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Planning to Wear a Gota Patti Lehenga for Your Wedding? 9 Colour Combinations for You to Consider

If you have an affinity towards Gota Patti lehenga, we truly second your choice. This evergreen beauty refuses to slip off the chart of trendiest wedding design. Know the colours that will perfectly match your choice.

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Gota Patti is not just in vogue of late but has been a timeless design from Rajasthan. The trend has witnessed years of popularity, and yet brides don’t seem to tire of the Gota Patti lehenga. They are, in fact, a safety net for fashionista brides who want to feel comfortable on their D day and at the same time, keep their style game strong. It is simply chic, classic and supremely wedding-like.

Also, with the comparative ease of it going well with most of the colours, the peppy designs and perfect choice of motifs, it makes for one of the best experiments for your wedding trousseau while also being on the safer side giving you the best of both the worlds.

If you are on a lookout for your perfect match of wedding trousseau, here are 9 colours which will pay off well if you are thinking of a Gota Patti lehenga for your wedding. Take the guide:

1. Red with yellow

Knotting Bells

Red lehenga is the quintessential colour for most Hindu brides, and it goes just as well with the hand-woven works of Gota Patti lehenga. You can either go for the golden motifs on the lower side of the lehenga or all over, complimenting it with a plain choli. To perk it up, pair it with a dupatta in a contrasting colour say, golden or yellow as they will look soothing and instantly add life to the outfit.

2. Orange

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Orange is another new favourite among the choices for a wedding trousseau, as it helps the bride to stand out and falls perfectly in the spectrum of wedding colours. Orange also goes well with the silver or golden Gota Patti work motifs in the Gota Patti lehenga. Just make sure to go for a shade of orange that doesn't overpower the motifs.

3. Magenta

The Lightsmiths

Magenta, contrary to popular belief in the Asian context, works as well as any other colour, for all types of complexions. Moreover, if you seek original Gota Patti designs, go for floral applique designs to channel the spring vibe and pair it with golden lace on the hem and the sides of the dupatta, and you are all set to ace your Gota Patti lehenga look with finesse.

4. Peach

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If you are looking at an early spring or mid-summer wedding and wish to avoid the overwhelming feeling of having to wear bright colours on summer days, this pick is for you. Keep it chic with the new and upcoming vibe of laid back chill, in the happy shade of peach with silver Gota Patti floral motif and lace. This Gota Patti lehenga will not only set a subtle and fresh look to your summer wedding but also keep it in touch with the tradition at the same time.

5. Pink

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Pink is more than a colour. You can pick any shade for the colour book of pink for your wedding look and accordingly, choose the accessories and the contrasting dupatta if you wish to go for a contrast look or even otherwise, it will work just fine. This Gota Patti lehenga will be something to count on even after your wedding as you can choose to wear it on other occasions too. Pink and golden lehenga would also make for an excellent trousseau.

6. Green

Plush Affairs

If you are eyeing the Nawabi finesse for your wedding looks, this shade is your go-to shade. Go for a henna green Gota Patti lehenga with either golden or silver Gota motifs; both will suit well. You can carry a Bandhini dupatta with this look, with mirror work and Gota or lacework on all sides of the dupatta in the same colour as the Gota Patti motif. This look will keep the balance of tradition with your boho side.

7. Lilac

Image Courtesy: Panash India

A unique colour, you don't see brides wearing this shade often and yet, it is one of the most beautiful colours to opt for your big day. It works best for a day or summer-spring wedding with minimal Kundan jewellery and floral accessories. It can even work for night time weddings with all the lights and shimmer. Moreover, you won't have to think twice about wearing this colour to other occasions after your wedding too.

8. Maroon

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Cousin to the quintessential red lehenga, maroon is for an added edge to the look. A maroon lehenga will look stuff of the fairytales with rich golden full embroidery and a velvet dupatta to top it off. The maroon Gota Patti lehenga is without a doubt an option you can bank upon for acing the look if you cannot think of much in terms of colour schemes at the point or not sure if you want to carry off the looks with new and different colours.

9. Sky blue

Image Courtesy: Tops Images

This falls in the category of lilac. You don't see it often, and it is uncharacteristically underused for how ethereal it looks on the bride. With your sky blue lehenga, look for Gota Patti designs using the lace or Gota in silver as it complements the shade well. Go for a light chiffon or net dupatta with the same motifs and be ready to grab all the attention with your unusual Gota Patti lehenga choice, which will not only help you stand out and shine but will be a good future investment too.

If you are on a lookout of Gota Patti lehenga but have second thoughts about your choice, we assure you this timeless classic will work wonders on your D-Day. Choose the colour that perfectly lights up your overall look. You can even rent your wedding lehenga if you'd rather not splurge too much on it - the possibilities are endless.

Do you have more colour ideas for Gota Patti lehenga? We’d love to know them in the comments below.