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Honeymoon Packing List: a Detailed Guide on How to Get It Right

Packing for your honeymoon can be stressful. Confused over what to take and what not? Let us help you with tips to create a smart honeymoon packing list.

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Congratulation for your epic wedding! But, now that the wedding frenzy is over, did you find the time to plan for your honeymoon? If you find yourself perplexed and at a loss of words because you completely forgot about it then let us help you get back to your feet. Quickly narrow down some location that has forever been on your radar and pick one that fits your to-do list the best. Once done, start thinking about what all you will carry on this epic vacation of the new and budding romance. 

Once the wedding fever is over, you are all thrilled about the next step - your honeymoon! And this excitement can leave you stressed about how to make this trip absolutely perfect. Sort your honeymoon planning woes with this biggest worry - packing. It's tempting to carry half of your house as you don’t want to be unprepared for your first trip to forever, right? Relax! Here are six points with which you can create your honeymoon packing list, without breaking into a sweat: 

Must-Haves for your Honeymoon Packing List:

Remember, there are a few absolutely essential things you need to pack for a stress-free honeymoon. Rest of the things you can always buy at your honeymoon destination.

1. Pre-Honeymoon shopping

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These are the things you need to put on your honeymoon packing list to ensure you carry them:

A. Right Clothes:

You must carry appropriate clothes depending on the climate, terrain and occasion. If you’re going to a beach, carry lightweight clothes like summer dresses, shorts, and t-shirts. For colder places, you need comfortable jeans, sweat jackets or a cardigan. Buy a few gorgeous dresses and a pair of formal wear for romantic dinners and parties on your honeymoon and a few date nights. If you’re visiting a religious place, carry some modest clothes or a stole to cover yourself. And don’t forget to buy the most sensuous nightwear for those special moments on your honeymoon.

B. Right Shoes:

One pair of heels and formal shoes; a pair of slippers/ flip flops and floaters for the beach; and a pair of sneakers or comfortable walking shoes should cover.

C. Medicines, Hygiene products & contraceptives:

Make sure you have your prescription medicines stocked up for the entire honeymoon period. You also must buy the SOS medicines for emergencies. Carry your preferred contraceptives and sanitary pads/tampons in sufficient quantity.

D. Regular Essentials:

Sanitizers, Tissue paper rolls, sun block with high Sun Protection Factor (for beaches), Sunglasses, Hats, Umbrellas or raincoats, moisturizer, Mosquito repellents and dental care products

2. Bags and Baggage

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Remember, it’s just the two of you on a honeymoon and there shouldn’t be more bags than you can carry by yourselves. Take a look at some of the useful packing tips for your honeymoon:

A. Sharing is Caring:

Instead of dumping all the things into one large suitcase, carry two small to medium sized suitcases for check-in to carry each of your belongings separately. This way neither of you is exhausted by carrying weight for both of you.

B. Handy Handbags:

Apart from the check-in baggage, you must carry a small knapsack, a tote or a sling bag for handy essentials like wallet, sanitary products, medicines and makeup etc.

C. A Few Extras:

Include a couple of empty jute or cloth bags on your honeymoon packing list if you don’t want to entertain the polythene bags while shopping. It’s always easier to carry your own bags for minimum polythene use.

3.Your suitcase must-haves

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Let’s take you through the essentials for your honeymoon packing list that should go into your honeymoon:

A. Clothes and Shoes:

Carry your beachwear, formal wear, casuals, sleep wears/night wears, undergarments, woollens (for cold places), stoles/ shawls, swimsuits and party wear along with your footwear, all in your own suitcase

B. Deodorants sprays and repellents:

You should pack your sprays in the suitcase in case you’re flying. Mosquito repellents if it’s in liquid or gel form.

C. Others:

Pack your towel, a few sets of socks and handkerchiefs, empty shopping bags an iron and a set of your travel documents and ID copies. Remember you need a lot of empty space for all the shopping items you’re going to buy on your honeymoon.

4. Your Handbag must-haves

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Your handbag carries all the significant things that you will need on your honeymoon on a daily basis. So, your honeymoon packing list should include:

A. Your Essentials:

Wallet, Medicines, Sanitary products, Dental products, face wash, moisturiser, sunscreen, sunglasses, makeup, tissue paper/wet wipes

B. Documentation: 

Travel document and Ids original and copies, important phone numbers and email addresses of embassies, travel operators and guides, maps, audio guides, emergency contact numbers.

C. Power Up:

Phone and other device’s charger, power bank, camera, your favourite movies, music on the devices and  a book

D. Refreshments:

When you’re going out always carry water bottles, your swimsuit, some munchies and energy drinks.

5. Pack Smart


Arranging your things in your bags is an art. Once you take a peek at these hacks and tricks of packing, you’ll be able to pack for your honeymoon just like a pro!

A. Instead of folding lay your jeans and pants like sheets to use up minimum space.

B. Roll up your t-shirts, tops, skirts, pyjamas etc. in little cylindrical shapes and tuck them at the sides of the bag

C. Use your socks as little pouches and fit in as many things as you can inside them. For example, keys, scarves, handkerchiefs, souvenirs, artefacts etc.

D. Slide in your flip-flops and flats along the walls of the bags

E. Make little balls of your soft-fabric clothes and fill in the gaps

F. And finally, don’t you worry about the creases. That’s what the iron is for!

6. Pack important information!

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Most importantly you must include the crucial pieces of information on your honeymoon packing list. Make sure:

A. You carry your passport and Visa copies at all times while on your honeymoon to an International destination. It’s also important to make multiple copies and spread them out in different luggage bags. While on a honeymoon within the country, you still must carry your ID at all times.

B. You keep your family or friends updated on your whereabouts. Share your stay information.

C. You have packed all your travel documents with multiple copies (air, train, bus tickets) and your travel insurance too in case of travelling abroad.

D. You have updated your phone with all the hotel information, travel operator, Embassy information (for travelling abroad). Also, install maps and other essential apps.

Packing for your honeymoon doesn’t have to be a stressful job anymore when you have a honeymoon packing list handy. It’s another chance for you to share your excitement with your partner. Make it a fun experience with all the planning, list-making, shopping, selecting, rejecting and again selecting! Enjoy every moment of your packing, as it comes with the anticipation of the adventurous journey ahead of you. We hope these honeymoon packing list tips helped you get yours done quick and easy. 

How perfect was your checklist for you, do let us know in the comments below. Follow these honeymoon packing list tips and enjoy prepping for your vacay!