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Room Decoration With Flower Ideas for the D-day Inspiration

Whatever the occasion might be, there’s always something that you can do with flowers to lighten up the room. Here’s our idea of room decoration with flowers that you can use.

Image Courtesy: Rebecca Louise

Whether it is a wedding, a festival, or anybody’s birthday and anniversary, decoration becomes one of the key aspects of celebrating anything. The popular belief is that outdoor space is more favourable when it comes to out of the box ideas of decoration. Most people believe indoor spaces to be very limiting, especially when it comes to room decoration with flowers. However, we choose to disagree. There is enough scope in room decoration with flowers for every kind of occasion.

Flowers undoubtedly look the most elegant and graceful. Whatever the occasion might be, there’s nothing that flowers are inappropriate for. In fact with the kind of variety that it has, the job of room decoration with flowers becomes rather easy. If you don’t believe us, then look at some of the best ways of room decoration with flowers that we think are great ideas, and let us know if you think you’ll use them in the near future.

Flower Rangoli with Candles

Image Courtesy: Zipker Shopping

When we say room decoration with flowers, people picture flower petals on the bed. Well, that is one way but not the only way. If you are fascinated by the concept of rangoli and love flowers, then you can use flowers to make a rangoli around the doorway passage and accentuate the feel of it by adding candles or fairy lights to it. This is one of the best ways of room decoration with flowers for people who want to keep the bed and other furniture clean and usable.

Best Suited Occasion: While there are many occasions that you can use this flower rangoli, but on top of our heads is welcoming the bride to her room after marriage is one occasion where this fits the best.

Towel Origami with Flower Petals

Image Courtesy: Pragati Resort

Origami isn’t as easy as it might look, however, it still remains one of the most love room decoration ideas. While towels are usually enough to pull it off, adding flower petals to the towel origami just gives it a more celebration kind of a vibe. So if you are creative or know someone who is, it is time you pull out your best towels and make ducks and flowers with it and decorate it with some rose petals to give it a vibrant feel.

Best Suited Occasion: Well, do we need to tell you what towel origami is most used for? This idea of room decoration with flowers is best suited for couples at their first night. We don’t know if they do anything for them romantically, but they sure look appealing to the eyes.

Floating Flowers To the Rescue

Image Courtesy: Pymobilesie's

Looking at minimalistic ideas of room decoration with flowers, then this is what you’re going to absolutely love. Floating flowers in an open vessel does not just look appealing to the eye but also adds an unusual element of creativity to the setup. For those of you who want to get your creative minds to work, you can also make a pattern with the flowers floating in the water. That’s what you call as a floating rangoli.

Best Suited Occasion: This one is an ace technique that works wonders at the time of festivals. If you’re someone that believes in decorating the entire house during Diwali and other main festivals, but do not want the flowers to spread across on the floor of the entire house, then this idea of room decoration with flowers works for you. This way your entire home is not full of flower petals lying around, and you can decorate the corners of rooms in a subtle way.

Bed Canopy with Flower Chandelier

Studio Zeppic

Okay, this one is for the overdramatic couples that like to be a little OTT and wouldn’t mind trying out the most exotic ideas of room decoration with flowers. The canopy made over the bed with an exuberant chandelier of flowers is sure to give them a very special feeling. It will also give the room a sort of makeover as the bed would be totally covered with flowers and fabric. Don’t you think this resembles the old world charm of decorating the bride’s and groom’s room?

Best Suited Occasion: This is most obviously an idea of room decoration with flowers for the first night of newly wedded couple as it does something for them romantically as well. The covered canopy on the bed gives them a cosy feel of privacy, while the flower chandelier is sure to accentuate their mood on their first night.

The Vase of Flowers

Image courtesy: Tapish Gupta Photography

If you’ve had enough of the OTT ideas, then this one is just what you’re looking for. Often we are looking for ideas of room decoration with flowers that are subtle and not in your face all the time. Your bedside table or the coffee table in your room is the perfect place to execute such ideas. You can look for the prettiest glass jars available in your house and decorate them with flowers buds and petals to add some colour to your room. You can also use fairy lights to lighten the room up at night.

Best Suited Occasion: An idea as subtle as this one is best suited for birthdays and anniversaries when you want to do something different to celebrate the important day but are not looking to decorate the room completely. So surprise your husband or wife for your anniversary or their birthday with this super easy idea of room decoration with flowers.

The Flower Detailing on the Veranda Railing

The Design Bugs, Goa

Verandas always prove to be a great space for decoration. The railing of the veranda is the perfect place to fence with flower petals. While our creative minds can go in for more complex designs that add up to make the veranda and the room look beautiful, the less creative minds can use candles, and Diyas to cover up for a less fancy design.

Best Suited Occasion: This idea of room decoration with flowers is best suited for birthday and anniversary dinners. So if you are someone that loves floral décor and have a veranda to experiment, this could be an idea you can use to impress your guests.

Floral Installations to Make It Fancier

Image Courtesy: Rebecca Louise

Floral installations are for the flower lovers that want to go all-in with their idea of room decoration with flowers. They are not just an artwork but also an escape to bathe in nature for people. The most common floral installation that people go for during a big celebration is the hanging flower installation that has thousands of flowers suspended from the roof through a copper wire. It does not just change the look of your space but also changes its vibe completely.

Best Suited Occasion: Whatever the occasion might be, it has to be big for one for you to invest so much in an idea of room decoration with flowers. Parties and functions at home are a good reason for these floral installations, although seeing it dry out over time can be disheartening for flower lovers as well.

While we’ve mentioned all the small as well as big ideas of room decoration with flowers, the truth is that flowers don’t require too much effort to look flawless when used for room decoration. Their natural beauty makes up for the flaws very easily. If you’re someone that is deeply fond of flowers, we suggest you try any of these ideas of room decoration with flowers on the next occasion to see what difference they can make to the mood and the vibe of any place.

Which of our ideas on room decoration with flowers are you going to try? Tell us in comments.