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Get Those Bong Vibes Right! Tricks & Hacks to Attain a Perfect Bengali Look on Your Wedding Events

Want to know the secrets on how to ace that perfect Bengali look for your wedding events? We have listed some quick guidelines to achieve and retain a complete Bong outlook including every bridal aspect there is. Read on.

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We've talked about a Bengali bride's look covering different aspects. From guidelines on Bengali saree draping to an extensive list of Bengali bridal jewellery, we've got you covered head to toe! Now, how about a fresh new set of hacks that would help you to retain that perfect Bengali look that you so skillfully achieved? Because we all know, Indian weddings and especially a typical Bengali wedding is a lengthy affair and needs some serious 'long-hours-prep'. You wouldn't want any slip-ups or smudging in the middle of your wedding functions, right? So here we are! Keep reading and don't forget to remember the pointers!

1. Save that Drape

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Now that you've mastered the art of draping all kinds of Bengali sarees and how to fashion them with different blouse patterns and colour combinations, the next thought that must be coming to you is, "will this drape last throughout my function"? And it's the most common concern for almost every bride-to-be especially those who don't wear a saree on a regular basis (which is almost everyone!). Don't worry, that's what we're for. Here are the things you need to rock your Bengali look without the stress of any slip-ups:

  • Choose a saree fabric that's either starched or heavy. For example Banarasi saree, Kanjeevaram silk or Taant cotton and handloom sarees. It's always easier to maintain the fall and drape of a heavier saree than a light one. Don't go for chiffon, crepe or Georgette of you're thinking a Bong drape. The plaits won't be visible and it would be way too harder to keep things from falling apart
  • For the part of pallu that falls at the back of your shoulder, tie a really heavy key bunch to it. It's not just a fashion statement, but it would help to keep your pallu in place and you don't have to worry about it. You could replace the key-bunch with some fancy trinket, but make sure it's on the heavy side.
  • Always keep an extra set of safety pins or cloth pins in your handbag. Safety pins are your best friends whenever you're draping your plaits. In fact, use a few extra pins on your saree as backups.
  • Keep your saree a bit higher than floor-length. Or wear heels. The last thing you want is to trip! Always practice walking around in your Bengali saree drape a few times before the main event. A 'dress rehearsal' is majorly important.

2. "Powdering the Nose"

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When you're aiming for an authentic Bengali look, one of the first things you must have researched about is the Bengali makeup, right? So you do have a fair idea on which particular kind of makeup you're going to wear on each event. Now comes the retaining part. So let's have a look at some pointers that would definitely save you from having any Indian makeup hiccups!

  • Always use a layer of primer before you start applying your makeup. That would not only hide away the dark spots, pimples but would also let your makeup last longer.
  • After you've chosen your ideal lipstick shade, apply foundation on your lips before you wear lipstick. The foundation will set the lipstick and it will last.
  • Just like you'd do on your face, apply primer on your eyes too.
  • Always use waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
  • Keep blotting paper handy to soak out the excess mascara from your lashes.
  • Use a long-lasting lipstick and other makeup items like Lakme's makeup kit products.
  • Always carry your blush, lipstick, compact, Bindi, face powder and other makeup items in your handbag for quick touch-ups. And don't forget a small mirror!
  • Use a smudge-free lip and eye makeup.

3. Hairy Affair

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Your hairstyle says loads about you and your personality. So, to obtain a perfect Bengali look, you must be aware of the popular Bengali bridal hairstyles and how to get them right. Now here are a few tips that would help you to maintain your hairstyle exactly the way you want throughout your wedding event.

  • Just like safety pins and cloth pins are your saree draping friends, bobby pins and Juda pins are your pals for the hairdo! Keep lots of them handy in your purse.
  • Use good quality hairspray when you're getting your special event hairdo. That would set your hair and keep it from getting messy.
  • If you're wearing a Gajra with your bun hairstyle for a long duration, avoid real flowers as they might go bad during summers. Use artificial or synthetic flowers instead for longer hours.
  • If you're going for a typical Bengali bridal look, sport a Sonar Mukut, a Tikli and Tiara which would keep your hair well set.

If you're opting for some imitation jewellery for your Bengali look, always try the material way before your event. Check for skin allergies and discolouration of the jewellery. Only choose the materials that would last for long hours without causing any irritation. Explore the street shops in Kolkata for authentic Bengali jewellery and accessories for your different wedding functions. Try every colour of saree and every kind of bling and you will simply rock that Bong Bodhu look!

How are you planning to style your Bengali look? Share your ideas with us and other brides-to-be in the comments below.