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Find out the Right Indian Wedding Gifts for Couples as per Your Friend’s Personality with This Guide

We know buying a set of perfect Indian wedding gifts for couples can be really challenging. That’s why we share with you these personality types that will help you pick a present that will be genuinely appreciated.

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Choosing the right gift for your friend is perhaps the most stressful part of the wedding. The gifting dilemma revolves around one question, what will he/she like? Well, this question can be answered well simply by knowing his/her personality type. With so many friends who have different personalities, which Indian wedding gifts for couples would be a perfect choice?

We all end up circling back to this question time and again as one after the other our friends tie the know! Don't worry this time around, we have come up with the perfect solution that will answer all your questions pertaining to which Indian wedding gifts for couples would be the best as per their personality. Read our detailed guide and get going until you put your hands on the perfect Indian wedding gifts for couples!

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Picking a gift that complements your friend’s personality is not only fun but it also makes it more likely that he/she will love and appreciate the gift. We share with you different personality types to help you find the right Indian wedding gifts for your buddy. 

How to Pick Indian Wedding Gifts for Couples by Personality Type?

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Use these ideas for inspiration to find the perfect Indian wedding gifts for couples according to their personality type:

1. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For the traditional friend

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Does your friend love to wear churidaars and sarees? Is she always inspired about Indian heritage? In short, if she is always rooted in traditions, think about items that will fit well with her vast and artistic collection. For instance, an artistic pair of jhumkis or a designer Banarasi saree can really bring a smile on her face.

2. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For an extrovert friend

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Is your friend the life of every party? Is he an extrovert who loves to strike up a conversation with almost everyone? He deserves a gift that will stand out, just like him. Go for something that’s unique and off-the-beaten-path such as a bottle of rare wine with a customized message or maybe a universal Bluetooth speaker.

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3. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For a practical friend

For a friend who is practical in her approach in almost everything, think about items that are functional and minimalist. For instance, utility items like a decorative cutting board or a branded set of fresh towels can do wonders. Also, for practical people, you cannot go wrong with monetary gifts. Just make sure to personalise it with a little thoughtful hand-written note. It will definitely be appreciated.  

4. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For a fitness freak


For a friend who really loves to workout, why not give a gift that you know the fitness freak will appreciate. How about a gym membership or workout clothes for the couple? Depending on your budget, you can also think about sports accessories such as couple fitness bands.

5. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For an adventurous friend

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For a truly adventurous couple, the ones who like setting off to a hike on their honeymoon, gifts like a sleeping bag built for two or water-resistant jackets will prepare them for years of wilderness.

6. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For a romantic friend

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When it comes to picking the right Indian wedding gifts for couples, you cannot go wrong with something that will make the newlyweds swoon. How about a love day at the spa or maybe matching couple’s robes? You can also think about getting their favourite song framed. Lyrics of a song that’s close to their heart printed in a beautiful frame is truly an original and thoughtful wedding gift idea. Isn’t it?  

7. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For a creative friend


We can’t agree enough that it’s not always easy to buy gifts for people you know well and attempting to buy wedding gifts for the creative types can really be extra challenging. As a thumb rule, think of items that are out-of-the-box and put a lot of effort on personalisation including the gift-wrapping.

8. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For a foodie friend

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When it comes to picking a perfect gift for a foodie friend the options are really endless. But just keep in mind that not all food lovers are equal. Some may be an avid baker while others may be a cheese lover. Also, while some may like to cook others may like to explore the eating joints. So make sure to keep the specific choice of your friend in mind when choosing the gift. From food coupon of their favourite restaurant or cuisine to food supplies to exotic ingredients - the options are endless! 

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9. Indian wedding gifts for couples: For an entrepreneur friend

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Does your friend always strive to be number one? No matter what and where business always comes first for him? Think of wedding gifts that can help him and his partner relax such as an aged whiskey. Also, wedding gifts like aroma essential oil diffuser can be a great addition to his office or even bedroom to help him calm down after a long day of work.


When it comes to choosing the right Indian wedding gifts for couples it is not about spending a lot of money, instead, it’s about picking the gift that your friend will most likely connect with. So make sure to take all the diverse character traits of your friend into consideration before hitting the buy now button. So, which one of these gifts would you pick for your friend who is getting married this wedding season? 

What are your thoughts about picking a wedding gift according to the personality of a person? Let us know through comments.