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Printed Blouse Design Styles Are The Newest In Thing To Flaunt This Wedding Season, Here's How

When you want your bridal attire to look perfect, you must opt for a printed blouse design that perfectly complements your look. Keep reading to find out more about the types of blouses that you can get made!


When people think of Indian traditional outfits for women, lehengas and sarees are the first things that come to everyone’s mind. Most people forget about the one piece that completes the look, the blouse. The blouse plays a crucial role in completing the traditional look for a woman and thus needs proper attention. Designs that you opt for your blouse can make or break your look! To start with, you need to identify the design you want on your blouse. This becomes more important if you are creating an outfit from scratch. Just make sure that the patterns or the designs on the blouse match that of the lehenga or the saree you wear.

Adding heavy or light embroideries is the most popular way to ask someone to design your blouse. Adding sequins or stones to the blouse is another popular design. A printed blouse design is something that has been part of the Indian ethnic fashion industry for ages, with many block prints used on these outfits. Over time, the prints have now moved on to newer designs.

The colours used have also now moved from the traditional gold and silver to other colours on the palette. A printed blouse design gives you the opportunity to make your entire outfit either subtle or loud, just the way you want. You can go for the simple and plain prints that give you an elegant look or you can go with some bold prints with some loud and peppy colours.

What are the popular designs doing the rounds?

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When we talk about printed blouse design, the amount and the style of designs is what makes the attire a bridal or non-bridal one. If you are opting for heavy designs using gold or silver colour then it ideally suits the bride but if you are going for prints of other colours like yellow, green, red, blue and so on, then such colours are perfect for a non-bridal outfit.

To make the printed blouse design perfect as a bridal outfit, the designers have come up with an easy design style that includes both embroideries and prints alike in one single blouse piece. This automatically makes it a heavy number, which makes such a blouse a natural fit for the beautiful brides.

Keeping both things in mind, the following is a listicle of four different designs for a printed blouse design that you may go through to get a better understanding of the popular designs doing the rounds right now.

1. An embroidered blouse with rose prints

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This heavy blouse design is a classic example of how to use embroideries and print designs on the same piece of cloth. The borders of this blouse have thick embroideries and so do the criss-cross patterns. The embroideries use golden threads along with the sequins to give it a rich look. What adds more to this design is the beautiful printed blouse design of red roses with green leaves. Such a design gives you an elegant and chic look.

2. The classic South Indian design

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Everyone loves a south Indian pattern when it comes to sarees. All the sarees from there have something special about the printed blouse design with thick golden borders that makes it ever so appealing. You can have something similar if you get a South Indian saree. You can opt for other silk saree blouse patterns as well that fully cover the blouse and not just the borders or sleeves.

The choice is completely personal. Just make sure that the base colour of the saree complements the golden designs. So now you know what to go with for your picture-perfect Kanjeevaram sarees.

3. The perfect use of golden prints on a blouse

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If you want a subtle and elegant look but also stand out as the bride, then this is the perfect attire for you. The use of golden prints on this pale blue blouse has a touch of class written all over it. You can see how beautiful the printed blouse design looks on this colour. The subtle use of golden prints makes it a double-shade blouse. The sleeves have slightly more intricacy and detailing but they follow the same patterns as the rest of the blouse.

Pair the blouse with some beautiful traditional jewellery and you would look absolutely stunning.

4. Floral patterns for a beautiful and look

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Floral patterns are perfect for a printed blouse design, be it for a bridal or non-bridal outfit. This red blouse has a mix of golden embroideries in the centre but prints of floral motifs all over the blouse. The sleeves have tassels at the end to tighten it, which adds another layer to the blouse. The lehenga too follows the same colour and design patterns, making it a smart number. This is an ideal non-bridal outfit if that is what you are looking for.

If you still do not have an idea about the type of printed blouse design you can have, you may go through the list of vendors in your city and look at the products they are offering at affordable prices!

Get in touch with the best boutiques and check out what they offer!