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Let's Fly Out! Explore These Offbeat International Honeymoon Destinations for a Mind-Blowing Experience!

You planned your wedding where everything was off-beat and unique! So why going for cliché when it comes to honeymoon places? Check out these less explored International honeymoon destinations for a very special experience.

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The wedding is over. And all you can think of now is about planning your honeymoon! The first ever vacation with the love of your a married couple! You've been hearing honeymoon trip stories of friends, cousins and colleagues for too long now. And after listening to all about their international honeymoon vacay, there is one thing you know for sure; you do not want to go to an over-hyped destination. You want an exotic place that's not a cliché; that none of your friends have visited. And you want to be the one with the unheard of stories of your own! So, dig in to know about some off-beat international honeymoon destinations you can add to your list!

1. South Korea

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A beautiful blend of nature and culture, you must add South Korea to your list of international honeymoon destinations. Enjoy some tranquil moments with your partner on the surreal white beaches of Jeju Island surrounded by pine forests. Visit local fish markets and experience delectable cuisines and street food at Busan. Experience some spiritual vibes amidst picturesque landscape at the Pyeongchang county. Go shopping at  Gangnam to buy your partner a surprise gift on the first night!

Must do's: Watch the sunrise at Seongsan peak in Jeju Island, try Korean seafood at Busan and Andong Folk Village, shopping at the shopping district of Gangnam in Seoul.

Best time to visit: March-May and September-November.

Approximate cost for two: ₹1,70,000

2. Jordan


If you're an adventure loving couple, try scuba and snorkelling at Aqaba. Take a tour of the ancient ruins of Amman which also has some of the best nightclubs and shisha lounges. Experience the unique stay at the Wadi Rum luxury camps and float on the Dead Sea for an extraordinary experience. Jordan is definitely a great choice for international honeymoon destinations if you're looking for unorthodox locations outside India.

Must do's: Visit the ruins and ancient theatre of Amman, drive on the King’s highway through the Wadi Wala Valley, scuba and glass boat ride at Aqaba, open-air souks and terrace cafes at Amman.

Best time to visit: September- February

Approximate cost for two: ₹1,23,000

3. Latvia

The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa

One of the hidden gems, Latvia would be an ideal place in Europe for couples who're looking for unconventional international honeymoon destinations. Experience a romantic stay in the beautiful town of Kuldiga. Spend an entertaining evening at quaint cafes and bistros of Cesis with musical and artistic events. Pamper yourselves with couples massage and spa at the vibrant beaches of Jurmala. There is a lot to explore for everyone in Latvia.

Must do's: Try destressing mud packs and massages at Jurmala, indulge in delicious haute cuisines at fine restaurants in Riga, adventure sports, hiking at Gauja national park and visit historic churches at Liepaja.

Best time to visit: May-July.

Approximate cost for two: ₹1,46,000 

4. Myanmar

Abercrombie & Kent

One of the most fascinating international honeymoon destinations, Myanmar could just become your favourite. Apart from the pagodas and Buddha temples, there are serene beaches and lush green mountain trails too for a diverse experience. Rejuvenate and relax at the yellow-white sands of Ngapali beach while relishing freshly caught seafood!  Hire a yacht and sail through the Mergui archipelago for some stunning views. Stay with the locals at the homestays to experience a taste of their culture.

Must do's: Take a romantic hot air balloon ride at Bagan and click loads of pictures, visit the 2000 years old Kakku pagodas, go for a trek at Kalaw and pack a picnic.

Best time to visit: November-February.

Approximate cost for two: ₹1,20,000

5. Poland

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When you're looking for unusual international honeymoon destinations, there is so much you can do in Poland! Stroll holding hands in the old town of Krakow where you can see some fabulous monuments. Plan a romantic dinner with scrumptious Polish cuisine. Or you could take a guided trek inside the Bialowieza forest. And finally, don't forget to taste some delicious Polish beer while you're there!

Must do's: Boat trip in Gdansk port city, experience the lively nightlife of Wroclaw city, shop, listen to live street music and spend long hours at candlelit bars and exquisite cafes of Krakow.

Best time to visit: March, April & October.

Approximate cost for two: ₹1,70,000 

6. Montenegro

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Get ready for oodles of romance and passion in the pristine beaches, gorgeous lakes and serene mountains of Montenegro. Give your partner the ultimate honeymoon experience at the spectacular Long beach and Plazha e Madhe. Treat yourselves with some mouth-watering kebabs and aromatic coffee while strolling along the seaside of Ulcinj. Montenegro has to be one of the international honeymoon destinations on your list!

Must do's: Visit the Montenegro museum, stay by the Adriatic coast, stay at the Sveti Stefan hotel town for a unique experience.

Best time to visit: June & September.

Approximate cost for two: ₹1,92,000

So, now you have some idea on which international honeymoon destinations you want to add to your list. Just get started! Get all the necessary permits, visa and travel documents before you set out for your trip. Don't over pack and follow certain simple guidelines for your honeymoon packing list. Make the most of your special vacation together in an exotic land far-far away! Mingle with the locals. Sing and dance with them. Listen to street performance. Gorge in bizarre cuisines. Make memories that would be inspirational honeymoon stories for future couples.

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