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The 7-Point Bridesmaid Responsibilities Checklist That Will Make Life Easy For Your Bride BFF

Your best friend's wedding is a friendship milestone you can't afford to mess with. Clear the board by following this bridesmaid responsibilities checklist one by one. Here's how you can be the best bridesmaid ever!

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Congratulations! Your best friend is getting married! We know you're excited and cannot keep calm. But, you still not to do something special for your BFF. Don't you? Take some inspiration from our bridesmaid's duties checklist. Apart from just being present as she takes the new leap, there are a number of other things that you will have to be mindful of too. What are some of those things you might ask?

The Bridesmaid responsibilities checklist

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Well, we have curated for you a list bridesmaid responsibiities that every bridesmaid must follow. Bookmark this article, understand each of these pointers by heart and most importantly don't forget to have fun at your BFFs wedding. 

1. Thou shall find her 'The Dress'

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Be part of her buy bridal lehenga journey every step of the way. Plan the journey with her by listing out what she needs and envisions as her outfit for the big day, right down to the tiny details like accessories, latkans and even bridal shoes.

Then accompany her for the bridal shopping trip. Be her eyes, browsing the entire shop and all major wedding shopping markets, haggle for her, hand her outfit after outfit to try and 

Also, find a killer dress for yourself and take some inspiration from these outfits which are stunning for a bridesmaid

2. Help her with her pre-wedding checklist

Offer to do what you can for your friend’s pre-wedding tasks - this is essential for each bridesmaid responsibilities list.

Whether she needs solid advice on the best bridal makeup artist in town or needs her spa regime to be straightened out, lend a helping hand and make life easier for her. Help wherever and whenever you can, and let her know that you’re available in case she needs assistance with anything such as checking the invitations or preparing hand-written notes for all the guests.

3. Thou should be on top of other shopping needs:

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Whether it’s wedding shopping that needs to be taken care of or some time away from all the stress, you need to let her know she has you. She can lean on you for anything she needs and you’re just a call away.

Take onus for Kalire to dot the venue, latkans for lehenga and even favours to give at her wedding. As far as bridesmaid responsibilities go, you'd score a lot of brownie points with this one. Decoration elements are often things that miss the list for the larger buys, as do ideas for floral jewellery and mehndi party details.

4. Meet the vendors where she wants some personal attention

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As far as bridesmaid responsibilities go, the bride often wants a person who can run errands with her core vendors - a florist for flower jewellery, the bridal makeup artist or even the planner for a vision She has for her a function. These errands and meetings are your domain.

If you volunteer to go on some of these trips such as meeting the managers at the venue, she will be able to handle things in a better way and feel reassured because she has you for the company.

5. Don't be late on function days

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Make sure you’re present at all the pre-wedding and wedding events to give the bride company. You don’t want to leave her fretting over your whereabouts at such an important time.

If the bride needs assistance with managing her wedding dress, ensure that you can help her out and offer help in other departments where a helping hand may be required. Do be proactive with these bridesmaid responsibilities and get things done like labelling the gifts and storing them in a secure place until the bridal party can take them away.

6. Be her support system

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She’ll be most likely feeling at least a little nervous and talking to someone she trusts will help distract her and work like a charm. Share old jokes and funny anecdotes to keep her spirits high and have a quick word with her if you can sense she’s too stressed out and needs a little advice.

As far as bridesmaid responsibilities go, being her support system till the time you walk out together for her Phoolon Ki Chaadar entry moment is what everyone expects from you.

7. Don’t complain about the small things

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Even if you don’t love the dress you’ve been asked to wear at one of the ceremonies or don’t really get along with the guy you’re supposed to dance at the sangeet ceremony with, be a sport and take it in your stride. You know you’re doing this for the bride and that matters a lot.

Go with the flow and celebrate the good stuff without fretting over little things that may annoy you a little during the wedding. A supportive and considerate bridesmaid is better than a grumpy one, any day! 


Now that you are all set to kick ass at your BFFs wedding, spend some quality time with her before she begins her new journey. Capture your moments and create an album you both can hold onto for the rest of your life, while you swim through these bridesmaid responsibilities.

Share some of your candid moments with us through snapshots.