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6 Basic Tips on How to Get a Bollywood Retro Look for Your Wedding Ceremonies

Do you want to replicate the retro style clothing for the upcoming wedding this season? Here are some tips and tricks along with a few Bollywood retro looks to help inspire you.

Image Courtesy: Gala Kuzyakova Photography

Have you always wanted to have a Bollywood retro theme at your wedding? Or are soon going to attend one? Then how about looking at some of the coolest retro look ideas that are doing the rounds this wedding season?

Retro is a style that’s inspired by vintage. It’s basically a style that was followed in the '40s '50s '60s and the '70s. The style is very flexible and you can bring in a plethora of additions to a retro-inspired look.

Bollywood theme weddings are the flavour of every season, and no one wants to look plain and bland on a wedding that’s classic. Here are a few Bollywood retro looks to try for any wedding ceremony, like Sangeet, cocktail, and reception.

1. Try Polka Dots for a Hen’s Night

Image Courtesy: Epic Stories

A hen’s night or a bridal shower is pretty much a popular concept these days in India. It’s a night when not just the bride, but also the bridesmaids and other lady guests want to look like divas.

If retro is playing hard on your mind, then try going the polka dot way. Yes, who can ever forget the polka dotted dress worn by Dimple Kapadia in Bobby? She definitely rocked the look. Pick a top, either a flared one or a crop top that has polka dots. Make it dressy with a high waist skater skirt.

2. Chic Floral Print Gowns for Cocktail

Silky Bindra

A wedding reception or cocktail demands that you wear your most stylish dresses and look like Helen of Troy! To get a Bollywood retro look, drape yourself in pretty florals. Floral tints and motifs are very much retro that everyone can try. Since summer is fast approaching, most weddings will have a summer or a garden theme.

Choose a princess gown with lots of pretty floral designs. Pink and light blue floral motifs look gorgeous. Wear a beautiful tiara to match your cocktail gown.

3. Go Classy with a Floor Length Anarkali

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra Official Facebook Page

Do you want to replicate Madhu Bala’s look from the cult movie Mughal-e-Azam? If yes, then, the easiest way to replicate her look is by wearing a heavy anarkali on your wedding. Pick one that resonates the era of the 60’s. These anarkalis come in different styles and hues, and look gorgeous on every girl.

4. Wear Retro Sunglasses

CoolBluez Photography

An Indian bride can wow everyone with a retro styled sunglass. Yes, it is one accessory that is taking the wedding industry by storm. Wearing a sunglass at a Sangeet saves a bride’s eyes from the glaring sunrays, and it also lends a sassy and cool look to her persona. For a retro wedding Sangeet, pick shades in a butterfly shape, or one with big frames. Pick a tinted shade if you can carry the look. Or else, wear a wayfarer or a heart shaped shade and pose for a quirky Bollywood retro look.

5. Jaw dropping Flared Pants

Knotting Bells

Do flared pants really go well on special occasions such as a wedding? Well, the short answer is yes. These chic pants have made a comeback and are trending. Flared pants are a typical retro staple that a bride along with her bridesmaids must try on her pre-wedding ceremony. These pants come fitted around the thighs and hips, but from the knees, they flare or spread out.

Follow the 70’s fashion trend when Bollywood ladies used to wear these pants with short kurtis in floral prints. Remember actress Neetu Singh? High Neck Blouses

Many of Bollywood leading ladies like Deepika and Alia have been spotted wearing high neck blouses on several red carpets and occasions which hint at how popular these blouses are these days. These blouses can floor everyone with their timeless appeal and sensuousness.

6. Hairstyles for a Bollywood Retro Look

Anita Dongre

When it comes to a Bollywood retro look, you cannot go wrong with waves and buns. Set everyone’s hearts racing with these super cool retro hairstyles of the 50’s and the 60’s. The bride and her friends can wear a hairstyle that adds volumes to their hair such as a beehive bun, and add accessories like Paasas, Maang Tikkas and Gajras. If Sadhna has been your favourite Bollywood actress, then pick her hairstyle popularly called Sadhna cut. With fringes and blunts, this style suits every bride.

A twice bound braided look is another hairstyle that brides can choose for themselves. Other styles like the twice bound ponytail, retro wavy ponytail and fishtail braid are quite popular with young ladies that love retro.

Indians love Bollywood, and retro is very much a hot favourite. Why not give this style a try this wedding season?

Have you ever tried a Bollywood retro look? Which one is your favourite? Let us know through comments.