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The Bride & Groom Quiz

Prepare a set list of questions about the couple. You can ask your guests questions like the first anniversary date or details related to the first meeting and more. It’s a fun game and it’ll allow your guests to interact with each other while trying to guess correctly. Make sure all the answers have been confirmed beforehand. Whoever manages to get the maximum number of correct answers gets a special prize. This game will let everyone relax and is a great ice-breaker.

Picture Fun

This really works if you have lost of guests who don’t really know the other invitees and are only close to the couple. Get an assortment of your pictures – copies, of course – and cut them in halves. Use envelopes to hide them in different places and hand them out to your guests. The task at hand is pretty simple but guaranteed fun. Your guests need to ask around to find the missing halves from their pictures. They’ll need to walk around and talk to each other while laughing over a funny match while looking for the right one.

Truth and Lies

Ask your guests to tell everyone two things that are true and come up with one lie in the mix. Everyone else must guess correctly and determine what’s true and vice-versa. It’s another good way to break the ice and get everyone to feel at ease at the party. It won’t be very easy to guess correctly and make for a lot of guesswork. Let you guests vote for the true and false declarations by raising their hands and voting together. You can even include prizes to keep your guests’ spirits high.

Karaoke Madness

Get an experienced DJ to manage this event. Keep a curated list of popular wedding songs handy and have a fun music session. You can even arrange for a giant screen and add lyrics, making it a proper karaoke session with a twist. Only wedding related songs are allowed!