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Spell it out in your invites

This isn’t rude at all. It’s a good idea to be clear in your invite and add names to indicate who’ve you invited. That way, your guests will know who to get and there won’t be any surprises. Be assertive and polite but ensure you indicate if you guest can get a plus-one. These precautions help avoid confusion and won’t cause trouble for you later. Try to prevent wedding crashing before it actually happens.

Don’t change the rules for some

If you do this, you risk upsetting a few of your guests. If you’ve decided to not have a policy for people to get along a plus-one at the wedding, stick to it for everyone. Don’t make exceptions for anyone. While this may be disappointing for some, it’ll help prevent chaos in general.

Get someone to keep a lookout

Get a trustworthy friend or relative to serve as your lookout to make sure no one is crashing the wedding. If there are many guests, ask a few friends to do this and keep an eye out for anything unusual. Whether it’s an angry kid who throws a tantrum or an anti-social element trying to disrupt the peace at the festivities, brief your crew on how to handle all kinds of situations. You must also keep details of security officials at the venue handy and alert them immediately if something happens.

Be tactful

If you do see someone you don’t recognize and are pretty sure it’s a stranger, you can be subtle and politely ask them who they are. Be observant and don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family to let you know if someone you don’t know is coming from abroad or a far-flung relative plans to show up for the event. Ask the manager at the venue to be discreet if crashers are caught and escort them out without creating a major scene. You don’t want this kind of drama at your wedding and being firm but polite will do a lot of good.

Be cautious

If you don’t want to be bothered by the possibility of uninvited guests showing up at the wedding, ask your wedding planner to help you out with a meticulous alphabetized guest list which can keep track of everyone attending the wedding. Extra security is a good option too because it’ll discourage people from crashing and ending up in trouble.