Image Courtesy: The Royal Affair

With Mehndi Ni Mehndi playing in the background, your BFFs drinking and dancing, and everyone joining in the celebration in their own way, you know that the day is finally here, it is your Mehndi ceremony. And while everything from the decor to the F&B, and your outfit to your hairdo is perfectly in place, there is still one more thing that has to come out right. Your mehndi.

So we have put together our top 30 Arabic mehndi designs for hands inspo to help you make the right choice (and to help you get the most gorgeous photographs!).

1. Mandala Mandala Everywhere

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

When talking about Arabic mehndi designs for hands, we had to start our list with one of the most loved and popular designs these days - the Mandala pattern. With a Mandala design made perfectly on the wrist and a half Mandala right below the pinky finger, this round mehndi design is simple and classy. And the repeated leaf design on the fingers makes the overall composition look aesthetically pleasing.  

2. Swirls, Flowers, and More

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Adorn your hand with this gorgeous design complete with swirls, floral motifs, and the evergreen leaf patterns (see what we did there?). What makes it even better is how the bold and light strokes, shading, and the beaded effect complement each other in a beautiful way making this design absolutely eye-catching. 

3. The Save The Date Announcer

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, and the idea that while they will never stop being their own individuals, together they will become a whole new entity. So how about you announce your wedding date not just through the wedding cards and e-vites, but with the help of this gorgeous ‘Save the date’ idea for a mehndi design?

Written perfectly on both the palms, when brought together, the design looks complete to show the message placed beautifully in a heart with paisley and floral motifs on the border. It’s creative, unique, and adorable if you ask us.

4. The Intricate Mirror Image

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Brides-to-be, get this stunning and intricate henna design mirrored on both hands for your Mehndi ceremony. The precise detailing and the way every element fits perfectly make Arabic mehndi designs for hands like this one an ideal option and a head-turner for sure. So don’t be surprised if your BFF wants to get the same design at her Mehndi ceremony. 

5. S-Shaped Layout Design

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

We love Arabic mehndi designs for hands because you can get as creative with them as you want. Take this S-shaped layout mehndi design for example, the design is decent, pretty, and super easy to make. With beads, tiny leaves, and absolutely perfect curves, this henna design flows seamlessly. 

6. A Gorgeous Haath Phool

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Haath Phool style Arabic mehndi designs for hands are a big hit these days. Whether it’s the bride-to-be or her girl gang, nobody seems to be getting enough of this henna design. And we are not complaining! This mehndi design is chic and trendy, plus, it eliminates the purpose of wearing an actual Haath Phool. 

7. Connecting The Dots

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Artist Hira

With the index finger beautifully packed in a teardrop henna design, the small Mandala patterns on the back of the hand are made a part of this exquisite composite with the help of the beaded chain that connects all the dots and brings together this mehndi design. This pretty design is exceptional, plus, it manages to leave enough space for your engagement ring to shine bright like a diamond (quite literally!).

8. Nothing Beats The Classics

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

This henna design is a classic in a list of Arabic mehndi designs for hands. Perfect for a I-dont-like-mehndi-but-have-to-get-it-because-I-am-getting-married bride. The perfect amalgamation of bold and light strokes, this design is all about floral motifs and swirls. It won’t take the artist to make this design, so you can actually have fun with your girls at your ceremony. 

9. The Pinky Finger Design

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Arabic mehndi designs for hands don’t always originate from the index finger and this design right here is proof. While the Haath Phool design starts from the middle finger, this gorgeous design starts from the pinky finger and gracefully covers half of the backhand and the wrist. Oh, and did you notice how the design is completed with just bold strokes and some shading? It looks (bold and) beautiful.

10. Pretty Like A Peacock

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

You know how in almost every traditional mehndi design there’s a common element, a peacock motif? But lucky for us that it is not just restricted to traditional designs. Therefore, this little peacock motif seems to always find its way into Arabic mehndi designs for hands. Like for this one right here, this pretty like a peacock design focuses solely on the motif. The detailing is stunning and when done on both the hands, the uniformity somehow adds to the beauty. 

11. The Floral Vine

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

When you want to keep things subtle yet classy, this floral vine design should be your go-to from a plethora of Arabic mehndi designs for hands. The precision of this S-Shaped floral (and leafy) vine design is commendable. 

12. All About The Details

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Are you someone who pays attention to the minutest details and is all about intricacy? If yes, then Arabic mehndi designs for hands like this one are perfect for you, girl. Everything about this design from the beaded effect to the gorgeous fill-in pattern with a flower in the middle is on point. There is so much happening in this design that you (or others) won’t be able to take your eyes off of it (and for all the right reasons!).

13. Want A Little Mor?

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Get this inverted peacock (Mor) motif on the back of your hand and join the mehndi lover’s party for your ceremony. And don’t miss the detailing on the fingers that flows beautifully and makes this design look prettier.

14. Flower Power

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Show your love for all things floral with Arabic mehndi designs for hands. This mirror design has been crafted with precision to achieve artistic excellence with the perfect use of floral motifs and leaf patterns. 

15. Get That Elaborate Jaal

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Artist Hira

Akin to the cake icing style, Arabic mehndi designs for hands like this one, are a huge hit when it comes to choosing the ideal henna design for the modern chic bride-to-be. And the subtlety of the finger design keeps it minimal and classy.  

