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How to Create a Tempting Wedding Menu That Is Creative and Trendy, and Can Keep Your Guests Happy

If you’re looking to give your wedding celebrations a creative spin, consider a few of these tips to make the celebrations even more memorable. Prepping a wedding menu is one of the most important things that lead to the success of a function.

Culinary Foods

We know you've put your heart and soul into getting in that perfect shape but all good things must come to end. At least for a day or two. Say bye-bye to your summer body as you have your own wedding or that of your BFF's to attend. What's a wedding without a lavish food spread. How tasty the food spread was is one of those many things that your wedding guests will remember months down the line. So, before you do anything else visit a few wedding caterers, go for some food tastings and come up with a flattering food spread for your wedding guests. Here are some ideas for creating your very own wedding menu.

1. Food truck

The Basil Kitchen

This is becoming an increasingly popular trend and with good reason. Colourful food trucks are fun and like a breath of fresh air. Getting one for the reception will let your guests go wild with all the options available to one and they’re bound to be a hit with the kids too for their relatively unique appeal. A food truck lets you experiment with several cuisine options as well and will be a great photo-op for many of your guests as well.

2. Food bars

Casabella Banquet

Including a bunch of non-traditional options like a funky salad bar while retaining traditional options will give your guests a lot more to look forward to. This especially works for the guests who love modern-day cuisine and aren’t looking to fill themselves up with greasy, heavy food. It’s also appealing because it’s different and people would love to flock to their favourite food bars for a refill again and again.

3. Unconventional desserts

Cru Exceptional Gastronomy

Unpredictability is hot right now and people like being taken for pleasant joyrides in terms of their food options. You can either choose to add a modern twist to the classic options and old favourites or even serve them up in a different way, in cute jars or tiny teacups, for example. Or step away from tradition and include hot favourites like muffins, brownies, different ice-cream flavours and more. Or if you’re especially feeling the love, why not opt for a warm cookie counter? It’ll definitely get a lot of attention from your excited guests. And for the adventurous types, there are also nitrogen ice-cream stations which are a major trend at the moment.

4. Personalised menus

The Basil Kitchen

Since weddings are about great food about many people, this is a brilliant way to make the celebrations even more personal and less generic. Pass out menus and name dishes inspired by the couple and those close to them. Or the menus can take inspiration from their food preferences and list the favourite food picks from the bride and the groom along with their families. This is a delightful way to ensure people end up mingling and helps break the ice easily as well. It also gives wedding guests a chance to get to know the couple better and have a little fun along the way.

Some money-saving tips

  1. Go for in-season vegetables and fruits as the ingredients of your wedding menu. This way, all the fancy charges that will cost you for choosing off-season ingredients can be avoided.
  2. Dig up lost traditional recipes for main course and dessert. All you have to do is dub them as the traditional twist for your guests and they'll be instantly interested. Since the roots of these recipes are Indian, you will be able to save some money in their preparation.
  3. Presentation is key. Find out ingenious ways of presenting food and your wedding menu will automatically become a hit. Give the presentation a funky or rustic look so that it looks captivating.
  4. Discuss with your wedding planner and caterer about how everyday dishes can be turned into a money-saving wedding menu item. Prepare to have your mind blown when you come to know of these kitchen secrets.
  5. Avoid having milk-based drinks because chances are, you wouldn't be able to keep the milk fresh for a summer wedding.
  6. Instead of having a lot of soft drink options, have a bar serving fresh coconut water, pressed fruit juices, JaljeeraShikanji, and Kala-Khatta. This will all the health conscious folks and the kids of your party entertained.

How tasty the 'butter chicken' was would be the one thing that your wedding guests will talk about post your wedding ceremony. But, coming up with an impressive wedding menu is not as easy as it seems. You will have to really go try more than a dozen vendors before you find the one and get impressed with his suggestions to build up your wedding menu. An impressive wedding menu is the real deal and will definitely make your celebration the talk of the town. A little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice and your wedding menu will be the star of your big night. 

What would you include in your wedding menu? Tell us through comments.