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Wedding Calendar 2022 Is Finally Here for You to Pick the D-day

Are you planning to tie a knot in 2022? Lock your wedding date in prior while you explore the list of most awaited wedding calendar of the year 2022!

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Wedding ceremonies are one of the most auspicious and gleeful occasions in one's life. From opting a suitable decorator to deciding on the photographer, planning a wedding is very important to tick the D-day with happiness. One point which remains on the top of the checklist is ‘Which day is going to be the ‘Shubh muhurat?’ Deciding on a wedding date will not only open the gates of new beginnings but also marks the beginning of bringing two families together. Therefore, hitting on a perfect wedding date becomes imperative. 

We know that the pandemic has dwindled the celebrations and we are not sure what the future holds for us. If you are that couple who wishes to commence ‘Shubh Mangal Vivah’ with full-fledged plans, fret not as we have got you covered with 2022 wedding calendar. While many couples are having an intimate wedding, there are still a bunch of people who have postponed or cancelled their weddings because of the uncertainty. Keeping all the highs and lows in mind, let’s make way for the wedding season ahead of us. 

If planning a 2022 wedding is on your mind, bookmark these auspicious Hindu marriage dates and WeddingWire India recommended dates while you plan everything well in advance. 

Wedding Dates In January 2022

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Cancelled or postponed your 2021 weddings? Well, January has got your back with a list of ‘Muhurat dates’ which will add a gleam to your auspicious day. This month touches a high count of weddings as everyone gets too eager to tie a knot in the New Year. Therefore, we recommend you to start your #ShaadiKiTayaari as early as possible so that you don’t get in the web of hotch-potch. 

Auspicious/Saaya Dates

  • 15th January 2022 (Saturday)
  • 20th January 2022 (Thursday)
  • 23rd January 2022 (Sunday)
  • 27th January 2022 (Thursday)
  • 29th January 2022 (Saturday)

WeddingWire India Recommends 

  • 1st January 2022 (Saturday) - New Beginnings
  • 26th January 2022 (Wednesday) - Country Love

Wedding Dates In February 2022

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February is considered to be the month of love and if you are planning a winter wedding then this month is best suited for you. There are so many favourable dates to host your wedding in February. If you wish to get married on Valentine’s day, WeddingWire India is there to support you with a favourable date. Check out the recommended dates to begin the #ShaadiVaadi season with a bang! 

Auspicious/Saya Dates

  • 6th February 2022 (Sunday)
  • 11th February 2022 (Friday)
  • 18th February 2022 (Friday)
  • 21st February 2022 (Monday)
  • 22nd February 2022 (Tuesday)

WeddingWire India Recommends 

  • 5th February 2022 (Saturday) - Basant Vivah
  • 13th February 2022 (Monday) - Promise of love
  • 14th February 2022 (Tuesday) - Valentine's day

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Wedding Dates In March 2022

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It is surprising to know that there are no Saaya dates in March. This month is a pleasant time to start new beginnings with peace. If you have a special corner for March, then we have got your back with a couple of suitable wedding dates.

WeddingWire India Recommends

  • 19th March 2022 (Saturday) - Colourful beginnings 
  • 20th March 2022 (Sunday) - Earth Day 

Wedding Dates in April 2022

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Planning a sundowner wedding? This month is going to be full of summer colours. What’s better than wearing vibrant colours at your wedding functions? Spring/Summer season is best to incorporate pop colours and lively feels. Get ready to avail picture-perfect candids while you bask in the summery vibe. 

Auspicious/Saya Dates

  • 19th April 2022 (Tuesday)
  • 21st April 2020 (Thursday)
  • 22nd April 2022 (Friday)
  • 23rd April 2022 (Saturday) 
  • 28th April 2022 (Thursday)

WeddingWire Recommends

  • 14th April 2022 ( Thursday) - Blessed Beginnings
  • 15th April 2022 (Friday) - Good Weekend 
  • 16th April 2022 ( Saturday) - Good Weekend 
  • 17th April 2022 ( Sunday) - Good Weekend 

Wedding Dates in May 2022

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Shoutout to the packed month of 2022! With so many wedding dates, May is officially the month of ‘Shaadi Ka Season’. The demand to get married in this season will be high. We recommend you to pre-plan well in advance so that you don’t have to compromise later. 

