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Front Hairstyle Trends, Perfect for All Wedding Functions!

Browse around to find the styles that will tame and complement your tresses right. These front hairstyle ideas are for your wedding!

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

The right front hairstyle can do wonders to an entire bridal look. Which is why getting the front hairstyle right is as important as deciding on a complimenting makeup. Generally, the more emphasis is put on the back of the hair, when in reality it is the front of the hairline that gets clicked the most by wedding photographers. Highlighting the importance of the right front hairstyle options in here, we present to you a list of 10 trendiest hairstyles, that go perfectly well with Indian wedding looks.

Expect to find hairstyles that will complement all face shape sizes, enhancing the key features of the face, while being able to support the overall look in complete harmony.

Bookmark the front hairstyle options from this list to discuss with your makeup artist and finalise the ones that will work well with all the wedding functions best. Check them out!

Side Braided Bun

Ambika Pillai

If you happen to have thick and long tresses, then this front hairstyle is for you! A braided side bun offers more grip than a regular simple bun will offer, making the securing process lot easier. This front hairstyle goes very well with ebony hair and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the unique side partition of this hairdo either.

The Mid Parted Sleek

Image Courtesy: Brides Today India

For an evergreen hairstyle that has been scooped out from a time-machine, the mid-parted sleek front hairstyle is here to stay! Made popular by the ace designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the mid parted sleek front hairstyle is a trend of the 70s that is being loved by fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Twist the back hair into a sleek bun or simply leave the hair greased with gel and tamed at the back, to complete this front hairstyle perfectly.

The Super Side Curls

Chandni Singh Studio

Put the curling iron into good use and sweep the hair on one side to achieve this easy-to-do front hairstyle look. For a bridal look that demands open hair, sans an Odhni, this front hairstyle adds the right drama to the appearance.

Floral Fishtail Side Braid

Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup

For a fuss-free Mehndi look, opt for a fishtail side braid that will add volumes to thin hair and will look every bit mesmerising on-camera, as well as off-camera. To make a Mehndi or Haldi look more enchanting, add Baby’s Breath flowers all over the braid to give bonny look to the front hairstyle.

Bouffant Bun

Kanikka Tandon Studdio

Bouffant bun adds volume to soft facial features of the bride-to-be, readying the face up for a full-coverage bridal makeup. The makeup artist can opt to support it with hair sponges to add more volume to the front hairstyle or can apply the backcombing procedure to add density to the bride’s natural hair as an alternative.

Hairband Straight And Sleek

Image Courtesy: Kriti Dhir

The simplest of front hairstyle ideas can jazz up a bridal look with least of the efforts. For brides who have gone through the process of getting their hair straightened, de-tangling the hair and securing an embellished hairband on the head will be the perfect duo to a Sangeet or Cocktail wedding party gown.

The Waves Effect

Vidya Tikari Studio

Unlike the super dramatic side curls, the wavy open-hair front hairstyle is a keeper for those brides-to-be, who wish to keep the tone of their hairstyle to the sublime. This hairstyle goes very well with western outfits and can be easily achieved with a hairstyling hot iron-rod and a hair mousse.

Messy Layered Waves

Makeup by Aliya Baig

For front hairstyle trend that makes a statement and yet is able to uplift thin natural hair, messy layered waves is a hairstylist-approved option. Time is taken to buffer the thin hair into fluffy voluminous strands, which are then taken in parts to twist and secure, creating messy layered waves that go all the way at the back.

Simple Side Sleek

Image Courtesy: Pakkhi Pahuja

If you wish a Passa to be the highlight of your wedding bridal jewellery, then opt to keep the front hairstyle as simple as possible. Bring all the drama of easy-flowing tresses on one side and let the other side of your head be adorned with a beautiful Passa instead. Twist the front section of your hair and secure it behind the ear, for added style quotient to the front hairstyle.

Front Bouffant

Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers

For brides-to-be who plan on wearing traditional South Indian jewellery for their wedding, adorning a Matha Patti is a must. In order to give a firm base for the Matha Patti to stay intact, without the ornament covering most part of your forehead, ask the makeup artist to backcomb your hair and create a front bouffant for the perfect getup.

With this, we conclude our list of 10 front hairstyle options, that are the current favourites of leading makeup artists of India. If you are intrigued to try these hairstyles on for your upcoming wedding, we suggest that you get trials done with the makeup artist in advance. If need be, you can also decide with your makeup artist whether you need to add highlights to your hair or colour them with global colours sometime before the D-day, to match you and the hairstyles perfectly on the wedding day.

Comment below and do share with us which one of these front hairstyle trends are your personal favourites.