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Win Rs 11,00000 for Your Dream Wedding with WeddingWire India

WeddingWire India presents one-of-a-kind Wedding Giveaway where 1 lucky couple has the chance to win Rs 11,00000 for their dream wedding. Read to know how you can enter and win this contest.

Are you planning your wedding right now? 

WeddingWire India is hosting India’s first ever Dream Wedding giveaway. 1 lucky couple will be gifted Rs 11 lacs as a free wedding budget. This could be your once in a lifetime chance to hire some of your favourite wedding vendors and/or wedding venue for free only on WeddingWire India. 

How to Participate in the Giveaway?

All of you have to do is Sign Up as a participant in this competition landing page before 11:59 pm, 14th May 2023 IST and you could win Rs 11 lacs to book your dream wedding venue & vendors. If you are already registered as a bride/groom on the WeddingWire India platform, use this link to participate in the contest. 

The biggest wedding giveaway officially begins on the 14th of April, 2023 from 9 am and will continue for a whole month till 11:59 pm, 14th of May, 2023. To win you must sign up as a participant and choose to hire your wedding vendors and/or wedding venue from the ones enlisted on WeddingWire India’s storefront. 

Once you have entered the competition, please make sure you acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the contest to increase your chances of winning. 

Sign Up Here! 

Win Your Dream Wedding Competition FAQs

Q - I’m already a registered user on WeddingWire India, am I still eligible for this competition?

A - Yes, click on this competition landing page and add your WeddingWire India user name & email address to enter the competition. 

Q - Can I enter if I’ve already booked several vendors? 

A - Yes, click on this link to enter the competition. if you are selected as a winner you will be reimbursed for anything that you have spent up to ₹11,00,000. Please note, this will only be valid for a maximum of 10 vendors and they must all be listed on the WeddingWire India platform - meaning each of these vendors should have storefronts on our website. Honeymoon planners and Bridal Jewellery vendors are not included in this giveaway. 

Q - How will I know if I’ve entered the contest successfully? 

A - Once you have created your WeddingWire India account, you will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours. Please note, you must confirm your email address with us in order to receive this email. If you’re an existing user, you will not receive an email but a pop-up notification instantly. Please wait for the confirmation and do NOT make double entries. You can write to us on in case of any questions.

Q - Who can enter this competition? 

A - Anyone can enter this competition as long as they are at least 18 years old and an Indian Citizen & planning to get married in India between 1st June 2023 to 31st December 2023. The prize money can only be spent on an Indian wedding with the vendors present and listed on the WeddingWire India platform.

Q - When will the winner be announced? 

A - The winner will be contacted on Thursday, 18th of May, 2023. All other entries will be notified of the winner on Monday, 29th of May 2023.

Q - Should I not book any vendors until the winner has been announced? 

A - We would encourage you to keep browsing and booking your WeddingWire India vendors. If you are selected as the winner, you will be reimbursed for anything that you have spent up to the prize budget of ₹11,00,000. Please note: we will only reimburse your paid invoices for up to 10 WeddingWire India vendors and within the wedding date terms (1st June 2023 - 31st December 2023).

Q - What happens if I signed up via the wrong page? 

A - Entries will only be counted if they are entered through this page. All signups will receive an email within 72 hours after signing up. If you have signed up but have not received this email, please check your junk and spam folders to make sure you have confirmed your email address. If you’re still having issues, please write to us on 

Q - Can I win if I’m getting married outside of India but an Indian Citizen? 

A - No. The ₹11,00,000 prize budget must be spent on vendors listed on WeddingWire India and the wedding must take place anywhere in India.

Q - Can the prize money be used for a vendor that isn’t listed on WeddingWire India?

A - No, the vendor must be listed on the WeddingWire India platform. If you have already booked different vendors who are not listed on WeddingWire India, we cannot reimburse for them. In order to participate in our contest, you could request the vendors to get a free or paid storefront on the WeddingWire India platform before the competition ends on the 14th May, 2023. 

Q - If I win, can I still use vendors who are not listed on WeddingWire India, providing I pay for them myself?

A - We highly recommend using our vendors, especially our couple choice award winners, which were announced in January. If there is a particular vendor you’d like to book who isn’t listed on WeddingWire India, we would encourage you to invite them to register on our platform so you can spend your prize money on them if you win!

Q - What if I’ve already got a wedding date and it’s not in 2023?

A - The ₹11,00,000 prize budget is for a wedding taking place in 2023. You would need to book and plan a wedding to take place between 1st June - 31st December 2023 to be eligible for the prize. 

Q - What happens if the vendors I want are booked up for 2023?

A - We recommend that you look for alternatives that are available in 2023 in order to be eligible for the prize money.

Q - Am I still allowed to keep my original wedding budget and use the prize for any other celebrations?

A - The prize is ₹11,00,000 for a wedding to be spent on up to 10 WeddingWire India vendors for a wedding celebration which must take place between 1st June - 31st December 2023. Any other non-wedding celebrations will not be entertained in this contest. 

Q - Will I get to choose the date of the wedding and the venue? 

A - The wedding needs to take place between 1st June and 31st December 2023 and anywhere in India, hence you are free to choose the date within that time period along with any venue pan India provided the venue is listed on the WeddingWire India platform. 

Q - Is this prize transferable? If I win but don’t want it, can I pass it to an engaged friend?

A - The prize is non-transferable. If you want an engaged friend to win, please share the contest details with them and request them to sign up via the required route. 

Q - Which vendors are included in this contest? 

A - The winner shall receive up to ₹11,00,000, provided the winner’s wedding takes place between 1st June, 2023 and 31st December 2023. All WeddingWire India listed vendors within the following categories like Wedding Venues, Wedding Photographers, Wedding Videography, Wedding Music, Caterers, Wedding Transportation, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Gifts, Florists, Wedding Planners, Wedding Choreographers, Wedding DJ, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Decorators, Wedding Entertainment, Mehndi Artists, Bridal Makeup Artists, Makeup Salon, Bridal Lehenga & Trousseau Packing are eligible. The total value of this Prize will not exceed ₹11,00,000 for up to 10 vendors from the above category list. Vendors within the following categories on The WeddingWire India marketplace will not be eligible for Prize: Honeymoon and Bridal Jewellery 

Q - Do you recommend any particular venues and vendors? 

We have more than 71 K+ incredible venues and vendors ready to make your dream wedding a reality. But don't just take our word for it - read the many wedding vendors and venue reviews on our site to hear just how much our other WeddingWire India couples loved them!

Q - Can my partner & I enter the contest individually?

Yes, you can enter the contest individually and enjoy the benefits of the platform mutually. Either one could win if their name comes up in the lucky draw. 

Q - Can I get the leftover cash back from ₹11,00,000?

No, the amount needs to be used for a wedding and to be spent on up to 10 WeddingWire India vendors for a wedding celebration which must take place between 1st June - 31st December 2023. 

Start planning your wedding with WeddingWire India and stand a chance to win! 

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