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6 Lehenga Blouse Designs by Manish Malhotra That Are Definitely His Best Yet!

Want designer blouses for your wedding attire? Look no further than the most beloved fashion designer in India -  Manish Malhotra. Get one of his creations or get inspired to create one for yourself to look your best!

There is something about Manish Malhotra that makes him the most popular fashion designer of this generation in India. His funky designs along with the elegant ones, the perfect blend of tradition and urbanity, the colours he chooses, all the fun things together makes him one of the best designers out there. Therefore, it is no surprise that everyone wants a piece of his design for him or her.

The Indian wedding culture provides you with immense opportunities to wear lehengas with blouses and choosing the right outfit, every time, can be a bit tough for anyone. Therefore, we have come up with a list of lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra to help you go through a wide range of options. The special thing about lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra is how chic and voguish they look. You get the best and the trendiest pieces of wedding blouses doing the rounds of the wedding circuit just by exploring what this designer has to offer. You can either get any of these Manish Malhotra blouse designs or take inspiration from them and find something similar.

1. The metallic vibe

The metallic vibe is not something for everyone. You need utmost confidence to pull such lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra. However, it surely will be a show stopper at any of the wedding events you attend. When all the guests will be wearing regular colours like red, green, maroon, pink or black, you can stand out by wearing this stunning piece of artwork. The subtle silver net used in this adds another dimension to the blouse along with the otherwise blingy design.

2. The power of red

Here is another specimen of the classic lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra. This just shows how brilliant a designer Manish Malhotra is, as you can see how he blends the silver with the red to give it the perfect amount of urbanity in the traditional colour. The sleeveless blouse design adds more punch to it. You may complete the look with a thin net dupatta, which you can either drape it your back or use to just cover your throat. You surely would be making a bold statement with this attire.

3. The elegant off-shoulder blouse

Now, this is one of the pure gems coming out of the collection by this designer, which is why such lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra are our favourites. This one uses the popular off-shoulder blouse design and yet makes it look remarkably elegant. It doesn’t look like a regular blouse by any means and in fact, looks like a piece of cloth perfectly wrapped around the bust. The colour of the blouse makes it even more elegant. Just looking at the bride would be pure bliss. Simple, elegant and on point.

4. The regal ivory look

If you want to look like a queen then ivory is the colour for you. Ivory is one colour that has always been associated with royalty and considered the right one for rich people. Here is a classic rendition of the same colour in one of the lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra. The blouse is not at all loud and has thick embroidery using the same threads, providing a Chikankari touch to the design. Furthermore, the use of small stones just shows how precise the design is. Nothing here is over the top and hence this makes the look completely regal.

5. The sand-coloured blouse

The use of sand colour is not something that every designer can think of and yet you get this unique shade in one of the lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra. Here, we can see the work of a great mind, as he uses heavy silver embroidery to cover up the majority of the blouse. This enables him to use the sand colour just as a base colour. It is also a classic example of a traditional blouse with heavy embroidery, which is slowly coming back to fashion.

6. Have fun with this funky piece of blouse

Get quirky with this amazing garment that has red frills at the shoulder. Since the heavy red lehenga has a ton of silver embroideries and patterns, the silver blouse perfectly fits the bill. For some, it may be too loud but who cares when you already have the frills on both sides to garner you enough attention? While the lehenga gives you the traditional vibe, the blouse gives you the contemporary diva vibe, making it one of the best lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra.

If you can’t decide what to get for your own wedding, start by browsing through this designer’s collection so that you know what else to expect from him!

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Note - All images are taken from Manish Malhotra's Official Pages on Instagram and Facebook.