day...because it won’t be a wedding without your blessings!”




5. Where to look

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Here are a few names where you can look for Muslim where you can look for Muslim wedding cards across the country:

Alokik Exclusive (NCR), Unique Designer cards (Hyderabad), Ochre Shed (Hyderabad), Happy Invites (Mumbai), Rare n Right (Mumbai), Soulmatez (Mumbai), Novelty cards (Chennai).

Try these vendors for different styles and designs for Muslim invitation cards. If you’re torn between the traditional wedding card styles and contemporary designs, there’s good news for you. You can have both! Go for some fusion and neutral designs and wording that would have the best of both worlds. Use scrolls, add-on cards and digital invitations for preparing your Muslim wedding cards keeping the tradition and fashion both in mind! Add personal touches like audio-visual clips addressing exclusively to the guests for making them feel wanted and special. After all, you would want all your loved ones to be around on your big day!

If you have any interesting info on Muslim wedding invitations that we missed, please share with us in the comment section below.