Priyal Prakash

The greens, the yellows and pops of vivid hues everywhere, Haldi or Mehndi functions are by far the most fun-filled events of any wedding. With the wedding spirit fresh in the air with its spirit of frolic and love all around, these functions warm up and set the theme and vibe of the wedding. The whimsical nature of these functions gives you the freedom to experiment with your attire and looks. So, we have curated some stunning yes simple blouse back design inspirations for you so that you can get your outfit designed to perfection up to the last detail.

1. Triangular Tassels

Priyal Prakash

Yellow, pink, peach and gold; all the essential colours of Haldi function are embraced in this simple blouse back design. The geometric aesthetic given to the blouse with triangular patchwork and tassels makes it a minimal style with a charming appeal.

2. Strike Out Fringes

Kayra - Multi-Designer Store

This simple blouse back design is a perfect fit for an evening Mehndi function during the autumn season. The elegant black hue of the blouse is accentuated with bold straps embellished with silver fringes that make sure that you will sparkle when you shimmy.

3. Charming Single Knot

Mad Sam Tin Zin

Classic summer shades in pastels hues combined with a pop of vivid colour call out for this simple blouse back design to be adorned on a Haldi function in the warmer days of the year. The single knot design of the back adds a dash of oomph in the design.

4. Criss Cross Chaos

Gautam Khullar Photography

Going backless is undoubtedly sexy, but when you add a few strings on the back in a criss-cross fashion with little baubles dangling down the back it takes the vivacious appeal of the simple blouse back design to a whole new level. This style will be perfect to be adorned during a warm season.

5. Floral Waterfall

Elisha W

The sheer elegance that the abundant floral embroidery in warm hues of pink and peach add to this simple blouse back design is absolutely breathtaking. Adding the cherry on top I  the waterfall effect created with strings of coral seed bead. strung together making a fringe falling down the flowers, it gives the blouse a romantic rhythm.

6. Queen’s Necklace

Elisha W

A simple blouse back design well worthy of the name given to it. The multiple strands of pearls dangling on the back make it look like a spectacular piece of jewellery borrowed from royalty. The combination of champagne pearls and golden crystal beads give this design a regal and opulent look making it a perfect fit to be adorned on your Mehndi function.

7. Asymmetric Aesthetic

Shantanu & Nikhil

This simple blouse back design calls out to all the millennial brides looking for an out-of-the-box design that reflects their edgy personality. The asymmetrical one shoulder design gives it an elegant look with a dash of quirk. The puffy sleeve gives the design a modern aesthetic.

8. Floral Maze

Ritu Kumar

A floral mase hand embroidered in a charming shade of off-white is the epitome of elegance. This simple blouse back design has a classy appeal to it with a deep V design forming when you tie the two sides together in a knot with triangular Latkan. It is a graceful design that left us in awe!

9. Darling Diamonds

Priyal Prakash

There is something subtly elegant about a simple blouse back design that adds to the charm of the bride. This design is dedicated to all the minimal brides who are not looking for OTT blouse designs with generous embellishments. The use of gold accents combined with a  diamond shape peephole in the back gives an interesting touch to the blouse.

10. A touch of Tradition

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

For all the brides who wish to embrace the roots of their traditions during the celebration of the biggest event of their lives, this traditional blouse back design is dedicated to you. Sewed in an auspicious hue of red and accentuated with intricate motifs of zari hand embroidered on it, this simple back blouse design is simply divine.


So, while figuring out the design silhouette of our attire, do not forget about the blouse back design as that is what will add the final finishing touches to your outfit. Side braids, up-dos and many more hairstyles bring focus to the back of the outfit as well. This gorgeous yet simple blouse back designs will ensure that you look stunning even from the back. And the fun, quirky and divalicious pictures that can be taken will be an added bonus


Which one of these blouse back design images did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!