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Researching a Mehndi design to offer to your Mehndi artist, instead of picking one from his or design book? And why not? Few brides want to apply a Mehndi design that was applied to twenty other brides. To add some personal touch, you need some special elements that will make your Mehndi designs extremely unique. Take a cue from these real brides who opted for these personalised Mehndi designs for wedding.

Personalising your Mehndi design for wedding:

1. Bride and Groom designs, caricature style


This bride personalised her Mehndi design by adding small drawings of a bride and groom taking Pheras, and the sindoor ceremony - symbolising all the important milestones of a traditional Indian wedding. You can also take some cues from this design and create a totally unique design of your own.

2. An Ode to the Groom

Cupcake Productions

This bride clearly loves her groom way too much. She decided to get a caricature of her groom designed on her palm. Along with that, she got the Mehndi artist to add the groom’s favourite meal – fries, burger, and coke! Isn’t that cute? Another personalised detail in her Mehndi designs for wedding is the caricature of London Bridge. Clearly, London has a special connection to their story!

3. Opting for Spirituality

This bride opted to go spiritual and got the Gayatri Mantra drawn on her hands. If you and your partner connect on a certain belief, religion or spirituality, you too can personalise your bridal Mehndi designs for wedding.

4. Love Note

Doll You Up By S

This quirky bride opted to share her love story in her bridal Mehndi. She put in realistic caricatures of herself and her groom in her bridal Mehndi, alongside initials and scenes from her love story across her Mehndi.

It’s definitely a unique idea, which can be interpreted and personalised by you, in your own way.

5. Proposal Story

Kejal Gudka Mehndi artist

This bride thought it would be a good idea to include some personal details of her proposal story. She got her Mehndi artist to draw the Eiffel Tower, a plane and the San Fransico skyline, alongside two adorable caricatures of the couple and her groom's name. If this isn’t worth sharing, what is?

6. Love for planes

The Cheesecake Project

This bride, who is a pilot, fell in love with another pilot and decided to tie the knot. Although she opted for a simple traditional Mehndi designs for wedding, she got two small aeroplanes drawn on both her hands. This made us want to fly in love too! What about you?

7. Couple designs

Cupcake Productions

Well, if you can convince your groom to join the bandwagon, you both can personalise your Mehndi designs for wedding. While the groom can personalise his design by adding your wedding hashtag, or your name, you too can add some elements and personalise the design.

Tips to keep in mind before and after you apply your Mehndi:

  1. Speak well in advance to your Mehndi artists on about how you wish to personalise your Mehndi design for wedding.
  2. Relax when you sit down to get your Mehndi done, it will take a long time. Visit the washroom right before you sit down for the Mehndi ceremony.
  3. We suggest you do a trail of the design on paper once before you actually book a Mehndi artist.
  4. Please wear something comfortable while you're at it. Applying henna and especially when you are the bride is usually a long process. You might just get tired too of sitting upright so that your mehndi doesn't falter in any way. One tip that will make it an easy breeze is switching into something comfortable before your henna artist stars applying mehndi on to your palms and feet. 
  5. Apply the lemon concoction on to your nearly dried up mehndi to get that brightest hue of red
  6. if you want an even darker tone, then once you have removed the dried up henna, apply move on your palms and feet, cover them with a pair of sock and voila you will have the henna colour that will make everyone else jealous. Trust us! 
  7. Please eat before you get your mehndi on. It is oddly uncomfortable to get fed by someone while you are sitting stick as a board. so, a full stomach before you get your hands filled with henna is the right way to get things done! 

Now that you have seen a variety of ways brides have customised their Mehndi designs for wedding, you too can go viral with your design. Don’t forget to share your design with us!

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