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6 Hair Bun Styles to Jazz Up a Bridesmaid's Hairstyle Right!

Getting a hair bun done for a friend’s wedding is a great choice. But why go for the same boring hair bun and not jazz up this tidy hairstyle in different ways instead? Find out!

Image Courtesy: Arunn G. Photography

Right from taking care of the bride-to-be’s every need to helping family members in arranging everything for the wedding in order, a bridesmaid adorns many hats. But amidst all this, she equally needs to pay attention to her own wedding wardrobe, making sure that she is able to match the style quotient of the bride to a great extent.

With stylish and hassle-free being the two most important factors of a bridesmaid’s wedding look, adorning a hair bun is the best choice to have for all the wedding functions.

But how to make sure that the bridesmaid doesn’t end up adorning the same boring twisted hair bun for all the occasions? Here are 6 different hair bun styles to check out right now!

Side Braided Chignon Twisted

Image Courtesy: Aksh Hairstylist

To add volume to thin hair all over, this side braided Chignon twisted hair bun is perfect.

Style Guide: Create side braids on both sides or one side of our hair and bring it at the back. Gather all the remaining open hair and the ends of the braided hair right under the nape area and secure with a black/nude toned hairband tightly into a simple knot. Then create a hollow space right above the knot and twist the length of hair passing through that hollow space, pulled downwards and then twisted again to repeat the process. Follow these steps until you have tucked in all the hair into a beautiful Chignon bun completely.

3D Floral Low 

Image Courtesy: Amit Hairstylist & Trainer

Creating beautiful loops to achieve floral shapes with strands of hair makes this bun style a complete ‘WOW’ factor of the wedding look.

Style Guide: The hair needs to be prepped well with a generous amount of hair mousse and heat-resistant spray, followed by straightening and backcombing techniques to tame and volumise the hair. Backcomb the crown area and create a bouffant style on the top. At the back, part the hair into smaller sections, twist them to create swirls and carefully tuck them with bobby pins to create 3D looking floral low hair bun style.

Messy Knotted 

Image Courtesy: Erich McVey Wedding Photography

This hair bun style is perfect for bridesmaids who have thick hair and wish to manage it all into a beautiful gathered hairstyle for the wedding functions. Don’t miss out the floral decoration on top for added party vibes of this look.

Style Guide: Take help of a hair sponge if you must, to create a solid base for the messy knotted hair bun. Pull all the hair at the back, detangle all the hair, part the hair into sections, curl them up with a hot-iron, twist them into messy knots and plug them on the hair sponge with the help of hairpins to create a voluminous messy knotted bun style. Use natural flowers or artificial floral hair clips on top of the hair bun for that glamour quotient.

Jewelled Neat 

Image Courtesy: Jewellery House

Bridesmaids who are attending a South Indian wedding, or simply wish to adorn the South Indian traditional hair jewellery for a friend’s wedding, this bun style is the go-to option.

Style Guide: Comb all the hair neatly at the back and create a normal or braided bun around the nape area of your head. Put a bun net around the bun and give firmness to it with the help of hairpins. Embellish the bun with Gajra of your choice placed around the bun. Use strings of pearls to compliment Gajra and conclude the style by embedding a hair-brooch right at the centre of the bun and Voila!

Retro All-Floral 

Ojas Rajani

An evergreen bun style that brightens up any wedding look flawlessly!

Style Guide: Create a non-dramatic bouffant style on top of the crown area. Gather all the remaining hair at the back into a simple or braided hair bun. Use flowers that match colour tones of the attire and simply fill the entire strength of the bun with them to create a bouquet effect. Cover the bun with an Odhni or don’t, this look will flatter both the types of styling options conveniently.

Neat Knotted 

Sakshi Sood

Show the highlights of your hair by opting for a neat knotted bun style. Add baby’s breath flowers all over for added glamour.

Style Guide: The easiest way to achieve this look is by braiding and then twisting the hair into a knotted-looking bun. Then by following the procedure by pulling the knots carefully outwards, add volume to the knotted bun. Upon achieving the desired shape of this hair bun style, apply hair spray and bobby pins all over, turning the bun style long-lasting.

These six bun styles will guarantee that a bridesmaid gets to have all the fun and be a part of the friend’s wedding, without worrying about keeping a check on her hairdo. These bun styles are classy and can be achieved on long to medium length hair very easily. Keep accessories handy to ante up the hair bun style appropriate for all the wedding functions.

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