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Top Wedding Survival Tips for Brides That You Should Keep in Mind

It is understandable if you’re too nervous about your big occasion. Anyone can get caught in the wedding jitters. Here are some useful and important tips to cope with them:

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It's your D-Day and you're all excited. And amid all this excitement, it is okay to feel a little nervous. You might get cold feet and marriage can suddenly seem scary. Small details not going as planned can give you anxiety. But remember, it is an experience like no other and is once in a lifetime event for most people. You don't want to miss out on its beautiful side because you were too nervous worrying about everything that could go wrong.

1. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed

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Once it’s sunk in that you’re about to get married after the engagement is over, it’s normal to feel freaked about everything. There is a lot to plan, you need to deal with so much pressure to make sure everything goes smoothly and nothing gets messed up. Don’t beat yourself up over feeling anxious and afraid. This doesn’t make you a bad bride and it doesn’t mean that you’re not ready. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, make sure you’re sharing and communicating with someone close to you to keep yourself afloat.

2. Don’t rush the engagement period

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After you’ve declared that you’re officially engaged to be married, you’re bound to get lots of congratulatory messages and questions. People will want to know when you’re planning to get hitched and whether you have a date and a destination in mind. If you’ve decided with your partner to have a longer engagement and aren’t sure about when you’ll be tying the knot, don’t feel pressured to give in and set up a date if your plans don’t align at the moment. There are no rules and this one is completely on you.

3. Seek help

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Many of your friends may be worried about coming across as interfering and may not offer help directly all the time. If you feel like things are too difficult to manage, it’s perfectly okay to ask your friends and family to sort you out. They’ll be more than happy to pitch in and be a part of the planning process with you. Don’t try to get everything done on your own. Working with others will make things less stressful and a lot more enjoyable as well. Say yes, when someone close to you offers to come over for a makeup consultation or a review of pre-wedding photographers in your area.

4. The limelight is scary

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Being the couple getting married does put a lot of pressure on you. You’re the two most important people in the room and this may make you incredibly nervous if you don’t enjoy too much attention. Relax, take a deep breath and get your partner to help you out with the nerves. It’s okay to even bend the rules and enter the wedding venue together if you’re too uncomfortable or anxious about doing it alone. The great part is you’re in this together and have each other's company to get through all of it.

All you need to to do is keep calm and slay on your wedding day. Keep your friends close and talk to them openly. Team bride is always on your side. It is just a matter of days when all of it will pass. Think with logic and reason, everything will eventually become clear to you. And if yours is a love marriage, one look at your partner and all your doubts will go away. It's best to go for pre-wedding counselling in case you still find the nervousness eating away your peace. Yes, its a thing now. Since it is much more common than you imagine.

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