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10 Ways To Navigate Pre-Wedding Stress

It’s only natural to feel anxious before your big day. If you are stressed out before the wedding, here are 10 tips to manage the pre-wedding stress and anxiety.


We love all things weddings. That being said, your wedding is also a huge event that requires exhaustive planning. The process of planning a wedding and getting everything in place can be a strenuous task even if you hire a professional wedding planner who will take care of the needs very tactfully. This is because most of us have envisioned our wedding days beforehand and want to ensure everything is planning with perfection. 

This is an obvious phase before the wedding where everyone involved in the wedding planning and execution gets worked up. If it is your wedding, we understand how you might be losing sleep over the thought of the decor or the flow of events. This is sure to give you dark circles and cold feet too. Hence there is a clear need to de-stress from wedding planning.

Here are 10 tips you should follow to manage your pre-wedding stress - 


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There is one word to describe aromatherapy and that is MAGIC. Aromatherapy works like magic when it comes to de-stressing. There are multiple bridal aromatherapy packages and expert self-care sessions are also available for grooms-to-be and the parents of the couples. It improves sleep cycle and quality of sleep, reduces stress, agitation and anxiety. 

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Yoga or Meditation

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We don't recommend yoga right before the wedding week, but you can opt for it if you still have 3-4 months to the big day. An hour of meditation or an hour of yoga works wonders. It soothes your mind and in fact, helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle with persistence. It not only increases your core strength but increases flexibility and makes you feel lighter. Some physical activity during the day always helps you de-stress and it will definitely help you to feel more calm and composed as your navigate wedding planning tasks. 

Pamper Yourself

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There is nothing in the world that some self-pampering cannot cure. Be it wedding planning anxiety, cold-feet, overworked hours in the day, too much pressure about anything - find your favourite spa and indulge in some self-pampering moments. The feeling is heavenly. From facial treatments to a mineral spa, they all will work wonders to give you the much-deserved break to de-stress from the wedding planning hustle. 

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Beauty Sleep

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Our sleeping pattern sees a huge impact when we are stressed about our life events, and this has a ripple effect. You will feel more agitated throughout the day, you might experience headache and bloating, and the skin in your face starts to breakout when you don't sleep well. Even if you are tensed with the wedding planning work or you feel burdened with so much left to do, sleeping well is a must! Try to avoid overthinking by meditating before you sleep and then enjoy atleast 6-8 hours sleep everyday.

Tea Breaks 

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Tea is a magical drink. It is filled with antioxidants to boost your mood and promote healthy digestion. Take much needed tea breaks in between planning, shopping, and working.  There are tea bags available with special extracts like chamomile, tulsi, turmeric and more to soothe your senses and help you de-stress from wedding planning.

Listen to Happy Music

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Music always comes to the rescue. There is no denying the fact that even when we are caught up with truckloads of work, good music in the backdrop always helps us energise. When you find yourself overworked, pick your favourite genre of music (opt for happy or soothing songs and avoid sad tunes) to fit your mood and lay back and relax to de-stress from wedding planning.

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A Weekend Sleepover or Getaway

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What has a sleepover with your girlfriends or a weekend getaway with the squad not solved! If the wedding is not around the corner and you have time in your hand to spare, make sure to take a break from the intense wedding planning madness and plan a get-together with your friends. Forget about your worries and leave the stress behind. Enjoy some wine and fun games with your partners in crime. This will surely help you de-stress from wedding planning.

Speak Your Mind

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Speaking your mind out is no less than therapy. Open up about your fears and ask your loved ones for help. Call up your friends or your favourite cousin or maybe speak to your parents or siblings at home. Speaking to your fiance about the pre-wedding stress and trying to support each other can also work wonders for your relationship. 

Positivity in Planning

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With a little perspective, all of your wedding planning decisions will fall into place. After all, it's your day - and it is only normal to be over-enthusiastic to make it the perfect dream wedding for you. However, a little positivity in life goes a really long way. You can download our free wedding starter kit, buy wedding planning diaries or keep a regular journal and stay organised and on track! 

Watch Comedy Movies or Videos

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A little comedy here and a little squeal of laughter there never hurt. Take time off from the hectic schedule and watch some feel good movies. I suggest staying away from the sad and dark movies on OTT around this time - you don't want to watch murder mysteries before your big day! Believe it or not, these can turn you more pessimistic or doubtful as per psychology experts. 

Planning your wedding to the T can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be accompanied by sentiments of pressure and restlessness causing anxiety. You will find the above-mentioned ideas helpful in de-stressing from the emotional stretch of this phase.

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