Auspicious/Saya Dates

  • 9th May 2022 (Monday)
  • 10th May 2022 (Tuesday)
  • 11th May 2022 (Wednesday)
  • 12th May 2022 (Thursday)
  • 13th May 2022 (Friday) 
  • 17th May 2022 (Tuesday)
  • 18th May 2022 ( Wednesday)
  • 20th May 2022 (Friday)
  • 25th May 2022 (Wednesday)
  • 26th May 2022 ( Thursday)
  • 31 st May 2022 (Tuesday)

WeddingWire Recommends

  • 1st May 2022 (Sunday) - Weekend Bonanza
  • 2nd May 2022 (Monday)- Weekend Bonanza
  • 3rd May 2022 ( Tuesday) - Weekend Bonanza

Wedding Dates  In June 2022

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Wish to plan a monsoon wedding? Well, this month can’t be any better. Plan your wedding under the shade of ecstatic weather while you excel your ‘Varmala’ moment with your better half. According to the Hindu marriage dates, this is one of the best months to start your new life journey with grace. Create a budget plan, opt for a favourable wedding date, select the vendors in time and you are good to go! 

Saya/Auspicious Dates

  • 6th June 2022 (Monday)
  • 8th June 2022 (Wednesday)
  • 11th June 2022 (Saturday)
  • 12the June 2022 (Sunday)
  • 13th June 2022 (Monday)
  • 14th June 2022 (Tuesday)
  • 15th June 2022 (Wednesday)
  • 16th June 2022 (Thursday)
  • 22nd June 2022 (Wednesday)

WeddingWire India Recommends

  • 21st June 2022 (Tuesday)

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Wedding Dates in July 2022

Image Courtesy: Shelby Miller Photography

Are you an admirer of beach weddings? If yes, July is the perfect time to plan a whimsical wedding. From hues of pastels to breezy vibes, this month is just apt to make tonnes of memories with your loved ones. Keep up with the precautions and opt for a suitable ‘Saaya’ date. 

Saya/Auspicious Dates

  • 3rd  July 2022 (Sunday)
  • 5th July 2022 (Tuesday)
  • 6th July 2022 (Wednesday)
  • 8th July 2022 (Friday)

WeddingWire India Recommends

  • 7th July 2022 (Thursday) - Double Lucky Day

No Wedding Dates in August-September-October 

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Need a good time to plan a big fat Indian wedding? Relax, as these three months have no Hindu marriage wedding dates. This time can be consumed in fetching your favourite ‘Maharani Lehenga’ and ‘Royal Sherwani’. But still, if you are looking to get hitched in these three months, then we have opened a bright side for you. 

WeddingWire India Recommends

  • 1st August 2022 (Monday) -Life Long Friendship
  • 1st September 2022 (Thursday) - Auspicious Start 
  • 2nd September (Friday) - Auspicious Start 

Wedding Dates in November 2022

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Voila! We are back again with a list of delightful wedding dates for November 2022. This month is the favourite time of the wedding season as it brings ease and peace. If you are fond of winter weddings, then this month is best suited to seal the deal. 

Saya/Auspicious Wedding Dates

  • 19th November 2022 (Saturday)
  • 20th November  2022 (Sunday)
  • 21st November 2022 (Monday)
  • 25th November 2022 (Friday)
  • 27th November 2022 (Sunday)
  • 28th November 2022 (Monday)

WeddingWire India Recommends

  • 24th November 2022 (Thursday) - Thankful Thursday

Wedding Dates In December 2022 

The Cheesecake Project

This is that one stunner month where we get to attend the gazillions of weddings! Deck up in an amazing velvet lehenga while you tie the knot of FOREVER. Get ready to gulp ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ and ‘Kulhad Wala Doodh’ as you begin the new life with glee. 

Saya/Auspicious Wedding Dates

  • 2nd December 2022 (Friday)
  • 7th December 2022 (Wednesday)
  • 8th December 2022 (Thursday)
  • 9th December 2022 (Friday)
  • 14th December 2022 (Wednesday)

WeddingWire India Recommends

  • 31st December 2022 (Saturday) - New Beginnings

Now that you have the 2022 wedding calendar in hand, start penning your dream wedding list. Pin some drool-worthy wedding outfits while you pick the most inventive wedding vendor. Make your fairytale worth remembering by taking a safe seat and best options. 

Which 2022 wedding month will you pick for your perfect wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!