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Dulhan Bindi: An Essential Traditional Element to Include in Your Bridal Look

A dulhan bindi is a symbol of the bride’s rituals, beliefs and even beauty. Brides from different states all have this accessory in common but each of their styles is distinctively unique. So, check out these brides rocking this auspicious ornament.

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Traditional Indian attire for women has many delicate elements which come to signify their rituals, religion while accentuating their features and adding to their entire bridal look. Dulhan bindi is one such crucial element in every traditional bride’s look and we absolutely love it each time we see a bride carrying off a dulhan bindi elegantly while embracing her ethnic roots. As you move around the map in the country, with changing topographies the traditions, styles and customs change to accommodate locals and their beliefs with that said even their styles and trends have local influence. Brides across India all have different styles which reflect in their bridal get-up and one such essential element in every bride’s attire is the dulhan bindi.

A bindi, an ornament dot applied between the eyebrows on the forehead though different in style, from state-to-state, regardless of the symbolism and meaning stay the same. Even though modified for a modern sensibility, this traditional bindi now comes in different shapes sizes, colours and even stones. The bindi has always served as an auspicious sign of marriage. It is believed to usher in prosperity and accentuate her beauty on the special day.

1. The classic bindi

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Whenever we imagine a dulhan bindi, the first image that appears in our head is almost always that of a bride amplifying her bridal look with a classic red round bindi. This classic accessory is the perfect choice for the bride who is all about simplicity while embracing and respecting traditions. This simple style of bindi is predominantly common amongst the brides in north India. The red is a symbolic colour for dulhans and as such makes the dulhan bindi more special. In an all monochrome look, the red does not seem overdone instead she looks elegant and perfect radiating in this magnificent bridal colour!

2. Bling it up!


This bride’s dulhan bindi look is rather modern with the embellished stones replacing the traditional bindi aligned above her eyebrows in a rather ethnic style. Her entire dulhan bindi is well coordinated with her lehenga colour and theme. We love the touch of modernity in such a unique manner. If you are looking forward to trying out a bindi for your special day but want a unique pattern which is modern, this is the perfect style for you!

3. The elaborate one

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If there is one dulhan bindi which outshines all simply on the basis of its unique yet extravagant style, it has to be that of Bengali brides. Just look at this gorgeous bride glimmering with happiness. Her bridal look is well complimented by the elaborate Chandan dulhan bindi intricately painted on above her brows with the Mukut. Her light makeup, traditional Benarasi saree and minimal jewellery complete her traditional get up perfectly!

Chandan art is an essential element in a Bengali bride look. You must get a makeup artist who is experienced in this creating this look for you! And always choose a delicate Maang Tikka to let your bindi shine!

4. The South Indian style

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Brides in South India, too mostly wear a simple red dot dulhan bindi with Kumkum. This is seen across various states down south. And as most brides choose a traditional get-up including saree and temple jewellery, their looks perfectly complemented by the plain Kumkum bindi. be it a Tam-Bram bride or even Telugu each of these brides completes their looks with a simple and delicate Kumkum dulhan bindi.

5. The crescent shape!


Maharastrian weddings are simple with the elaborate rituals and traditional attires. This bride dressed in an heirloom saree looks sophisticated and bright. These weddings usually take place in the morning where the bride dressed in cool-tone sarees finishes her bridal get-up with a crescent-shaped bindi which is the essence of a Marathi dulhan. With a Nath and Mundalvya and dulhan bindi, the bride is ready for her a D-day!

Every element in a bride’s outfit plays a significant role in the final appearance. Owing to thousands of years of traditions, most of these elements have cultural significance and make a bride appear traditional and yet elegant. A dulhan bindi is one such element, small in size yet big in impact, this accessory with its cultural significance makes a bridal look come alive gloriously! Symbolic of an auspicious and prosperous marriage, a bindi is a symbol of all things good and a bonus point it makes for perfect pictures as it accentuates your features! Also, you can always talk to your makeup artist about which colour and style of bindi are best suited for your look.

We love everything about these traditional dulhan bindis. Do let us know in comments about your dulhan bindi style!