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Ambada Hairstyle Designs as Adorned by Real Maharashtrian Brides

Find your match among these 10 unique Ambada hairstyle designs, which were adorned by real Marathi brides for their wedding ceremony.

Ambada hairstyle is a Maharashtrian term, which means hair-bun that has been decorated with hair accessories like jewels, hair clips and flowers. While Ambada hairstyle is a daily style preference of many Maharashtrian women, a bride’s Ambada hairstyle is something that is being adorned for special occasions only.

The traditional Ambada hairstyle for brides consists of a neatly assembled round bun decorated with a Maharashtrian Veni Phool hairpin. The traditional design of a Veni Phool consists of half a golden sun beautified with different motif designs and embellished with lac, pearls and stones. Check out these latest and unique Ambada hairstyle designs that any bride can opt for her own wedding look.

Braided Ambada Hairstyle

Jasmine Beauty Care

This is one of the easiest Ambada hairstyle designs that can be adorned both for the wedding and afterwards as well. Hair-spraying the braided Ambada bun will make sure that the hairstyle lasts through all the wedding ceremonies easily.

Perfectly Round Ambada Hairstyle

Image Courtesy: The Styles by Sha Hair & Makeup

The best way to achieve this look and provide volume to the bun is by adding hair doughnut bun as the base for that perfectly round Ambada hairstyle for the wedding. Embellish the look with a hair-pin or flowers.

Fishtail Braided Ambada Hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Nisha Chandnanii

For brides who wish to elevate volumes on the crown area to match volumes of the hair bun can opt to get fishtail braids done on both sides of the hair. This style will also provide ample support to the Maang Tikka by holding it in place easily.

Traditional Ambada Hairstyle

Image Courtesy: R for Rupamani

A statement-making Veni Phool hairpin is what dominates this look, so make sure that you invest in a design of hairpin that speaks for you and your bridal look. Gold is the superior colour of any Ambada hairstyle making it an obvious choice for all ornamental hair decorations.

Side Bouquet Hairstyle

Jasmine Beauty Care

Pre-order hues of exotic flowers that match the tones of your bridal trousseau and get them decorated on either side of your Ambada hairstyle. This is a modern take on the Ambada hairstyle, providing a sophisticated look that successfully delivers the extravaganza of the wedding attire effortlessly.

Messy Curls

Image Courtesy: Rohini Kakade

For a flirty twist to the traditional Ambada hairstyle, ask your hairstylist to give curls to the bun. The bouncy curls will provide ample volume to the overall hairstyle, making it a perfect choice for brides-to-be with thinner hair. To tame the messy curls, it is always a great idea to prep them with hair mousse, followed by a generous amount of hairspray to set the style right.

Milk-Braided Ambada Hairstyle

Jasmine Beauty Care

If fishtail braided Ambada hairstyle seems like too much of a task, then opting for a simple milk-braided Ambada hairstyle will be a great alternative. The design appears to be complicated but is very easy to achieve. Break the monotony of all-black hair by adding hair embellishments all over the braid to give depth to the look.

Floral Ambada Hairstyle

Simmy Makeup Studio

This Ambada hairstyle is a masterpiece that only an expert hairstylist can do justice to. The style requires time to achieve, but the wait is all worth it! By twisting hair and tucking them to create floral patterns, the hairstylist converts a regular bun into a floral bouquet of hair. Adding pearls to the centre of each flower will bring more clarity to the floral design.

Danglers Embellished Ambada Hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Vaishali Pawar Makeup & Hair Artist

If Veni Phool is something that you have seen in many Maharashtrian weddings and wish to have something different for your own wedding, then you need to check out an array of danglers that are available for hair decorations everywhere. These look elegant and go very well when matched with orchids for the perfect hairdo.

Side Twisted Ambada Hairstyle

Image Courtesy: Vaishali Pawar Makeup & Hair Artist

The side twisted Ambada hairstyle is a great option for brides who wish to add volumes to the forehead and crown area for their wedding look. The side twisted hair is secured right under layers of a crown bouffant and the main Ambada hair bun to achieve this look. A mix of real flowers, danglers and hairpins, when added to the side twisted Ambada hairstyle, results in definition and depth to the look that an otherwise plain bun won’t be able to achieve.

Both the traditional Ambada hairstyle and the modern take on replacing ornaments with exotic flowers are true winners when it comes to picking up a style for a bride-to-be. The one thing worth understanding and adhering by is to balance the statement Ambada hairstyle with the bridal jewellery and ensemble perfectly, without making the hairstyle look too overpowering for the overall look.

Tell us which among these 10 Ambada hairstyle designs are your personal favourites and which ones have you finalised on for your own wedding. Comment below.