16. Flows Like a River

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Artist Hira

The seamless flow of S-Shaped Arabic mehndi designs for hands is what makes this bold stroked intricate design all the more gorgeous. While the artist has chosen floral motifs for the centre of the back, you can always choose a different pattern or motif. For instance, you can replace the flowers with either a heart or even a Mandala pattern for a simple mehndi design for hands.

17. A Delicate Half And Half Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Purvi

This half and half Mandala design is like a breath of fresh air. We love how the artist has ditched the oh-so-regular Mandala placed in the centre of the palm and gotten creative with the usage of the edges in a stylish manner. And don’t you just love these cute, little beaded flowers that are filling up the palm?

18. Classic Bel Accompanied With A Floral Vine

Image Courtesy: The Henna House by Angela

When you want to keep it simple but not too simple at the same time, this henna designs works perfectly. While the classic bel looks beautiful (as always), you cannot miss noticing the delicate floral vine that extends all the way from the ring finger and covers the length of the back of the hand. The addition of this vine adds oomph to the already elegant backhand mehndi design.

19. The Henna Handcuff

Image Courtesy: The Henna House by Angela

Your search for simple yet stylish Arabic mehndi designs for hands ends here. Sporting all our all-time favourite elements - floral motifs, paisleys, swirls, and more, this design is nothing but pretty. Yet what makes this design unique is the henna handcuff that is flawlessly wrapped around the wrist. 

20. Keep It Simple With Swirls & Vines

Image Courtesy: Amrita Henna

Peppered with leafy vines and centred with the ubiquitous Mandala pattern, this henna design is the go-to option for a bride-to-be that is all about minimalism. A perfect example of Arabic mehndi designs for hands that work well without the overpowering paisleys and peacock motifs.

21. Who Can Say No To This Floral Vine Design?

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

While there are some brides who love intricate full hand mehndi designs, there is a whole bunch of brides-to-be who are crazy about simple yet gorgeous bold stroke designs. Besides being pretty, this one right here is giving the illusion of a ring wrapped around the middle finger and the repeated flower design on the rest adds uniformity to the design. 

22. Chadar Design For The Win

Image Courtesy: The Henna House by Angela

The sheer beauty and simplicity of a chadar design is unbeatable. No matter how many elements try to steal the limelight, it is almost impossible to not notice the chadar design. So whether it is neatly placed on the finger or made a part of the palm design, it always ends up adding a graceful touch to the ensemble. 

23. The Feather That Glitters

Image Courtesy: The Henna House by Angela

Are you anything but basic? And if your MO is to leave a little sparkle everywhere you go, then pin this design already! We know you have a Pinterest board dedicated to anything and everything wedding. (Gotcha!) The feather motifs and the extra touch of glitter make this design exclusive and absolutely breathtaking. It adds oomph to what could have been a regular Mandala patterned mehndi design.  

24. Lines And Lines Of Flowers And Vines

Image Courtesy: The Henna House by Angela

A heavily detailed flower smack dab on the wrist is accompanied with an intricate bel that covers the index finger completely. The shading technique and the bold strokes of henna create the illusion of a full hand mehndi design even when there’s enough room on the back of the hand for other elements to stand out. 

25. The Double Finger Design

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

Ditching the conventional Arabic mehndi designs for hands that cover all fingers with either swirls, henna rings or some or the other motifs, this design is beautifully wrapped around the index finger. And the duo ring design on the middle finger makes this double finger design all the more elegant. 

26. Our Kind of Shade

Image Courtesy: The Henna House by Angela

While the life-size rose, buds, and leaf motifs are usually used in Arabic mehndi designs for hands as well as full hand designs, this henna design is completely different. We love how the mehndi artist has used shading to give this composition an artistic touch.   

27. Minimalistic Design For The Simple Bride


For the bride-to-be who doesn’t want the prettiness of her mehndi to overshadow the gorgeous accessories that she spent months shopping for, this design is perfect. It is simple, elegant, and appeases the mehndi police.  

28. Full Hand Arabic Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Beautes d ’Ailleurs

When you are torn between full hand mehndi designs and Arabic mehndi designs for hands, choose this design instead. Well, for starters, it has got the best of both worlds. And the elaborateness of this design makes it a true winner. 

29. Rose Buds & Leaves, Please

Image Courtesy: Beautes d ’Ailleurs

With tiny rosebuds, floral motifs, and more leaves than you can count, this design is nothing but intricate, and did we say absolutely gorgeous? The design is small yet precise. And it makes for the go-to option for any bride-to-be. 

30. Jaal, Buds & More

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

Who says that the Jaal has to cover the entire hand? Here’s an eclectic henna design where the Jaal dominates the edge of the hand and makes room for the endless leafy loop to extend and flow beautifully towards the wrist and the fingers. Oh, and don’t you just love how the tiny rosebuds amp up the Jaal design?

We understand that every bride-to-be is different; they have their own unique style, and let’s be honest, not every bride wants a full hand heavy mehndi done. Thus, we compiled a list of 30 Arabic mehndi designs for hands that are super popular, stylish, and are completely different from each other. There is something to match every bride-to-be’s style and taste. So, now that you have seen our favourites, we are pretty sure you have taken a few screenshots of the designs you liked the most.

Tell us your top three favourite Arabic mehndi designs for hands in the comments below.