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All That You Need About Wedding Pattu Sarees and Trends to Wear It, Flaunt It When You Know It!

Wedding Pattu sarees are a classic and traditional bridal wear that will never go out of style. So dive into the world of weave, rich fabric and the vibrant hues that have made these sarees synonymous with all things wedding.

Bridal trends come and go but wedding Pattu sarees are here to stay. Also known as the silk sarees from the South, wedding Pattu sarees come in all shades and styles. These traditional six yards of elegance come from traditional weavers in the South of India and have today made their rich presence felt across the country, and the world.

Wedding Pattu sarees are made with the purest of mulberry silks along with gold-coated silver Zari thread work. While styles and trends may have changed over the years, the classic wedding Pattu sarees are still one of the most preferred and popular amongst modern day brides.

Pattu translates to silk and the wedding Pattu sarees as we know today originated in the small district of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. This is home to the Kanchi weavers who are believed to be the descendants of, Markanda, the master weaver of the Hindu mythological Gods. Silk has always been considered as one of the richest fabrics and the mythological folklore behind the silk sarees from Kanchipuram made these even more exquisite. Soon, sarees from Kanchipuram, made with pure mulberry silk, became the symbol of auspicious and ceremonial gatherings in the South.

How do you identify wedding Pattu sarees?

Simply put, a rich silk saree that has a stunning sheen and is enhanced with Zari work is a wedding Pattu saree. However, wedding Pattu sarees can be broadly categorised into three kinds of sarees:

1. Parampara Wedding Pattu Sarees

The Parampara wedding Pattu sarees are probably the most popular picks for modern day brides. These are rich silk sarees made using traditional weaving methods but enhanced with more contemporary and modern designs and motifs. It is thus a trendy take to the traditional Pattu saree, making it more versatile and stylish. For example, a traditionally woven blue silk saree with geometric Zari work pattern on the Pallu.

How can you style a Parampura Pattu Saree?

  • Style with a trendy blouse design that can also be a contrasting shade, to add to the fusion look.
  • Keep jewellery minimal because the prints and embroideries on the saree look heavy already and experiment with chunky neckpieces, Brooches and metallic heels and a clutch bag.
  • Try modern makeup trends like smokey eyes, winged eyeliners and bold lips in dark shades of lipsticks.
  • A messy hair bun or open soft curls with floral jewellery or hair accessories will complete the look and keep it chic and traditional.

Best occasions to wear the Parampara Pattu saree:

  • Engagement
  • Sangeet
  • Reception

2. Kanchipuram wedding Pattu sarees

The Kanchipuram wedding Pattu sarees are the most traditional and the purest kinds of wedding Pattu sarees. These are rich and vibrant, woven with traditional weaving methods and traditional designs and motifs. It is mostly seen with intricate works of golden threads on a darker base of cloth. This is a perfect choice for the ceremonies that happen after dusk as the gorgeous colours come out perfect in the lights.

How can you style a Kanchipuram wedding Pattu saree?

  • Go for traditional pieces of jewellery, preferable multi-layered necklaces and Jhumka style earrings. Add an armlet and thick gold Kadas to the look.
  • Tie your hair up in a bun with flowers all around or a long braid with metallic hair accessories.
  • Shimmer eyes with a hint of colour from the neutral palette, bold red lips and a Bindi will complete this look.

Best occasions to wear the Kanchipuram Pattu saree:

  • Wedding
  • Reception

3. Samudrika wedding Pattu sarees

Samudrika wedding Pattu sarees are the answer to all saree woes for modern day brides. These are lightweight silk sarees that have a blend of other threads but that in no way takes away its richness and royal look. Some designs of Samudrika Pattu sarees also combine printed designs with the gold thread work. The idea of this saree is to keep it regal yet minimalistic on the appearance. They are a great choice for the events that happen in the daylight and the light flowy fabric keeps it very dewy and happy.

How can you style a Samudrika wedding Pattu saree?

  • Keep it light and minimal just like the saree. Light and contemporary jewellery styles or thin gold pendant chains work great.
  • You can try hairstyles like a one-sided fishtail braid or just leave your hair open and blow dried.
  • Soft and minimal makeup looks work best with this style of saree.

Best occasions to wear the Samudrika Pattu saree:

  • Engagement
  • Haldi
  • Mehndi

5 modern brides in wedding Pattu sarees who look great and here’s why:

1. Balancing Act

Hitched & Clicked

This Pattu saree look works great for this pretty bride because she has brilliantly balanced a heavy and intricate designed saree with minimal jewellery and simple hair and makeup look. The saree and the bride both make a unique statement on their own without overdoing and stealing the thunder of the overall look.

2. Traditional Trendsetter

Hitched & Clicked

This Pattu saree in a bright and bold bridal red adds every bit of tradition to the bride’s look. How can we deny red at a wedding, with all the power and feel of the auspiciousness it can carry in an attire. However, the Matha Patti, stylish makeup look with the bright eye makeup, and minimal jewellery make her look very chic and trendy at the same time. Just what the millennial brides need to rock it.

3. Gorgeous in Green

Shutterink - Chandigarh

Everything about this bridal look stands out and makes a visual impact. The stunning shade of green in the sheen of the silk saree, minimal makeup and hairstyle, and the traditional but statement jewellery pieces together make this the perfect day-time wedding Pattu saree look to take inspiration from. The minimal yet contrasting borders around the drapes, make it a treat to look at.

4. Soft and Elegant

The Creative Lens

Most wedding Pattu sarees are bright, bold and the most vibrant shades one can imagine. This bride, however, stood out by choosing a soft and elegant shade of pastel pink and teamed it up with traditional jewellery in shades of gold and rose gold, and a stylish makeup look that is dewy and minimal to adjust to the subtle colours.

5. Pretty in Purple

Paper Camera Creations

Purple is associated with kings and the royals; make it a purple Pattu saree and you can expect nothing less than the richest wedding saree look - just like this bride did. Unconventional wedding colours always stand out. The gold jewellery complements the richness of the colour and the pansy or the orchids in her hair in the colour of her 7 yards of elegance is a unique way to go about the wedding Pattu sarees. 

Wedding Pattu sarees are rich and royal, traditional but also very trendy, beautiful and bold and everything a bridal saree must be. Will you be draping this elegant and rich saree too?

How would you style your wedding Pattu sarees?