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Co-Ordinate Your Outfits with Your Bride's Maids and Look like a Spectacular Group That Slays Together

Your bride's maids will be there with you through thick and thin - from the moment you get ready to when you walk down the aisle. Here's how you ensure that your girls - your siblings, close family and soul sisters look their best on your big day.

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Your friends, sisters, soul sisters and friends have been with you through thick and thin, your highs and lows. It's only fitting then that they bring their A-game as they accompany you to the Mandap, during your bridal entry. Here's how you can help match all your pretty roses together with each other, in contrast to you and still have a ball of a time while prepping for your big day. Your bride's maids have been your pals since the beginning of time and now that you are getting married, they would be just as stoked and happy as you. So, why not seal your friendship bu dressing alike and making your bond stronger than ever. We all grew up looking at chick flicks with the bride and her bride's maids dressed alike and walking own with the bride on the aisle as she enters her new phase of life. So, this wedding season, make your friends feel special and come up with your own theme and colour of outfits that you and your friends follow to the 'T' and make this wedding a memento each one of you will remember forever. 

Here are some ideas about what your bride's maids can wear at your wedding so that all of you look perfect and get some amazing and colourful group photographs to look spectacular! 

All about the outfit:

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Just like your bridal outfit, the bridesmaids' dresses or sister wedding outfits should shine as well because they are just as much a part of your new journey as every other element of your wedding. Be careful about giving the cues and resist the temptation to control. You may end up appearing like the dreaded Bridezilla instead of a total bride-chilla!

1. Set up a dress code


Call it the most basic requirement. Choose what kind of wedding dress the bridesmaids are going to wear  - be it a form of outfit or colour. They would all look radiant in the same kind of attire. Be it a lehenga or wedding saree, the bride's maids need to look elegant. Also, if you are wearing a lehenga you can get them to wear sarees!

  • They all can either decide on wearing the same dress. If that is so, getting it in the same colour or even a different one will do. Anything goes with this.
  • If they decide to wear something different from each other, make sure that they wear it all in the same colour.'
  • Something colour coordinated, be it in terms of the outfit or accessories is a win-win situation

2. Match colours with yourself

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Your bride's maids can choose to match the colour of your bridal dress. If you are wearing pink, ask them to be in all their pinks! Keep a colour dress theme for them. Or they can even wear different shades of a particular colour.

3. Contrast colours with yourself

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If you would prefer that your bride's maids wear a different colour from you, that’s fine too. You can choose a contrasting colour for them. If your saree is red with slight hints of green, your girls can all wear beige or green.

Choose the Accessories

Matching your bride's maids shouldn't stop at just the outfit. Here are some ways in which you can get them to look great together:

4. Get matching jewellery

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Choose accessories for your bridesmaids that will complement their attire. You may ask them all to wear a green bracelet or some eye-catching necklace that will set them apart. Maang tikkas are so graceful and a good choice for all your bride's maids. You can also buy your bride's maids these bridal accessories as special wedding gifts for the big day.

5. Add dupattas and Safas

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You can get your friends to match themselves together with a common dupatta to be draped with their individual styles. If you have more male friends than women to accompany you during your bridal entry, get sets of matching Safas instead.

Why not ask your girlfriends to get a temporary tattoo, preferably a sticker tattoo, done for your wedding? They can get something super cool written like your wedding hashtag on their wrists or even the date of your wedding!

Here are some of our ideas that will help you craft an applause-worthy look between yourself and your pretty maids. We hope they do provide you with ample cues on how to take your wedding to the next level.

Match your entry styles

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Getting your bride's maids together does not just stop with attire and accessories. You need to take it the next level, by matching your steps together for great effect. Here are some ways in which you can do it in style.

6. Make it a song and dance routine

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Take your bridal entry to the epic level by choreographing a moment to announce your moment. Match steps with your bride's maids or have them do a separate entree before your big entry. And see how your wedding guests cheer all of you on for more and more.

7. Line them up in rows, build a tunnel or a bridge

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Build a bridge, a tunnel or a line-up that you walk through on your way to the mandap. And do this with your bride's maids, your dear friends. Imagine how you would look with such a bridal entry, especially when your friends are in a matched attire.

In the end, it's all about getting your bridesmaids in the same limelight, feeling special by your side on your day. What you want your bride's maids to wear loses any significance without this attention. So, do your bit and get them some well-deserved attention to. After all, they've been there with you through to this moment - as your shopping partners and your lifelong support system.

Do share your ideas in the comments below.