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Need a Wedding Gift for Friend (Female)? Here's What She REALLY Wants

“Wondering what would be the perfect wedding gift for friend (female)? Take hints from these recently married brides who open up their hearts about the “Yays” and “Nays” of wedding gifts before you go gift shopping”.

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Buying a gift for a friend is challenging. And finding a wedding gift for a friend even more challenging. But the ultimate challenge you will ever face is picking the perfect wedding gift for a female friend! Ever since you receive her big news, you start stressing over questions like “Should I buy something pretty or useful?” “What if she doesn’t like it?” “Would it look nice if I give cash?” And so on...!

Well, you can put all your wedding gift woes to rest. We’ve spoken to some recently married brides to know what they really want and what they don’t. Read, take notes and memorise them if necessary! In the end, you’ll know better about wedding gifts for the brides for sure.

If you “pass the pillow” brides will know!

Word of caution to all of those who are too lazy to buy a nice wedding gift for female friend - don’t even think of recycling your gifts! Dipika a student counsellor who got married recently says, “People should really stop giving “leftover” gifts. They’re useless most of the times and you can tell it wasn’t meant for you anyway”!

Snigdha a professional scriptwriter has a similar opinion and suggests, “Please don’t gift anything just for the sake of it. And no pillow passing of gifts, please”! She believes if there is no personal touch in a wedding gift, the whole point is lost.

The most ‘done to death’ gift award goes to...

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“Bed sheets, Dinner sets and more Bedsheets”, exclaims Anshu who works in a private sector company and got hitched about a year back. She explains that there are so many of such gifts that you don’t know what to do with and hence just store them away for an indefinite time.

Pooja received cutlery sets, watches and (of course) bedspreads the most. But not all of them were as per her choice! She advises avoiding “generic gifts” while buying a wedding gift for a female friend.

Snigdha and Dipika too got their fair share of “Bed Spreads” along with lots of crockery.

Karobi Gogoi Hazarika, who’s an educator, cyclist and traveller, tells us, “We had a small wedding and invited very few people. In fact, we verbally informed everyone not to bring gifts to our wedding”. But she still ended up receiving “way too many bed sheets than needed”, she laughs.

All-time favourites 

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Looks like personalised gifts are the most loved ones among brides. “My best friend gifted me personalised cushions and lamp which were my favourite wedding gifts”, says Anshu. She adds, “Other than those, a pearl watch, a dark brown leather duffle bag, a few sarees and bed sheets were instantly added to my collection”.

For Pallavi, it’s all about bangles! “I got lots of traditional wedding gifts like earrings, anklets, sarees and some Radha Krishna idols...but bangles are all I wanted...lots of them. So that’s what I asked for and received. I couldn’t be happier”!

Some brides got lucky enough to receive something that they’ve been eyeing for a long time. “When I got an induction cook-top, I was totally psyched. I’d been thinking about buying one myself which surprisingly my friends got me!” shares Snigdha.

Infinite Memories

While some brides received gifts that they couldn’t even dream of. “My sister and her friends gifted us with a honeymoon package to Sikkim! It was a dream I hadn’t even dreamt of!” says an emotional Dipika who believes this would be the best wedding gift for a friend (female).

While some brides gladly welcomed the wedding gifts, some preferred otherwise.

Nivya and her partner strictly followed a “No gifts” policy on their wedding. All they wanted was blessings and prayers from their guests. So did Karobi and her partner. They requested their invitees to bless them and pray for their happiness and health as gifts instead of getting them anything materialistic.

Word of Advice

So when we asked the brides what they would advise as a wedding gift for female friend, interestingly many of them agreed on - Money! According to Snigdha, “Small hand-made tokens wrapped with emotions are the best gifts. But if you still can’t decide what the best gift is, just go with cash. The couple can use the money as per their own convenience”. Agrees Pallavi and Dipika too who believe “Money actually proves to be quite useful, especially for a newly married couple”. “Avoid decorative and religious idols, if possible. They’re not always much appreciated”, points out Pallavi.

Karobi says, “Invitees should ask the couple if they have any requirements to start their new life. Otherwise, money in lieu of gifts is the best option. That way the newly-wed can purchase whatever they wish to”.

Both Pooja and Anshu interestingly think personalised gifts are the best wedding gift for female friend. Know your friend better. Find out about her likes and dislikes and gift something that has exclusiveness to it.

So now, don’t you feel a lot relieved to finally know what to buy as a wedding gift for friend (female)? It’s definitely never been an easy task to find out “what women want”! Even Mel Gibson couldn’t do it without some magical powers! So relax! At least now you have certain tips to start with. Think personalised gifts. Or gift vouchers (like Pooja would have loved to receive some, but never did!). Be innovative and visualise your friend while buying or creating her wedding gift. And if you think you’re not too good with catching hints, just ask her! It might just make both your lives a lot easier.

Did you find some interesting gift tips? If you still need some more creative ideas then check out our list of wedding gift vendors.