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The Top Questions Wedding Guests Ask And How To Answer Them (With Tact)

A wedding isn’t only stressful for you, it can also be stressful for your guests! Your guests will likely have lots of questions about your big day, so here’s our guide to how to answer some of the most common ones.

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When you start getting RSVPs to the invitations sent out for the big wedding function, you invariably also face a tide of questions from the expected wedding guests. Who can come, whether there is a dress code and the need for an RSVP. And then, there is the torrent of questions - from your choice of partner to the colour of your wedding invite, your choice in wedding wear to where you would go for your honeymoon.

Here are some of the common questions that come from wedding guests and how you can address them with tact.

The Wedding Guest FAQ list -

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Q. Can I get a plus one?

A lot of your guests will want to know whether they can bring someone else along with them to the wedding. A wedding is an occasion that works well 

How to handle it:

This is important and the best way to tackle it is by making it clear on your invite. If your budget allows it, mention that they can get a date along with them to the wedding. Make sure to invite friends’ significant others if they are in long-term relationships. In cases where you can’t ask your single friends to bring someone else with them, explain politely that your wedding budget is very restricted but you’re very happy they’ll be coming to the wedding.

Q. Can I bring my family/children?

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Often, wedding invitations in India are addressed to guests with their families. However, with more people looking at small scale weddings, this may be a question that you would want to be specific about.

How to handle it:

If you're planning a smaller-scale wedding or would prefer if people did not bring children, mention it on the invite. Then, explain politely that your wedding budget is restricted or that it may not be kid-friendly. 

Q. What’s the dress code like?

Give your guests a heads up if your event is going to have a specific theme. You don’t want anyone to be caught off-guard if you have planned down to a specific dress code for all of your wedding guests. Make sure everyone is in the loop.

How to handle it:

For the other wedding ceremonies, let them know that it’s formal and they can come dressed according to their personal preferences. Most of them will understand that they will have to wear something that’s fancier than usual. Help everyone out with specific details, though, and make sure no one is left confused.

Q. Will there be vegetarian/vegan food options?


Though most Indian weddings tend to be culinary delights that favour all tastes, you may be faced with guests who have specific tastes, or still want to confirm whether they could take a bite to eat.

How to handle it:

Generally, vegetarian tastes are catered to at nearly all Indian weddings. You may, however, have to be careful with conservative guests who may inquire whether there would be alcohol or non-vegetarian food at the wedding. If both the items are on the menu or available at the wedding venue, let them know that you need to accommodate the tastes for all of your guests (if required, claim that the other party demanded it).

Vegan tastes are trickier, especially if you have only a couple of vegan guests. Either arrange for a bite for them separately or let them know which items would fit with their tastes.

Q. Why aren’t you doing this / that?

This will happen – you may be asked several questions such as why have you selected a specific venue or why are you breaking away from the norm or why didn’t you go for a destination wedding and more.

How to handle it:

First and foremost, you must not lose your temper and simply stay polite. Vent to your partner and laugh about everything together later. Just make sure you’re prepared for awkward questions and offer standard responses to save yourself some major stress!

Q. Is it ok if I don’t send an RSVP?

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So, what do you do with the guests who have confirmed verbally, but not sent an RSVP? This can be a headache as your guest estimate helps decide the kind of venue and catering estimates you need to keep in mind for your main event.

How to handle it:

Request your guests politely to confirm once they get the invite. This will be very useful when you’re finalising the bookings and need specific numbers to make sure everything is in place. Ensure that all your confirmed guests do send an RSVP which will help you greatly while you’re negotiating with the wedding vendors. This may feel a bit cumbersome, but it’ll go a long way in ensuring everything is taken care of properly and there isn’t any kind of shortage later.

In the end, it's all about maintaining a calm head as you face questions that are both practical and impudent, in-your-face rude or even politically incorrect. All of this will pass, leaving you with only happy memories of the big day.

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