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Exclusive Ideas For Handmade Wedding Gifts For Indian Bride That Exudes Emotion And Personal Touch

Wondering how to give an exclusive and personal touch to your gift? We have some ideas on handmade Wedding Gifts for Indian Bride that are simple yet beautiful. Read on to know how to get creative and make stunning customised wedding gifts!

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A gift is a way to expressing your love. So why not getting a little creative and give a personal touch to your gifts. You've read a few ideas on exclusive wedding gifts for your best friend. Now let's get a bit more experimental and explore the handmade world of wedding gifts for Indian Bride!

From gorgeous handmade bangles to paintings, jewellery boxes and customised decorative items for her new home...there is a plethora of options you can try your hands on. Take a look at some ideas, where you can draw some inspiration from and tips to execute them.

1. Handmade Throw Cushions

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We all have certain soft corners for fluffy pillows and cushions! And honestly, our home decoration is not complete without lots of colourful cushions thrown all around the house! So when you're thinking about getting something handmade as wedding gifts for Indian bride, try some painting or stitching on a couple of cushions. Here are a few ways to go:

  • Use fabric paint to colour or draw patterns and designs on the cushions. If you're not too confident about your painting skills, you could use stencils or simply make geometrical shapes like triangles, rectangles etc.
  • Tie little cotton balls, cloth flowers or pompoms in vivid colours around the corners.
  • Paste mirrors on the body, stitch up colourful tassels or tiny wool braids around the edges.

2. Handwritten Recipe Book

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So is the bride a foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen? Or she has never set a foot in the kitchen but is excited to begin now? In either case, your personally crafted recipe book with tips, hacks and favourite dishes all handwritten by you, definitely would be one of the most popular wedding gifts for Indian bride!

In fact, this particular wedding gift might also come in handy for the grooms who love to cook! Here are the things you can add to make your handwritten cookbook more interesting:

  • Use different colour pens and highlighters to mark your important notes.
  • Add food pictures and hand-drawn sketches too, supporting your recipes.
  • With every recipe, you can add some extra fun tips as footnotes like, "Don't forget to get your partner (and yourself) really drunk before you start eating. That way nobody will know if there are any flaws in the cooking"!

3. Handbag made of Dupatta


After some smart tips on dupatta decoration, let's find out how we can use a dupatta to create wedding gifts for Indian bride! Having such a versatile character, a dupatta can be moulded to form a great variety of things. One of them could be a beautiful handbag as a gift for your female friend! Here is how to do it:

  • Take a jute bag or a tote-bag and stitch the dupatta covering every part of it. You can use a different coloured dupatta for the strap.
  • Make sure to roll the cloth around the strap properly. Paste the dupatta on the strap first and then stitch it up.
  • Tie little bells, bangles or toys from the bag as accessories to enhance the overall look.

4. Handmade Jute Coin Purses 


This one is probably one of the cutest wedding gifts for Indian bride that is also quite easy to make. Take All you need is jute cloth pieces and you can stitch them into small coin purses or mobile pouches. Of course, you must accessorise them well with colourful threads, ribbons, mirrors, beads and glitters. For a final personalised touch, stitch the bride's name or initials on the body of the pouch.

5. Handmade Jewellery 

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You've read about simple tricks on how to prepare thread bangles yourself. Now how about making a whole jewellery box for her...all by yourself? That would be one of the most unique wedding gifts for Indian bride! You can easily recycle an old tin chocolate box and redecorate it with your artistic skills. Here is how:

  • Paint the body in golden or silver, use multicolour threads, ribbons, tiny stones and mirrors.
  • Use silk thread covered plastic rods for hanging bangles.
  • Make small compartments for necklaces, earrings, Maang Tikka and every other jewellery items. Deck up the jewellery box just like your bride friend.

When you decide to create handmade wedding gifts for Indian bride, consider the option of recycling. Use old bangles and jewellery to decorate and accessorise your gifts. Hand painted vases and pots, customised coffee trays with printed photos, self-painted wooden chopping boards and cheese trays are some cool options you can try.

They're easy to make and yet look chic. Instead of using plastic wraps, use old sarees and dupattas to wrap your gifts. Especially if it's a green wedding that you're attending, recycling old stuff to create wedding gifts would be just the perfect thing to do. So let the creative juices flow and gift your bride friend something unique, exclusive...something you made yourself!

If you have some more interesting handmade wedding gifts for Indian bride ideas, please share them with us in the comment section below!