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It's Play Time! Crazy Unconventional Indian Wedding Couple Games to Heighten the Fun Quotient

Begin your new venture with a laugh! Add a generous dose of crazy to your wedding with these unconventional Indian wedding couple games and simply let go! Have fun like never before and let everyone be a part of your quirky games!

You've had a long wedding right from sending out your invitation cards to shopping for your elaborate reception outfit and jewellery. Now when the major tasks of your planning checklist are done, it's time to have some serious fun! You have rightfully earned it! You must be already aware of the traditional Shaadi games that are popular across the country.

So how about trying some bizarre and crazy Indian wedding couple games this time? Getting excited already? You should! So let's not waste any more time and start with the fun games list! Take a look at what are the games you can play, the rules and prizes! Game on!

1. Who's who Indian wedding couple games?

The Lightsmiths

So you think you know your partner too well! How about his/her family and friends? Do you know them well too? This is one of the Indian wedding couple games you could play and find out! All you've got to do is, say a few hint-words about a particular family member or a relative (like a phrase or idiom someone uses frequently) and let your spouse guess who you're talking about. If your partner guesses it right, there is a prize! If not, you can assign some funny punishment to him/her! Doesn't it sound a hilarious wedding game?

Prize & Punishment: You could give cute little tokens like keychains, bookmarks, sketches or paintings as prizes. As for punishment, there are always shots, funny dance moves, post quirky or embarrassing selfies on social media!

Pro tip: You can also mimic the particular person you want your partner to guess. That would be even more fun!

2. The Shoe game 


This is possibly one of the most popular Indian wedding couple games that are enjoyed by not only the bride & groom but all the guests as well. Traditionally this was a Christian wedding game which has now become hugely popular among every millennial wedding couple. The rules are simple. The bride and the groom sit back to back on two chairs and they hold each shoe from the groom's and bride's pairs. The event emcee or a close friend read out funny couple-related questions on "who does this and who does that" aloud. The couple raises the shoe representing who they think the answer is. A few fun questions that can be asked are

  • Who spends more on clothes?
  • Who is more likely to sleep through a movie?
  • Who gets drunk first?
  • Who is the glutton? And so on...

Prize & Punishment: Although there is no winner or loser as such for this Indian wedding couple games, the emcee can keep count on the number of matching answers and everyone can toast to that!

Pro tip: It's always better to pick a close friend, sibling or a common friend of the couple to prepare the questions. More they know, funnier does the game get!

3. Bride & Groom Trivia


Play with caution! If you've both scored great on the "Who's who" game, let's up the ante a bit more, shall we? You might think how can two people who are in so much love and have known each other for so long not know little details about each other? That's the beauty of these Indian wedding couple games!

The host has to ask questions to the bride and groom separately about themselves and write down the answers. Now, on the event night, they must ask the same trivia questions to their partners and match! This would be an open showcase of how much you know your partner. You can ask questions like:

  • Which is your all-time favourite movie?
  • Which is your dream holiday destination?
  • What are the top 10 songs on your iPod/playlist?
  • What's your favourite drink?
  • Who was your first crush? And so on...

Prize & Punishment: The person with the maximum number of correct answers gets something nice like a book, some home decor items or a spa & massage coupon. The winner can make the loser do anything they wish. Like sing in public on Sangeet night or carry your partner for fifteen minutes...just get creative!

Pro tip: Whoever is hosting this wedding game, make sure to collect the participants' phone before the game starts. We don't want the bride or the groom look for clues on social media and cheat!

4. Scavenger hunt

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

This is one of those super-exciting Indian wedding couple games where you need teams! Team bride and team groom have to look for clues and hints all over the game venue to win the prize! If you're organising your event in a party lounge or a club, take help from the staff as bartenders and servers to hide clues.

Prize & Punishment: The winning team gets a bottle of champagne to celebrate. And the losing team could be asked to do a dare! The best part is, in either case, everyone gets to celebrate!

Pro tip: Communicate with the venue staff members in advance and take them in your confidence. A generous tip and sweet smiles will get things done smoothly!

5. Chug of war

The Lightsmiths

This may not be one of those traditional Indian wedding couple games, but it's definitely one of the hottest! Once the wedding is over, you can organise this chug-off game on your reception party night as a farewell to your whole wedding carnival! It's just as simple as it sounds. The bride and the groom face each other at a drinking contest and the one to finish his/her drink first wins! Of course, there is a lot of cheering and applauding required by the guests!

Prize & Punishment: What's a better prize for a drinking contest than more drinks? The winner gets a bottle of their favourite drink and everyone else gets shots!

Pro tip: If alcohol is not your thing, you can ask for some fancy mocktails for the contest!

At the end of the day, it's all about having a really good time. The sole purpose of these Indian wedding couple games is both the families drop all inhibitions, get into some childish games for a night and become one big family! In fact, every fun wedding traditions and games are designed with the motive of breaking the ice and get warm with each other! Because that's what weddings are. The custom of joining two souls and two families together with an eternal bond. So why not having loads of fun fun while doing that?

Do you know any more of such fun Indian wedding couple games that we missed? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!