World Through The Lens

Ask many questions

There is no shame in getting your doubts resolved while planning your wedding. Ask as many times as you like and make sure you know what you’re getting into before you confirm the bookings. Communicate as you much as you need and make notes for later and before the appointment to make sure you don’t forget important. A great wedding vendor will be more than happy to help and explain anything confusing.

Research is important

Do go through many online reviews and read up as much as you can while choosing wedding vendors. You’ll also want to look online for photos and inspiration to be able to show your wedding vendors in the future. For example, if your décor to look certain with a specific theme in mind, providing pictures from other weddings will really help. As for the vendors themselves, looking at their past work, portfolios and other clients will help you decide what appeals to you and what will work best.

Word of mouth is powerful

Talk to people – your family, friends, former clients, acquaintances, wedding planners, other vendors and more. Being given solid reviews especially from people you trust will greatly help your confidence when you decide with your final options and make the advance payments. Get numbers of people who’ll be able to help, if necessary but don’t hesitate or hold yourself back while choosing wedding vendors. You don’t want to be disappointed or frustrated later during the planning process.

Figure out the logistics

You must ask for bills, contracts, signed acknowledgements, conditions on advance payments and more. Check with your vendors about emergency situations too and delays, extra charges and anything else that may come up. Get money matters out of the early to avoid any kind of conflict and disagreement later and make sure you double-check things, just to be safe. Also, you must figure whether you’d like to tip vendors and the basic tipping etiquette too.

Take care of them

Do ensure that they’re comfortable and have the equipment they need during the wedding. Arrange for food options as well to keep them going and check once with the managers to make sure that there are no problems. Ask beforehand if any special arrangements are required from your side to make the process less complicated and easier for everyone.